A Nuclear Free Middle East!

Why aren’t they talking about it?

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Here’s the Occupy movements attempt to get some sanity into the Middle East. Read Chris Hedges’ most recent thoughts on #occupyAIPAC and beyond.

The battle for justice in the Middle East is our battle. It is part of the vast, global battle against the 1 percent. It is about living rather than dying. It is about communicating rather than killing. It is about love rather than hate. It is part of the great battle against the corporate forces of death that reign over us—the fossil fuel industry, the weapons manufacturers, the security and surveillance state, the speculators on Wall Street, the oligarchic elites who assault our poor, our working men and women, our children, one in four of whom depend on food stamps to eat, the elites who are destroying our ecosystem with its trees, its air and its water and throwing into doubt our survival as a species.

What is being done in Gaza, the world’s largest open-air prison, is a pale reflection of what is slowly happening to the rest of us. It is a window into the rise of the global security state, our new governing system that the political philosopher Sheldon Wolin calls “inverted totalitarianism.” It is a reflection of a world where the powerful are not bound by law, either on Wall Street or in the shattered remains of the countries we invade and occupy, including Iraq with its hundreds of thousands of dead. And one of the greatest purveyors of this demented ideology of violence for the sake of violence, this flagrant disregard for the rule of domestic and international law, is the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, or AIPAC.


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nuclear weapons elimination are what NPT and START are attempting to do. as for nuclear energy it's really the only viable solution until wind, solar and geothermal technologies are capable of taking over. hopefully the capitalist pigs will no be the ones to make these technologies available to the masses, for we shall be under their thumbs forever


A small.correction in the right direction?

Wake up and smell the coffee. Cat's out the bag. Big radical shifts.


They're not talking about a nuclear-free Middle East because Israel has nuclear weapons. And Israel likes them. As long as organizations like AIPAC continue to be successful in setting the tone of the debate on US policy in the Middle East, the US won't be talking about a nuclear-free Middle East either.

Of course, Israel has some legitimate reasons for wanting them. But as long as they have them - and apparently have no compunctions about bombing other countries in the region when they decide its in their interests to do so - they create incentives for other countries to build them. Yet because of how effective Israel's supporters have been in framing the debate, Israeli weapons are completely okay, but when Iran - another country with legitimate reasons for wanting nukes - might be building them, it suddenly becomes the greatest crisis in the world today. So naturally, we have to bomb them into submission.


And teenagers around the world await for an "Armageddon" like scenario where all of our nukes will be sent to space with Bruce Willis and Ben Afflack...from now on, life can only imitate art.


"The battle for justice in the Middle East is our battle. It is part of the vast, global battle against the 1 percent."

OK, go protest Wall Street's excesses, the advertising industry's big lies and contribution to societal corruption and dumbing, Industry's pollution of the air and water, food supply, deforestation, subsidies to rich people, white-collar crime and theft/defraudment on a massive scale (I am squeamish about the death penalty so those behind Enron deserve the harshest penalty but the death penalty), homelessness, etc. etc.

Focus on that, and fight the good fight.

But this anti-Israel hysteria by the most vocal spokespersons for the Occupy movement is misplaced, misguided, and has nothing to do with the above causes.

Stick your nose out of it because it's not the prerogative of your movement.
Stick your nose out of it because you are wrong on many points that you make vis-a-vis Israel.
But most importantly, stick your nose out of it because taking any side in principle, whatever side it may be, in this long-running Arab-Israeli conflict, and Islamic Republic of Iran vs. Israel 30-year conflict is a big fat counterproductive distraction from what Occupy's core objectives and causes, and which ultimately discourage and dismay many proponents of what you're trying to achieve.

I'm a paying subscriber to Adbusters because I care about all of the issues above, which is why Adbusters was started. An organization like Adbusters needs to exist and to bring forth their points of view. But this Palestine talking points bullshit really has no place here - both because it's wrong, and also because of the principle of bringing this type of a topic into your list of objectives, and somehow trying to contort a reasoning line that somehow it is actually relevant to the rest of what you do.


Actually you should be impressed Mr. Jones ..

this is NOT a game .. the Isralis are right wing to the core

like a corrupt apple


I was about to write a long piece about how I think you're wrong, how Zionism has horribly distorted your perceptions of the world, and how arrogant the tone of your post sounds - which it does - but I think you may have a point. Creating change is about putting together coalitions. I feel somewhat safe in saying that the only people who are both sympathetic to Occupy AND pro-Israel are Jews blinded by their ethnic/cultural loyalties, but hey, Occupy needs them too. There's no point alienating a lot of potential supporters who could be very useful in achieving Occupy's goals.

The fight against the Israel lobby and removing its perverse influence from American politics is a worthy goal. Fighting for rights for the Palestinians is a worthy goal. Fighting the notion that the conflict Israel has with its neighbors is an incredibly complex and subtle affair - it only is if you're trying to make excuses for Israel - is good also. But they are an issue separate from Occupy, and continuing to link them will only result in a smaller coalition. Or, it might bring you friends you don't really want.


Wrong again.

The fight to Occupy Wall Street or Tahir or Spain or London or Tunisia or anywhere against tyranny and insane inequality is the same fight as the fight against Zionism. You're being fed a divisive line of shit from the MSM (hugely Zionist in sympathy and ownership). They want you to regurgitate these spoon-fed J-Street talking points against your brothers. Divide and conquer.

