Mexican Spring?

A student-led movement is achieving the impossible.


An exciting student-led movement for real democracy has emerged in Mexico. Moving beyond traditional student protests that focus primarily on opposing tuition hikes, Mexican students are instead rallying behind the demand that the mass media be democratized and de-corporatized.

Their goal is to knock out one of the core pillars, corporate television, that props up the corrupt political class. Their sophisticated approach is triggering a popular awakening and, like Occupy Wall Street, taking the old Left by surprise. If the Arab Spring taught our global movement about regime change then the Mexican Spring may teach us a crucial lesson in achieving media democracy.

An interview with Patrick Cuninghame, activist and Professor at UAM Xochimilco (the Metropolitan Autonomous University), offers a compelling snapshot of what’s happening:

It’s really exciting ... I haven’t felt like this for years ... Out of despair has come hope… Occupy Wall Street has introduced this term of the Mexican Spring, but I think it’s too early to talk about a Mexican Spring. Obviously the movement here is not yet as radical or as important as the Arab Spring, especially the one in Tunisia and Egypt. We can’t talk about regime change yet. But, if the impossible happens, and we do defeat the PRI and their attempt to have an electoral fraud...

We are in front of a completely new situation ... The student movement’s main demand continues to be the democratization of the media. But if we really had a democratized media in Mexico, that would be incredible. If you democratized the media anywhere, that would be incredible! There is of course a certain amount of naivety to think that the Mexican media — which is completely under the control of the worst kind of neoliberalism and of the mafia and the drug cartels — is suddenly going to become democratic; it’s just not going to happen. Nor did it happen in the US or Britain or any other so called democracy. The media is not free or neutral in any country in the world, especially not during elections. It’s a naive demand, but in some ways it has opened up the whole election by exposing the dependence of the political class, particularly their candidate Peña Nieto, on mass media manipulation. I would say that as things stand at the moment, Peña Nieto is in trouble. Everywhere he goes now there are thousands of people opposing him, chanting slogans at him, with placards, etc. A week ago, the PRI responded as they always do: with violence. They just send their thugs to attack students who are opposing any meeting of Peña Nieto. Now, that rebounded against them…

I think this movement was born in the middle of a really dull election campaign that seemed dominated by a corrupt, fascist candidate, and they have hit the nail on the head ...

Read the full interview at ClassWarU.

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Your words from google

Estoy inspirado por el movimiento mexicano y me gustaría leer los comentarios. Por desgracia, no leen español.


tHIS IS AN EXTRAORDINARY MOVEMENT! I have never seen a movement grow so rapidly, it went national within days, which is rare in Mexico. The Zapatistas have struggled since 1994 to create a national movement since they set up the FZLN in 1997 and then the Other Campaign in 2005 and still it didnt really take off... But the 132 took off almost immediately. Of course it's far more broad-based, the youth of Mexico! It has terrible internal contradictions and splits within it and who knows if it will survive the July 1st elections. At the moment it is "everyone united against Peña Nieto and Televisa", including anti-peña nietistas in the PRI itself. On July 2nd we will be in a completely diffeerent scenario: either the PRI and fascism will have returned and the repression (already started) will be intense or we will have the rightist social democrat Lopez Obrador who will attempt (and fail) to co-opt and demobilize the movement...and then repress it no doubt too. But the movement is generating alternative organizational structures to resist just that and is spreading to just about every social sector in the country, school children included. The real question is: is the 132 still a students movement? or has it already outgrown that sector? Everyday there are are major marches, general assemblies, local assemblies, pickets etc, it is getting harder and harder to keep pace with it! I advise anyone interested to get down here ASAP and help this movement to radicalize and build links with OWS, the Montreal students movement and the global anti-capitalist movement of movements.


Same thing is happening the US. We have a corrupt fascist government. Our media is the absolute worst. Watching MSM actually make you dumber. It lulls you into a false sense of security about things going on in the world like the financial take over of the world and constantly encourages acceptance of fraudulent debt. MSM gives you false information that has people voting against their well being. At the same time, MSM is instilling fear constantly concerning violent crime against people and encouraging gang behaviors in disillusioned youth disenfranchised from all opportunity. Notice shows like CSI, of which there are an abundance.

These shows show one heinous murder after another with considerable effort and detail to come up with horrifying crimes and horrifying recreations of mutilated victims. The commercials featuring the corpse are run all day with emphasis on the most horrible details of the crime. This is not about giving people the shows they want. This is about installing underlying fear and acceptance of sick crimes as a natural part of existence and a need for a bigger and more intrusive surveillance FOR PROFIT apparatus..

The same thing is done with cancer and other horrible diseases of intense suffering, loss, and at epidemic levels. We are not taught the truth about what causes cancer and then we are forced to pay all we have to get help with the cancer we are not taught the truth about.

Controlled corporate MSM is nothing but a detriment and an abuse of humanity. Don't watch it and fight for a Democratized Media.


