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This week marks a new geopolitical direction for the Occupy movement. As the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) conference unfolds until March 6, AIPACers will be greeted by the ongoing scores of occupiers who have descended on Capitol Hill. AIPAC is the 1% of American foreign policy; they’re the eyes, ears, nose and mouth of America’s generals, politicians and economic elite. At #OccupyAIPAC they come face to face with the 99%. Read about it here:

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) has contributed to a disastrous American course in the Middle East and will be back at it this week in Washington, D.C. Self-described as a “pro-Israel lobby” whose goal is to “enact public policy that enhances the U.S.-Israel relationship,” the organization has enhanced this relationship while simultaneously making the region far more dangerous. More than ever in this election year with Republicans calling for the bombing of Iran and candidate Newt Gingrich claiming Palestinians are an “invented” people, AIPAC has the US Congress and presidential candidates in its thrall. Yet this year’s AIPAC policy conference in Washington, D.C. is more controversial than ever as Occupy activists seek to highlight the role of big-money lobbyists in elections while standing in solidarity with the global 99% opposed to Israel’s violations of human rights and international law.

Each year at AIPAC’s policy conference in Washington, D.C., the president, powerful senators and members of Congress parade across the stage in order to prove their loyalty to the Israeli government. AIPAC’s outsized influence on U.S. foreign policy can be linked to the disastrous war in Iraq, as well as to the current push for an attack on Iran. AIPAC is also known for drafting extreme anti-Palestinian, anti-human rights legislation that it then funnels into Congress. AIPAC Director Howard Kohr will likely appear on stage this March at the 2012 AIPAC conference to make the annual roll call, rattling off the names of congressional representatives, diplomats and dignitaries present in the room as if he is the auctioneer at an estate sale. And in a way, he is.


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You would not sound like such a blatant ideologue were you to criticize Israeli leaders who proclaim that they are a Democracy. Why such skepticism towards left leaning intellectuals defending the noble character of a violent group, but blind optimism about the noble character of Israel? Believing that you aren't getting shot at with right wing propaganda is just naive. People want you to be sure of something, so they either make it up out of thin air or they base their propaganda on truth, but veiled truth, like myths. It is a myth that Israel is a fully functioning Democracy. They have leaps and bounds to go. You cannot be a religious Theocratic Democracy, it is a contradiction that isn't arrived at based on opinion. It is a contradiction according to anyone, not simply to ideologues for this or that.


Occupy is a most worthy endeavor. To vilify Israel is not. There is an inherent dissonance in supporting terrorist organizations who threaten extermination of an entire state (and espouse annihilation of that state in a fundamental charter), when standing up for freedom and democracy, AND nonviolence, in all other spheres. It does not compute, and in fact, looks like blatant bigotry, and propaganda, or the following some knee-jerk, poorly thought out BUT dangerous cause, blindly, and completely absent a sense of the tormented history of the conflict in Palestine. Do your homework, folks! AIPAC is there to support Israel, an island of democracy, much like your own, in a sea of autocracy and terror. Much needs to be done, but Occupy does not belong in this mess. We have other fish to fry at home.


You are completely mislead, or purposely misleading those who read your comment, to say that Israel is an island of Democracy. They have been charged Many times with violations of the Geneva Convention, only to have them castrated by the U.S. veto power in the U.N. they mistreat the people of Palestine in the most degrading and deplorable ways, and try as hard as they can to cut them off from their land, and the basic supplies needed by all humans on this planet.
AIPAC is there to ensure the flow of money into Israel, and far worse, the devotion of the American politician to the cause of the Zionist agenda.
To label every attempt to highlight these facts, or the criticism of this shameless nation as "Bigotry" or what is said about her negatively as "propaganda" is as laughable, as it is troublesome that you may truly believe it.

I also would encourage people to "do their homework" on this topic. For they will learn much that is needed to be changed in this relationship between the U.S. and Israel. Many of the fish we have to fry here at home were brought here by this relation.


Are you going to spend your whole life watching yourself actively contribute to making Israel's problems worse and worse while convincing yourself all the while that you are trying to make them less?

When are u going to wake up and smell the coffee?


There are plenty of facts available to you if you care to accept them. We should always be skeptical of noble proclamations by any state, foreign or domestic. Israel's intent is as benign and unknown to us as anyone else's intentions. What we have to look at as evidence is the public participation in Israeli elections, who is represented, the respect for minority groups within Israel, the wealth gap between Israel's rich and poor, their treatment of Palestinian prisoners, their border violations, etc., as signs of Democracy. Democracy is not permitted in Palestine, as we have heard proclaimed by many U.S. and Israeli leaders when they insist on not recognizing Democratically elected leaders from the occupied Palestinian state territories allowed to remain populated because Israel says so.


The izzys wiped Palestine off the map in 1947. Does that compute? Israel is the occupier, just like the Soviet Union was in Eastern Europe. No difference. Get that thru your zionist head. And stop blathering about the "island of democracy"; the zionist entity is more akin to an island of apartheid. And do some reading. There are excellen Israeli writers who know the facts: Shlomo Sand's The Invention of the Jewish People, Ilan Pappe's The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine. For starters.

Lee Mulcahy

I am a situationist artist living in Aspen. My artistic struggle for freedom of expression with the Crown family of Chicago has been well documented. Currently, I am banned from National Forest lands the Crowns lease from "we the people" for passing out flyers on company property. Wait, it gets funnier. The Aspen Art Museum, which partners with the Crown's Skico, has banned me 2!

The Skico has now retained an outside firm in Denver sending the same message 2 our community as the art museum. Backstory: the museum had some tractor trailers ...spray-painted in Denver, driven up to Aspen, parked in a vacant lot, now deemed "Hecht Place" as public art [a big giant kiss to our community, along with the surveillance cameras on top of the tractor trailers, entitled, "Pyramids & Pineapples?"

The museum tells the community to bend over and then like it? They're so insulting 2 us it's hilarious. A friend of mine, Richie Cohen, put "for sale" signs on the tractor trailers. ROFL: Richie now wants to know if the new art exhibit installed last week is violating n the city zoning code by placing shipping containers in the middle of town?

Is a "Colorado superlawyer" that has submitted briefs to America's Supreme Court beatable? No. But that's the not point, is it: justice, like our "democracy" is one big fat auction. And Art Institute of Chicago PhD candidate & board member Paula Crown, when not entertaining the Obamas or censoring musicians, songs, newspapers, or living wage advocates, is laughing all the way 2 the bank.


Learn your Rights, friend, and the remedies for such abuse.

Dean Clifford - Making it Simple

Dean Clifford - Courtroom Procedure & Jurisdiction

Dean Clifford - Q&A Clarifying the Facts

Winston Shrout; search for his info and videos

Charles Sprinkle


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