The Globalization Of Laughter

Tactical briefing #33.

Hey all you believers in a new world out there,

May Day wasn’t so great was it… the numbers were low, the maxims weren’t sublime, the excitement didn’t catch on. May 12 was hefty in Europe, reigniting the snuffed Indignados, but the energy did not seem to flow over to here.

Now we’re looking at May 18 ~ 21 when protesters, possibly in Arab Spring numbers, swarm Chicago… Security experts say it will be a challenge the likes of which no American city has had to face – a leaderless, all-consuming non-violent swarm. If we can pull it off in the fierce tradition of Gandhi and MLK, the next few days could become the spark, the eruption, the new spiritual home of our Spring offensive.

On a softer, more aesthetic note, the likelihood of a global #LAUGHRIOT starting May 18 feels especially fresh and new … imagine … the globalization of laughter … millions of people around the world decide to take a few minutes off from their usual routines, get together with friends and pull off a global cascade of riotously laughing flash mobs, transforming the flow of power from the heads of the elite to the bellies of the people.

At a time when our human experiment is buckling under austerity, financial madness and eco-angst, there is something so ludicrous, bizarre, even insane about the eight most powerful people in the world trying to conduct the people’s business – to set things right – from behind closed doors and razor wire fences.

A global #LAUGHRIOT could break through the G8’s veneer of legitimacy and expose the Camp David Summit and our current capitalist model for the farce that it really is.

A global laugh-in could be the relief we’ve all been waiting for: the moment when — in a communal burst of laughter — we the people suddenly wake up to the fact that the only power our leaders have is the power we give them.

Here goes … let’s laugh like we’ve never laughed before,

for the wild,
Culture Jammers HQ / Tactical Briefing #30, #31 and #32 / Be present on May 18. Spark the #LAUGHRIOT then swarm Chicago.

Watch live streaming video from occupy_wall_street at

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That was pretty specific, dumbo. Now what exactly will you do about it? Keep jerkin is my guess.


Before you 'get' specific, do please take the time to look into the histories of *other* nations military actions.

Now I totally get that it's easy to hate yourself and your nation (if you're American) because you know the sordid tale. Hell kitten, when I was a teen even I got het up during the early 80's when Ol' Ronnie Ray-gunz was playing fast and loose with Nicaragua and Grenada.. but then I grew up and decided to learn some history.

Try a little self-enlightenment and look at the history of the Zulu Kings, or the Chinese Emperors.. Let's investigate the Japanese occupation of Manchu-kuo during the 1940's shall we?

NO ONE is innocent of barbarities. In point of fact, most of the true history of barbarism is unknown because the governments and societies that commit crimes as such, do a bang-up job of covering it up. History IS written by the winners after all.

The United States is hardly alone in the history of the world, when it comes to being brutal and barbaric.
We just have a self-reflective nature and a press and historical tradition that *allows* us the self-indulgence to look into our past and present and see it's warts. As if the rest of the world is pure as the driven snow for their hidden histories? Sure.

When you see that, well... it is disappointing - to say the least - that your bogeyman isn't so different from many others out there.

Grow up kid and learn a bit of the real history out there - unless you don't want to because it makes it that much harder to justify the self-loathing of the 'western' existence you have.

Now if you want to really - REALLY - undermine the ability of the nation to commit such acts - embrace downward mobility and refuse to march lock-step with big-daddy Capitalism and his bitch-goddess handmaiden Materialism. Then you've got a chance.

It won't happen however, by spending money and kicking up ANY economic activity for a banker to capitalize on by traveling to a protest. What you need to understand that even when you smash a window or burn a building, you ARE CREATING BUSINESS FOR BANKERS - the money needed to rebuild or repair - it comes from a banker.

..and is paid back, WITH INTEREST!

Stay home and kick back and be the leading example of un-consuming. Think I'm talking shit? (sure you do)

You want to really shake up the culture? You really want to undermine the dominant paradigm?

Ask yourself, in that week after the Trade Towers came down in 2001, what the main thing the government *kept* repeating. Remember it? From the President's lips: "America has been attacked and we are at war. The most important thing we can do is to go *back to the malls* and start shopping again."

Note that he didn't say "We are going to war and we need people to make sacrifices and be prepared for hardship.." Oh no.. what he said was "Go shop."

Do you remember that?

Look, make a dent by not buying anything other than food and clothes - and then you only buy clothes at yard sales and thrift stores.. Spend LESS, own LESS, consume NOTHING and you slow the upwards flow of wealth that forces the whole system into decline.

Bin-Laden understood this when he put America off it's shopping habits by smacking the two tallest buildings - dedicated to trade and commercialism no less - into the ground.

Consumerism is the engine of ALL the militaristic Luciferian behavior you despise.