Don't do it. Don't fall prey to this classic colonialist horseshit. You are fighting the same fucking fight comrade. You live in a first world country most likely and this is your fight in your backyard but it is the same fight with the same goals and same players as the one the Palestinians fight in their land or the Tibetans in theirs or the Irish or people of Saudi Arabia or Bahrain or Yemen or Bolivia or pretty much all of Africa: One person thinks they can own another, or that they are above the laws we all agree we have to abide by for peace to prevail. And this is what we all fight for. That is all.
When people rise up and resist they resist with their fellow humans across the globe and throughout history for justice against too much of the opposite. Don't try to make this some complicated algorithm for who gets to be in the cool club of hipster protestors in New York. Just fucking rise up and join the rest of the world in rejecting this shit whether its in Palestine or America or wherever.

Look for every one Adbuster there are twenty NYtimes and Fox News and high powered think tanks working daily to come up with strategies to defeat the pacifying laws that we humans have enacted to live in a just and equitable world., When you buy their propaganda like the short sighted reasoning you present above you fight on their side.


Many thoughts ..
The powers that be are simply phishing for votes .. the american israeli supporters have large amounts of dollars to kick in for an electoral campaign.

Now, the issues surrounding Israel are not complicated at all, a Zionist movement , with delusions of superiority akin to the Aryan movement, capitalizes on the legitimate feelings of persecution that have been part of the Jewish peoples since time began.

As we all know, the Palestinians now become the new Judases, scorned and put upon a now justified diaspora.

Support Israel and you can conveniently support the exclusion of the swarthy skinned strange idol worshipping Palestinians, cloaking your bigotry in the urge to "protect".

The flipside of protection is, of course, to bully.

Israel supplys weapons to many despotic regimes throughout Africa and beyond, along with ex-Mossad operatives who for a price, will assure your contraband gets from West Africa to Europe.

Golan security with their mates, the Boers, are very active in South America .. draw your own conclusions.

This is why as leftists we abhor the current israeli state .. they are paranoid and calculating, believing that intimidation is their right because of their eternal victimization.

State one israeli project meant to create crop yields in the Horn of Africa or one Cuban like medical brigade working in the latina(o) world and i shall dance to a fiddler and accordion until the dogs howl.

Until then comrades, watch your step, these people are dangerous and should never have the atomic bomb.

Every right wing fundemantalist is just waiting for rapture.

Including members of our canadian government for whom paranoia and control are the new authoritarian mantra.



Prepare to dance...

1) Many Sudanese who escape the Janjaweed genociders in their country, and the Egyptian security forces who kill them on sight, and into Israel, are accepted by Israeli society (some are not so welcoming due to the swelling population of such migrants, some are not Sudanese at all but just economic migrants... ok, I'm tangenting here), are given shelter and government stipends and all that, but additionally they train in farming techniques and organizational structure of kibbutzim, and some bring it back to Sudan once it's safe to go back --- many do. If you google such stories you will find them.

2) After the Pakistani and Iranian earthquakes in the last decade Israel offered help. Not sure about what Pakistan did, but the Iranian fanatical authorities publicly rebuked this proposal and said they will refuse to accept anything from the "Zionist regime". Israel also helped Turkey during the earth quake there this past decade, and another time in the 90s. Those are just the Muslim countries. They also were the first on the ground in Haiti from the international effort, setting up a field operating room the fastest, and were able to treat and operate the fastest there. They also lead the rescue effort - first in, and were able to rescue many while many of the other countries were figuring things out and preparing logistically.

3) In the 70s Israel helped Uganda with farming techniques and providing equipment. Before Idi Amin turned to the Soviets he was actually an Israeli ally. Israelis just wanted to make friends, and figured that helping the Africans make a garden in a desert will make them popular...

4) Israel ROUTINELY now offers help and technological expertise, and to set up common regional taskforces with the regional countries to help set up desalination plants and water conservation programs and other things, but being routinely rejected because Israel's neighbours would rather cut off their nose to spite their face. Why does Israel do this - to show to the Arabs, who have brewed in this enclosed pot of severe anti-Israeli and anti-Jewish propaganda for several generations and decades, whose religious (important) establishment, security forces, and governments incite for decades against [their version of] what Israel is (without letting in Israeli perspective into their airwaves so people can judge for themselves), and because if TODAY'S Arab leadership, who is more pragmatic and less fanatical, would actually want to normalize relations - at least so that they can benefit from what the Israelis are BEGGING to provide to them - now they can't, because the masses have been fed hate for so many decades, the rulers are afraid to make any conciliatory moves towards Israel.

Anyway, there's a lot to say, and there's a lot of information about Israel, the good stuff, that is available online. If you bring yourself to believe that it could potentially exist, then you will be able to find it online.
If your starting point is that Israel is the devil then you'll never even try to google such things, and if you were to stumble upon one then you won't even believe it.

As for some Israeli ex-IDFers and ex-security-establishment types doing freelance work in Latin America, Africa and elsewhere, let me tell you that what they are doing is a big embarrassment to the Israeli public and Israeli governments. These guys are motivated by money, and to help THEMSELVES. They have marketable skills and no other job, so they market their skills and their do that job. But they have nothing to do with Israeli policy or Israeli culture.

I repeat my earlier comment that Adbusters, please stay out of this Middle East Politics issue - it's not what you do. I realize a lot of the socialist-minded folks in Adbusters are also anti-Israel, but those are 2 completely separate issues. You can be a socialist-minded person and be pro-Israel.


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