Battle for the Soul of Occupy

Jump, jump, jump over the dead body of the old left!

Alright you jammers, occupiers and Springtime dreamers,

First they silenced our uprising with a media blackout… then they smashed our encampments with midnight paramilitary raids… and now they’re threatening to neutralize our insurgency with an insidious campaign of donor money and co-optation. This counter-strategy worked to kill off the Tea Party’s outrage and turn it into a puppet of the Republican Party. Will the same happen with Occupy Wall Street? Will our insurgency turn into the Democrats’ Tea Party pet?

It’s up to you to decide if our movement goes the way of Paris ’68, the dust bin of could-have-been-insurrections, or something more daring, more inspiring, something not yet dreamed.

Will you allow Occupy to become a project of the old left, the same cabal of old world thinkers who have blunted the possibility of revolution for decades? Will you allow MoveOn, The Nation and Ben & Jerry to put the brakes on our Spring Offensive and turn our struggle into a “99% Spring” reelection campaign for President Obama?

We are now in a battle for the soul of Occupy… a fight to the finish between the impotent old left and the new vibrant, horizontal left who launched Occupy Wall Street from the bottom-up and who dreams of real democracy and another world.

Whatever you do, don’t allow our revolutionary struggle to fizzle out into another lefty whine and clicktivist campaign like has happened so many times in the past. Let’s Occupy the clicktivists and crash the MoveOn party. Let’s #DEFENDOCCUPY and stop the derailment of our movement that looms ahead.

for the wild,
Culture Jammers HQ / Tactical Briefing #25, #26, #27 and #28 / Check out Oakland occupier Mike King’s take on MoveOn’s 99% Spring

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@Adbusters, Free Speech TV "FSTV" ( and their "independent" media counterparts, including The Nation magazine, have been busy planning and actively co-op'ing this movement since the beginning to raise funds from donors for their budgets, while promising donors to give a portion to the movement! I didn't realize the movement has an address. Did you guys get a check from them? Our watchdog list has been copied on group discussion e-mails at the highest levels of these media organizations with ideas to "monetize", "seize momentum", "align ourselves", "ride the wave", etc. For the TV network they have "branded" it as Occupy the Media and other organizations have adopted their own occupy branding and slogans. Don't let these fools off the hook!


Whoa, just checked out their website. Could they bastardize Occupy more? I watched a couple clips of their Occupy show on the website. Looks like another mouth piece for the Old Left and their media friends, only this is veiled and tidily packaged in a very generic 'Progressive' little box. Not impressed, do people actually eat this up?


I can say that is correct. On February we received this e-mail requesting donations for FSTV to "support Occupy Wallstreet", so I'm assuming that they sent this out to thousands of donors or viewers. Do they think we are stupid? We cancelled our membership. Shameful!


According to this e-mail you received, this organization should have donated $56,600 to support the Occupy Movement (if my calculations are correct). Is there any proof that this contribution was made?


I have heard occupiers say that once the election campaign kicks in we
should take a break because all of the air will be used by the
campaign. I have heard others say we should support the lessor of two
I say we need a campaign against the two party system. We should
encourage everyone to Vote Against the Two Evils, and Vote For the
Greater Good.
Vote Against Obomney. Vote for the best candidate, not the one that
may win. Write-in the best candidate, or write-in 99%.
Both parties are at a new low in approval ratings. In presidential
years less than 60% in vote, and in off years, its less than 40%.
Lets give non-voters a reason to go to the polls.
Occupy should be working to drive the vote for the Republicrats to new
lows. The more we can discredit the two party system the weaker the
coroporations become.
And on the plus side the Co-opters would be forced to choose: change or status quo.

John McG


get instant runoff elections for all united states elections then more of us will be willing to vote the 99% into power


If you keep voting for Democrats while you wait for instant run-off voting, you'll never get it: The simple fact is that only when the Democrats lose (or are clearly threatened with losing) that they concede anything to the left — the most recent example being the Keystone XL pipeline demonstrations.

When Obama felt he had to shore up his base in the face of his own weak polling numbers and the seemingly rising challenge of hard-line conservatives like Gingrich and Santorum to the more centrist Romney, he postponed the pipeline until after the election.

Now that the more conservative candidates seem to have fallen by the wayside and his confidence against Romney grows, you'll see him track ever closer to the right in an effort to "triangulate" Republican issues and beat Romney at his own game.

It's all right out of the second administration playbook of "St. Bill" Clinton, and while you wait for the perfect electoral system, you'll keep voting to perpetuate precisely the party that will do everything in their power to prevent it from ever arriving ...


Excellent observation - folks keep threatening to revolt at the polls, but never do and the Dems know that. So we can march and phone and email til we are long in the truth (and in the tooth) but if we don't take it to the polls, they will just smile and throw a few crumbs, shrug and continue business as usual.

Methinks we do need to Occupy the Polls - Those are the 2 areas where the power lies - Wall Street and the polls. If we take back the second, we can dismantle the first ..

I know OWS is resisting this idea, but in rejecting it, it is denying itself a basic tool of democracy ...


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