Stoking the fire of war in Iran

Even the New York Times?
Stoking the fire of war in Iran

The neocons are at it again. Emboldened by their success in leading America into war with Iraq, they’re now setting their sights on Iran. Every day now the mainstream media seems to produce another provocative report. War Games. Hormuz. Oil. Nukes.

Remember when Cheney and Rumsfeld each pointed to news headlines as proof that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction? Remember how that was enough to justify a decade long bloodbath in Iraq? Remember when we said we wouldn’t be fooled like that in the future?

Think again.

Read this Al-Jazeera piece about the American media’s march to war and then send an email to the New York Times!


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I recently posted this on Yahoo, let me know your thoughts.

Our govt. would never lie to us and do something horrendous like this, why this is akin to Terrorism.
Thats why we have a museum full of the WMDs we found in Iraq. NOT! Oh Yeah, that was our own govt. that perpetrated that LIE thereby manufacturing consent to KILL hundreds of thousands of people both foreign and domestic(Never trust a man with beady eyes).
What our govt. as well as private industry is doing is blurring the line between what Terrorism really is, or maybe not, because terrorism doesn't happen to poor people. TERRORISM ONLY HAPPENS TO THE ELITE WHO LOSE PROFITS. But don't take my word for it just ask anyone in the worldwide plethora of urban slums that our own military industrial complex created through profit based "Humanitarian Aid,"who are victims of terrorism on an ongoing basis and don't have a voice. Furthermore, read sections II to VI of which is a transcript of former President Eisenhowers farewell address.
Section V especially speaks volumes about how far we've fallen as a country and as a people, with a near psychic prediction of the privateering that perpetrated our recent economic depression fueled by unmitigated and sweeping industry wide insurance, bank, lending, credit and consumer fraud. His address from 1960 also fully elicitates the corporate owned medias' capacity to cull American opinion through propaganda and misdirection. Where have all the real investigative journalists gone are they only at Wheres the unbiased truth so we can make just democratic decisions here in America? And wheres the justice for those who are the political prisoners of the worlds Elitist powermad? Its truly a shame that Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness are no longer our INALIENABLE HUMAN RIGHTS, they are only our rights if a corporation somewhere can profit off of them. America used to be a great country that has been reduced to a shell of its former glory, by the fetid, repugnant and feculent dregs of humanity known as NeoCons and the swill that they peddle as news is the worst sort of yellow journalism and makes me want to puke. Sorry some puke came up in my mouth as I wrote this :(


I wrote this in a defense forum to someone advocating more assassinations in Iran a.k.a. "give them a taste of their own medicine",while citing Iranian terrorist attacks Unfortunately most don't know the truth:

"Actually they do,although it's never reported in the US.In reality the entire conflict is a
grey-and-grey,while the Iranians are funding Hezbollah to attack Israeli interest the US is funding PJAK out of Iraqi Kurdistan to attack Iranians.The funny thing is how much hypocrisy and double standards there are in this world,Hezbollah is rightful considered a terrorist organization by the West while the MEK/MKO are considered terrorist in Iran.The MKO is responsible for killing thousands of Iranians, "40 000 Iranian casualties" according to their own claims.Despite being considered terrorist for decades, they by coincidence gave up "violence" after 911,even more interesting in 2009 they were removed
from the EU's list of terrorist organizations.Currently they have a headquarters in Paris,France and Camp Ashraf, Iraq which is the equivalent of having the Iranians openly create a headquarters for Hezbollah in Mexico and not expect the US to retaliate."

"In all honesty there is really the no difference between the Western nations and the rest
of the world when it comes to covert operations.In a hypothetical scenario had it been an
Iranian assassinating American scientist the media would have declared this an act of
terrorism.But since the Iranians have declared the "enemy", it's now considered morally
acceptable to murder as many scientist as we want and the majority of people will rejoice
like they're watching football."

"Just as Iranians indoctrinate their population to accept potential war the West,the Media
and politicians are busy indoctrinating Americans for an invasion of Iran and the masses
will ignorantly cheer for it.The only people that will benefit from and invasion of Iran
will be the wealthy that long ago bought out our politicians.And it will be these wealthy
bastards and their families that will comfortably sit in their mansions while my countryman
will be sent back without their limbs and in body-bags."

