Occupy Davos

Capitalisms’ Cinderella’s Ball.
Occupy Davos: Capitalisms' Cinderella's Ball

This years’ World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland, marks the start of the perennial capitalist meet-and-greet summit season.

The economic equivalent of the Oscars, the WEF is a time for the 0.1% to celebrate the achievements and successes of free-markets, and to discuss how to keep the crumbling ship from running ashore; it’s also a time to get in a few good runs on the slopes, deep tissue massages and a soothing hot tub session on the 99%’s dime.

Nestled in the picturesque Swiss Alps where the melting glaciers are deceptively intact and the hotels serviced by an army of invisible temporary workers, approximately 2000 global elites discuss everything from redistributing their obscene profits (a.k.a philanthropy) and environmental sustainability, to forecasting new areas of expansion and the future of capitalism.

On this latter note, delegates will be treated to a special brainstorming session on corporate capitalism’s forecast led by the wisdom of Bank of America CEO, Bryan Moynihan. Then to jazz things up, there will be several roundtable discussions with social media and internet hotshots, Facebook and Google, on how the revolutionary elements of web organizing can reinforce market growth.

Gag. Why hasn’t a stink bomb already gone off in this place?

Here is the latest on the Occupy igloo’s outside the Davos security permitter.

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I’m not a fool, kido, I know my right and wrong
I am not sick, kido, I don’t worship dead presidents
I am colorblind, kido, green is just another shade of grey
I got my mind, kido, I am not Pierre Landry

but what about the one percent
what about the one percent
that got ninety-nine on their knees?

what about the one percent
what about the one percent
have they all contracted the green disease?

I got a heart, kido, the love I give, the love I get
I got a heart, kido, are the only currency I know
I’m not a coin, kido, I don’t flip whenever the wind blows
so cry me a river, kido, but I’m going wherever money flows

but what about the one percent
what about the one percent
that got ninety-nine on their knees?

what about the one percent
what about the one percent
have they all contracted the green disease?

what about the one percent
what about the one percent
are they all descendants of Pierre Landry?

what about the one percent
what about the one percent
have they all got the green disease?

are they all fools?
are they all sick?


does anyone else feel like killing themselves as often as i do? i don't wanna live in the world i'm imagining for 10 years from now.


Although I understand what your saying...This is what I'll say.
You are part of the conversation, discussion, or debate on this planet.
Please be a part of the conversation!

I will tell you what I believe.
Everyone is created uniquely on this planet for a reason and has an important job here.
For me every person has something beautiful and special about them that should be celebrated everyday.

We won't know it if you aren't here to give it and show it to us. So Please don't let others foolish behavior or thoughts or a situation get you down. For example, imagine if Einstein who I can imagine felt REALLY ALONE just upped and offed himself. We would never have had the benefit of his gifts. So don't underestimate your contributions or importance to others. Even if you or they don't realize it!

It's not like I can thank Abe Lincoln though I would really like to! Maybe you are trying to hold yourself to unreasonable goals where your trying to please, impress, or even subconsciously control others, or are expecting a certain outcome because it's what you want and believe is good. But the truth is you can't make someone feel pleased, impressed, or do what you want them to do for you or others. They choose that for themselves. They choose whether to help you or hurt you. They choose how they will perceive/judge you. Just like you choose whether to help or hurt people and how you will perceive/judge them. So Leave that responsibility/opportunity with them and take on what you can control, yourself and feel good about it.

So what do you Choose for yourself. Regardless of what anyone else thinks?
This is what I do everyday. I say to myself part of being responsible to my wellbeing and that of others is Holding myself accountable to what I choose for myself and others and why I choose it. Then I feel good when I know I chose something because of the good or opportunity it creates that wouldn't be there at that moment if I wasn't a participant. So don't discard your own self-power to change your life for the better and that of others. And yes you will make mistakes, but so what, everyone is human and you can always make the choice to try and not make the same mistake again. It's part of learning and growing.

Yes not everyone will understand, want to help, or may just not know how to help you with what's important to you. Because we are all so Unique! So you are the one who has to care because you know yourself better than anyone else! And yes you will have to deal with miserable jerks of all sorts.... However, that process really makes you appreciate the person who says yes and who gives you a chance or is willing to extend their happiness, love, trust, or faith.

Please understand a lot of people have these kinds of thoughts but you deserve better! Give yourself that.
Give yourself better thoughts than that.

I wish you good thoughts. Yeah, your not alone in thinking a lot of this silly stuff kind of sucks.
But that should give you hope that it will change for the better. Look how many of us want it to!
So give yourself a chance and give the world a chance to make it better ok?

Jan Zuppinger

There is an "occupy" camp in Davos, yes, but I would question, if this camp can really be considered #occupy. This camp was organized by JUSO, which is the youth section of the big governmental party SP (they hold about 19% of parliament seats), who are basically middle of the road social-democrats. Usually in #occupy camps, when people from political parties participate, they are asked to put their party affiliations on the back burner. Not so here, the JUSO is all over this and in my personal opinion they are abusing this situation for their party propaganda. The camp is also fully legit, meaning they asked for and got permits, which again in my opinion is in contrast to usual #occupy camps.

So please don't believe the hype. I would go as far as saying that this is a fake occupy camp, they just jumped the bandwagon hoping to position themselves in the political landscape.

This is not the first time either. On October 15th. the day of the first international occupy protests, the JUSO hogged center stage at the Zurich protests. This was a few weeks before the general elections were held here in Switzerland, JUSO was there in masses, waving their red flags, controlling the P.A. and such. Many people were not happy about this, and in the coming weeks, when the Lindenhof camp in Zurich started, JUSO presence started to fade out. But not without registering some of the important URLs ( and being quite weird about allowing the occupy movement use them. Now for occupyWEF JUSO again went in and hogs all the attention.

Some actual #occupy people, some who lived at the occupy camp in Zurich, are also in Davos doing daily actions. What these guys do can be followed on their official blog at
Please support them, not these JUSO opportunists.


What if we All chose to Slow right down. Everyday a chosen hour where we Occupy Ourselves, by consciously not Consuming or Doing anything. On a large scale that would do a great deal, especially in the middle of the work day, obviously not just at lunch hour. We'll take back one hour. I am going to do this anyway.


Who do you first approach when you are down? Your friends? Is it really impossible to live without them? Is it necessary to make friends in the first place?Firstly, friends can help you develop character. With their company, they are able to influence you to become similar like them. For example, a teenager hangs around with good friends that are interested in studying. When the teenager is having problems in studies, his friends are able to help with places he is in doubt. Friends are also able to give advice on how to study effectively and efficiently to spend enough time on studies and friends.

Secondly, friends motivate you to achieve your goals and succeed in life. Friends will push you to meet your goals and plans. When you are not sure whether you are going the correct path or consider giving up, friends will be there for you and encourage you to strive in what you believe.

Thirdly, friends are important as you share your joy and sadness with them. When you face a problem, they are there for you would support you all the way. Think of a situation when you are helpless and find your friend to help you. You need some company and a listening ear. If no friends come to your mind, wouldn?t you feel that facing the world alone? By then, silly solutions would come into mind.

Lastly, by making more friends, you are able to expand your contact list and this will help in the future when one is working. You may not know when these friends help you in your work.

However, there are times when friends are not necessary to live a good life.

Friends may not always be true friends. They may make friends because they are interested in your...


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