The Globalization Of Laughter

Tactical briefing #33.

Hey all you believers in a new world out there,

May Day wasn’t so great was it… the numbers were low, the maxims weren’t sublime, the excitement didn’t catch on. May 12 was hefty in Europe, reigniting the snuffed Indignados, but the energy did not seem to flow over to here.

Now we’re looking at May 18 ~ 21 when protesters, possibly in Arab Spring numbers, swarm Chicago… Security experts say it will be a challenge the likes of which no American city has had to face – a leaderless, all-consuming non-violent swarm. If we can pull it off in the fierce tradition of Gandhi and MLK, the next few days could become the spark, the eruption, the new spiritual home of our Spring offensive.

On a softer, more aesthetic note, the likelihood of a global #LAUGHRIOT starting May 18 feels especially fresh and new … imagine … the globalization of laughter … millions of people around the world decide to take a few minutes off from their usual routines, get together with friends and pull off a global cascade of riotously laughing flash mobs, transforming the flow of power from the heads of the elite to the bellies of the people.

At a time when our human experiment is buckling under austerity, financial madness and eco-angst, there is something so ludicrous, bizarre, even insane about the eight most powerful people in the world trying to conduct the people’s business – to set things right – from behind closed doors and razor wire fences.

A global #LAUGHRIOT could break through the G8’s veneer of legitimacy and expose the Camp David Summit and our current capitalist model for the farce that it really is.

A global laugh-in could be the relief we’ve all been waiting for: the moment when — in a communal burst of laughter — we the people suddenly wake up to the fact that the only power our leaders have is the power we give them.

Here goes … let’s laugh like we’ve never laughed before,

for the wild,
Culture Jammers HQ / Tactical Briefing #30, #31 and #32 / Be present on May 18. Spark the #LAUGHRIOT then swarm Chicago.

Watch live streaming video from occupy_wall_street at

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My ADVICE to uneducated, chickenhawk douchebags like yourself, is to finish your GED. Then figure out the difference between advise and advice. One is a noun, the other a verb.


Thanks for the tip, Mack.

How's this, then:

I advise you to wash your dirty clothes because they're smelling up your basement room and soon the entire house will reek.

Communist Party USA

The Communist Party joins with dozens of organizations and thousands of poeple in protesting the NATO Summit in Chicago, May 2012 and their agenda of war and militarism.


Nice try, but a communist - or any literate person - would have spelled people correctly. An honorable person wouldn't try the horseshit you try.


It used to be commonly acknowledged by all that "Ignorance is the root of all Evil".

I don't know for how long that maxim has been around. But it must have had some of its origins as a humanist retort at a time when religion held greater sway.

In any case it also held a ring of truth that was universally acknowledged.

HOWEVER, we are very quickly approaching a time when Evil can no longer, and will never again be able to be ascribed to ignorance. We are fast approaching a time of willful intent, if we haven't already reached there some time ago.


Willful intent is what the U.S. Military's murder, rape and theft of humanity is about. They are born with it and bathe in the blood of it. They are the original Luciferians of Process and myth. Do what thou wilt is their sole code and creed. Need I get more specific?


You shouldn't be casting wild aspersions like some drunken guttersnipe.

If you have something specific to say, such as an allegation, then say it. And be prepared to defend yourself in a court of law.

Otherwise, shut the fuck up, coward.


Oh, you a lawyer now, too? What happened to your gig with the CPUSA? Too funny. Be seein' ya, Goob.


Internet tough guys call somebody a coward and make threats at least a couple million times a day. What makes you different other than your lower I.Q.?


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