"And the Iranian Theocracy is no different, they will promise their youth an early ticket to
eternal paradise only to be cut down by a technologically and numerically enemy.Military
intervention border on idiocy, we will just be conveniently be doing the what the radicals
in Iran want us to do by the leaving our troops open to attack during the occupation.Which
will cause us crack down just as we did in Iraq and further alienate the population,leaving them susceptible for recruitment to group like Hezbollah."

"I'm obviously not a supporter of the Iranian government but have you ever questioned why
did the Iranians attacked those areas you mentioned.The scary thing is that there can just
as easily be a blogger sitting in Tehran making a similar list documenting American
supported terrorist attacks in Iran among them this very assassination.What particularly
frightening is that between all this us and them is the fact both sides are being misinformed and indoctrinated to kill each other in the name of someone else's personal
interest.In the end we are just pawns for the powerful 'elite'.Which I find sadly to be one
huge ass joke.....Think about it."


I will mention the "DEVILS" if you want to call them that are responsible for this "RUSH TO WAR" mentality, like Erich Maria Remarque in his book "Nothing new on the Western Front" (Im Westen nichts neues) has stated, it takes usually only one generation to overlook the horrors of war and to clamor for more, the "gory glory of war" seems so exciting and the "spoils of war to boot"!

Now here are the culprits those who clamor and support war for it brings them in "lots of dough" out of which they "fashion a new enemy" if they can, for clearly these guys are "put in power" by these evil thugs that are behind the scenes "arranging the carnage" so that they can profit from them by the tune of the billions and trillions of dollars!

THE AASROF meaning the "ANCIENT SCOTTISH RITE OF FREEMASONRY", is one of the main culprits when it comes to the promotion of war, luckily or perhaps because of my insistance, the PRESIDENT OF RUSSIA is now again MR PUTIN, Mr Medvedev was a "scottish rite mason" who declared he did not have a button in the "side of his chair" whereby he could control the world on his website Masonic,com!

Clearly there is "high level shenanigans" going on all over the world, and the United States of course is "NO EXCEPTION" to the rule, you mention the "AIPAC", the American Israeli Political action committee, they do of course "influence our politics" but so say they "determine it" is a far cry from reality!

No they do not, instead the KINGS of this planet are a much more powerful influence and that is the "greed and selfishness inc" that governs the actual working operations of the governments on the globe, whatever makes money even if it costs the lives of millions of innocent people "MUST BE IMPLEMENTED" for that is their "capitalistic method of determining the maximum value for the share holders of the major weapons manufacturing companies" without a war, there will no "real test" for these modern and sophiscated weapon systems, a "dry field test" without any "real combat conditions" simply will not do, OH NO, there must a "real war" where the value of these weapon systems can be confirmed under "actual combat conditions"!

You think I am crazy think again, there is an Assassin conspiracy under the AGA KHAN in the middle East that are specifically mentioned in the Encyclopedia of Freemasonry by MR MACKEY and they are so rich the AGA KHAN had his financial net worth measured by weighing himself in a scale against Diamonds!

Needless to say he did not get that kind of wealth like a king by sitting around at home "dwiddling his thumbs" no he did some "bad ass philanthropy"!

Just like the Kings in the Western World, I was once asking Prince Philip about this secret combination that is "hiding out" under the AASROF, through his "trustees" of his charity, you know what they said:

On the internet they responded, OH, THAT PIECE OF CRAP, to call it a "piece of encrusted filth" is indeed "highly accurate" for it is an "authority structure" that is from the middle ages, highly encrusted with the filthy garments of the bloody harlot babylon and full of "the wine of the wrath of her fornication" meaning in plain english they will do anything to make a profit I suppose even "slaughter more Jews in Palestine by the millions" so that they have another reason for war!


There is no denying the fact that a great majority of the 535 US lawmakers (100 Senators and 435 members of the Congress) take their marching orders from American-Israel Public Affair Committee (AIPAC). Several of these lawmakers and members of Obama administration carry US-Israel dual citizenship. One such person is the Jewish Sen. Carl Milton Levin (D-Michigan). He is Chairman of Senate Committee on Armed Services. He has been a major player behind US sanctions against Islamic Republic. In October 2011, Carl Levin called the bogus Iranian plot to assassinate Saudi ambassador in Washington “an act of war against the US“.

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