Anyone that points out the truth will be attacked, since, according to Myth America - Democracy vs. Capitalism (William H. Boyer, Apex Press, 2003), "individuals who point out unpleasant realities of current or past American behaviour are often subjected to social pressures and treated as pariahs." They are "disturbers of the dream”. Yet the term could also be applied to this web site. So, given the attacks against them, they must be doing something right. Keep up the good work Adbusters.



Not the Mexican Spring, but concerning evidence of real-life news management, Webster G. Tarpley, Ph.D makes a good case: "Syria Finds 800-Man Death Squad Guilty of Houla Massacre". For related information on mass-media manipulation, try typing "fake news about Syria", and check out the facts from the dis-information.


P.S: "Everywhere he goes now there are thousands of people opposing him, chanting slogans at him, with placards, etc. A week ago, the PRI responded as they always do: with violence. They just send their thugs to attack students..." Yet, if they can replace him with a true man of the people, they had better learn from what nearly happened to Venezuela's Hugo Chavez. (Type, "Syria: coup engineers used the same sniper tactic to incite Venezuelans in 2002".)


Except that Webster Tarpley is a whack job who thinks Wikileaks is a CIA backed front and Assange is an asset. GMAMFB.

I've seen a better case made here:

Put that together with this:

and you have a fairly valid theory.


Traducción para hispanohablantes:

¿Primavera Mexicana?
Un movimiento estudiantil está logrando lo imposible.

Un emocionante movimiento dirigido por estudiantes para una democracia real ha emergido en México. Moviéndose más allá de las tradicionales protestas estudiantiles que se enfocan primariamente en oponerse a las alzas en colegiaturas, los estudiantes mexicanos en vez de eso están corriendo tras la demanda de que los medios de comunicación masivos sean democratizados y descorporizados.

Su meta es golpear uno de los pilares principales, la televisión corporativa, que apoya a la clase política corrupta. Su acercamiento sofisticado está apuntando a un despertar popular y, como (el movimiento) Ocupa Wall Street, tomando a la vieja izquierda por sorpresa. Si la Primavera Árabe enseñó nuestro movimiento global sobre un cambio de régimen, entonces la Primavera Mexicana puede enseñarnos a nosotros la lección crucial en alcanzar una democracia en los medios.

Una entrevista con Patrick Cuninghame, activista y profesor de la UAM Xochimilco, ofrece una emocionante fotografía de lo que está pasando:

"Es realmente emocionante... No me había sentido aspi por años... Más allá del desamparo ha venido la esperanza... Ocupa Wall street ha introducido este término de la Primavera Mexicana, pero yo creo que es muy pronto para hablar sobre una Primavera Mexicana. Obviamente el movimiento aquí no es todavía tan radical o tan importante como la Primavera Árabe, especialmente la que ocurrió en Túnez y Egipto. No podemos hablar sobre cambio de régimen aún. Pero, si ocurriera lo imposible, y derrotamos al PRI y sus intentos de hacer un fraude electoral...

Estamos frente a una situación completamente nueva... Las demandas principales del movimiento siguen siendo la democratización de los medios de comunicación. Pero si tuviéramos realmente unos medios democráticos en México, eso sería increíble. Si se democratizaran los medios en cualquier parte, ¡eso sería increíble! Claro que hay cierta medida de ingenuidad pensar que los medios Mexicanos - que están completamente bajo el control de la peor clase de neoliberalismo y de la madfia de los cárteles de la droga- súbitamente van a ser más democráticos; eso simplemente no ocurrirá. No ha pasado en los Estados Unidos o en Inglaterra o en cualquier otra llamada democracia. Los medios no son libres ni neutrales en ningún país del mundo, especialmente no lo son durante las elecciones. Es una demanda ingenua, pero de algunas formas ha abierto completamente la elección al exponer la dependencia de la clase política, particularmente la de su candidato Peña Nieto, en la manipulación masiva por los medios de comunicación. Yo diría que así como están las cosas en este momento, Peña Nieto está en problemas. A donde sea que va hay miles de personas oponiéndosele, cantando frases contra el, con pancartas, etc. Una semana atrás, el PRI respondió de la forma que siempre lo hacen: con violencia. Ellos enviaron a sus porros para atacar estudiantes que se oponen a cualquier reunión de Peña Nieto. Ahora, eso se les revirtió contra ellos...

Yo creo que este movimiento nació en medio de una realmente monótona campaña de elección que parecía dominada por un candidato corrupto, fascista, y ellos lo han mostrado con toda claridad..."


thanik you for the Spanish translation!
you may want to write an email to [email protected] to get the text published as a translation
if you'd like to translate more texts, there is an active group of translators making adbusters available in whole bunch of languages - [email protected]
viva la revolución!


Hi everybody. I am mexican, and i have seen with my own eyes this great movement.I know there are much things to do, I believe we can do it if we are joined by that cause. I am part of this group and i am little afraid. Because some other people have tried to destroy this movement. Hope they can't get it.


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