A Movement is Born

As #OWS spreads across the country, people are realizing, it's time to live!

Police protecting Wall Street's most important icon while#OccupySanFrancisco takes it up a notch as they occupy a Chase bank. Photo by David Shankbone & Stephen Lam/Reuters

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#OCCUPYWALLSTREET is thundering across America, threatening to morph into a full fledged national movement. Channeling the nonviolence of the Egyptian Tahrir Square uprising and the bottom-up collective decision making of the Spanish acampadas, we vow to end the monied corruption of our democracy.

This Saturday #OCCUPYWALLSTREET enters its third week … be there at Noon and stay for the weekend … or be at one of the 50+ fledgling occupations now being organized across the land.

Our people's democracy movement is about to get three mighty boosts:

  • On October 6, a few thousand of us will swarm the capital and #OCCUPYDC. Find out the plan at october2011.org
  • On October 15th, the movement goes global … check it out at 15october.net
  • Then, on November 3 and 4, we have something special in mind for when the G20 leaders meet in France.

Time to live!

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Our movement needs more edgy theatrics … maybe we should tar and feather the Charging Bull … or burn an effigy of Lloyd Blankfein? Send your wild ideas to [email protected].

To get a sense of the visceral mood at #OCCUPYWALLSTREET, check out the daily dispatches from OccupyTVNY along with the mini-documentaries "We Are The 99%" and "Nobody Can Predict The Moment Of Revolution." Also, David Graeber's op-ed in the Guardian and Nathan Schneider's article in the Nation are worth reading.