A Nuclear Free Middle East!

Why aren’t they talking about it?

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Here’s the Occupy movements attempt to get some sanity into the Middle East. Read Chris Hedges’ most recent thoughts on #occupyAIPAC and beyond.

The battle for justice in the Middle East is our battle. It is part of the vast, global battle against the 1 percent. It is about living rather than dying. It is about communicating rather than killing. It is about love rather than hate. It is part of the great battle against the corporate forces of death that reign over us—the fossil fuel industry, the weapons manufacturers, the security and surveillance state, the speculators on Wall Street, the oligarchic elites who assault our poor, our working men and women, our children, one in four of whom depend on food stamps to eat, the elites who are destroying our ecosystem with its trees, its air and its water and throwing into doubt our survival as a species.

What is being done in Gaza, the world’s largest open-air prison, is a pale reflection of what is slowly happening to the rest of us. It is a window into the rise of the global security state, our new governing system that the political philosopher Sheldon Wolin calls “inverted totalitarianism.” It is a reflection of a world where the powerful are not bound by law, either on Wall Street or in the shattered remains of the countries we invade and occupy, including Iraq with its hundreds of thousands of dead. And one of the greatest purveyors of this demented ideology of violence for the sake of violence, this flagrant disregard for the rule of domestic and international law, is the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, or AIPAC.


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I was about to agree with the original poster, but your insightful analysis and clear command of the issues changed my mind. Well argued, Sir.


Damnit, next time I'll have to remember to be even more terse since convincing hoyty-toyties like youself is definitely not my intention!

Hopefully I don't run out of letters.


HR 347
howitzer86 I have read the bill, step by step, as though it were printed c code. The fact that it is a federal bill does mean agents can arrest and bring felony charges against citizens for breaking it. So we have some justifiable issue with that. But it's not against citizens engaged in political protests anywhere in the USA. The bill is very specific about this. As it is written, it wouldn't stop protestors from taking over a public or privately owned park, as the OWS people have done. But it would probably hurt them in DC, since federal government property and secret service folks are everywhere. The intent of the bill is to protect government property and people - so don't attack them or occupy their buildings if you don't want this to apply to you. I take issue with the fact that you can't protest in a location where the President is present. Or in a location where someone has secret service protection (which can be given to anyone by the President). But remember that you can break the law if you so chose to do so. I'd even wager that the most effective protest is one that is shut down by the authorities for laws that they just made up to stop you. This stuff will be 'televised', everyone will see it, and most will see it for what it is - with or without the permission of the mainstream media or government.


A nuclear free world is more like it! That should be a top priority. Just saying it for one country or region makes no sense although it is a good start. Also include nuclear energy so our whole planet is not rendered uninhabitable. As the oil starts to run dry nuclear is gonna be looking good to a lot of people who want to make money and keep our current system in place. If so more chernobyls and fukushimas will be inevitable. oh and by the way - SHUT DOWN INDIAN POINT - NOW!


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