This is an EXCELLENT comment. I agree completely with it.
Radical non-participation in capitalism is one, but only, ONE of the ways to move forward.
I think windows should still be smashed


No, the idiom is 'money is the root of all evil', and it stems from the Bible: “The love of money is the root of all kinds of evil”.

This is what's wrong with capitalism at its core. It creates the love of money, which in turn creates the evil that emanates from the worship of money, and what money represents. Within today's society, the dollar represents power over other human beings.

Ending usury and the pursuit of money is the key to saving society. Without it, there's no hope. Humans will continue on their greedy, unthinking, lizard brained, narcissistic course, aided and abetted by governments, media and corporations.


“Humanity has advanced, when it has advanced, not because it has been sober, responsible and cautious, but because it has been playful, rebellious, and immature.” -Tom Robbins

In an immoral world one must appose it amorally in order to compel it to moralize itself.

My name is Akoyeh. I am a post-modern heyoka, and the worlds first Disaster Shaman. I am Thunder Dreamer, the inverse warrior, contrarian and laughing backwards with coyote-throat and crow-tongue. I have dreamed of thunder. I have dreamed of lightning. I have literally been Thunderbird's Wing...

When you need shelter I'll be the rain.

When you need a parachute I'll be the fall.

When your glass house needs a mirror I'll be the stone.

In the end, through my coup de wit (a sudden or unexpected stroke of trickster genius), my heart has become a trickster god. What it tricks is me, the small-picture-me, so that the big-picture-me can call the shots. Quixote is my copilot; we know all the rules but the rules don't know us. I amorally rebel; therefore morality exists.


Could always use some rain. Say you don't think you could fly your crow trickster ass over this way a spell? Sorry, kid, but you blowed it with the quote from Robbins.


No one wants to say it but the only way we are going to succeed is by defeating the entire US Military. We need to wipe out the entire US military in a final battle to end all battles.

Total annihilation of the US Military and all its subsidiaries and tributaries in battle.

That, or subverting them to our side and into a coup against the US government. And then annihilating them (the US Military) when their guards are down and their level of trust in us has been built up.

Those are our only two options and as you can see it equates really to only 1 option.


I think you have a piece of it, but not the entire image.

We can try to fight the military. We will lose. The armed forces are well armed, strategically trained, and have shown they are perfectly willing to kill on command.

To attack on this front is folly.

We can try to win hearts and minds. But the sad truth is, we get at most 10k pairs of eyes on our marches, and actions, at the best of times. And other than the trolls, those eyes are the choir, the hard core of armchair activists that sit at home and watch the streams religiously. As for the people on the streets, who see our actions and marches briefly, are inconvenienced by them, and then go home to 'learn' what was going on via the MSM, we will never get the message out. We cannot overcome the advantages the MSM has. We get 10k of the same converted eyes on streams, they get 10 million eyes on local news, more on the networks. Without a massive, drawn out assault on us via the brutality of the police forces to finally wake people up, they are are plugged into the system hook line and sinker, as they have been for decades, if not longer.

IMHO, there is really only one way to win, and avoid martyrdom. And that is to pull out. To create our own community, as Zucotti park was attempting. We screwed the pooch, honestly, when so much money was wasted early on, money that could have bought land, so that we wouldn't be so called squatters Occupying the Farm, but farmers, feeding our people and the community. We could build barracks, and house people. We could show the world that people can not only live in compassionate community sharing and caring and helping each other, but can also interact with the 'real world' so to speak, through outreach. Through helping the homeless. Through alternative education. We can become self sufficient, and as many groups have in the past, reach out to the other communities and offer what help we can when needed. By building our own community upon our own principles, we can show use the so called weaknesses they see in us, the fact that they call us lazy dreamers, looking for a hand out, and turn it into a positive. We can show that you don't have to submit yourselves to the grind, to the hamster wheel of survival, but you can function within a group by and for each other. We can set up communities in various areas, spreading the word, and spreading our impact as we assist people with soup kitchens, book drives, medical care. We can be the change we want to see by creating it.

And just maybe, if the world on a million local levels see's us for what we hare, human beings who care for humanity, care for the environment and the biosphere we are a part of, they might join us. Or they might not. But at least we will be accomplishing something, moving towards goals we can attain, instead of marching to get the so called word out to a planet that is not being allowed to hear it.

Or we can beat our heads against the walls some more, blow whatever cash and goodwill we have left on actions that make us feel like we are part of something without accomplishing anything, and eventually assimilate back into the evil society we are trying to change, as the counter culture was in the 60s and 70s.

Do you want our legacy to be the rebels that were crushed by the police and military, the marchers who were ignored by the vast majority of the planet, or the dreamers that actually worked to make their dreams come true.

To me, those are the options.


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