Stoking the fire of war in Iran

Even the New York Times?
Stoking the fire of war in Iran

The neocons are at it again. Emboldened by their success in leading America into war with Iraq, they’re now setting their sights on Iran. Every day now the mainstream media seems to produce another provocative report. War Games. Hormuz. Oil. Nukes.

Remember when Cheney and Rumsfeld each pointed to news headlines as proof that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction? Remember how that was enough to justify a decade long bloodbath in Iraq? Remember when we said we wouldn’t be fooled like that in the future?

Think again.

Read this Al-Jazeera piece about the American media’s march to war and then send an email to the New York Times!


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My Opine
1. Iran is nuclear capable. Read the Nuclear Capable definitions, then comment with accuracy.
2. Neo Cons, etal do indeed beat war drums. The world itself is conflict oriented. Rant with educated comments.
3. The current Admin sorely needs a "crisis". W/O such they stand in dire straits come Jan 2013. The loss of thier position of power will set back thier Leftist agendas by at least 6 months.

The US Electorate may seem to be quiesent, apathetic, mindless serfs. I remind you of the days of Valley Forge, the days of Brotherhood Conflict, the days of Global Faciism conflict, the days of the Greates Generation. These DNA Genes still prevail.

There may well seem to be a golden opportunity to defeat the US Constitution, the Federal System, the Capitalistic Opportunistic System, the Lefts abhors, but DO NOT count your chickens till they are hatched, and walking around littered barnyard.
Semper FI


*yawn* Boring. Who cares? This is just like hearing someone tell me that if I work on Sunday I will go to Hell.
No. Not gonna work.

When you demonize leftists, it makes you sound suspicious. Thoughts: Why do you want me to hate leftists so bad? What's your angle in all this? Votes for "The Party"? You want us all to be afraid of the left so that YOUR party wins election after election? It's just not going to work on me.

Never listen to anyone talking about other people's agendas. Never listen to adjectives. Nobody cares what you think of leftists. My wife is a leftist and was appalled at the Unconstitutional abuses of power by Bush the Executive, so that right there makes you a liar (sorry, I didn't want you to be a liar). According to you, all leftists want to defeat the Constitution. I have news for you bro, it's already been defeated by Republicans and Democrats, so who are you holding up as a beacon of Constitutional orthodoxy? Surely not the right! If you think there is so much as one argument in defense of the statement: "The right is the side of liberty" then there isn't any point even talking to you about other opinions besides the ones you already agree with. Historically, without saying, the right side of any ideology is a dictator. If you're a right wing Communist, you are Kim Jong Un. If you're a right wing Capitalist, you are the big bad banker from "It's A Wonderful Life". Conservative means "SUPPORTS THE SURRENT SYSTEM". Whatever that system is. If you live in Hitlers Germany, and you like it, you're a conservative, because you are reluctant to admit anything is wrong with the current system.

If the whole world was "left", according to your idea of what "left" is, than who would be "left" of the "left"? How would they be different? Have you thought of all this? The supporters of whatever the current system is would now be conservatives. The people protesting "leftism" would be "leftists". *head explodes*


Yaw ner.....
The folks that care are those that are being denied the following and blatantly driven by the following:.
1. The right to provide work ethics for thier children. IE The Dept Of Labor proposal and intent, to deny the use of Parents Childrens opportunities and challenges on thier own private property farms.
Child Labor, IE the work products of childrens farm labor is anathema to thier Leftist agendas.
2. The regulation of water ways, dirt and dust environment in or on a farm labor private property. The onerous controls, regulations, down to the way the individual farmer guides his water rights, his production process methods by a Civil Leftist Service agency who has never been near a farm property.
3. The infilration and Leftist orientation of blatantly communistics or socialistic agenda within the primary and secondary school systems, akin to the Leftist oriented University academic system. The Teachers controlled agenda supported by thier Marxist leadership, taught, aided and abetted within the school system.

Of course this is Conservative. Refreshing to hear the facts, nothing but the facts, laid out in a coherent manner, devoid of rhetoric talking points.
Semper FI


ignorant people will perpetuatly mindlessly follow the beat of the drum unless we get back to truth in everything we do. Start with the Media, where is the oversight? The propoganda has to stop! It's not enough to have rhetoric on both sides. We need to have a Beavis and Butthead style disclaimer at the beginning of any news cast who is not verfying/submitting proof of at least 2 sources and properly vetting all the details before releasing that "scoop of the day". Unfortunalely its all to often left to the "less than average" intelligent citizens who need to be woken up from the apathy, the ability of so many in my generation to "not care about politics" is almost as ignorant as all the religious extremists we harbor as evangelicals who control our vote in so many states. sad... The internet is the battleground for free ideas since our public space is currently controlled by the police who can choke off any dissent they see as a threat to thier ideas of keeping us lemmings working overtime, selling foreign crap or a service that is shit, profiting for then until our last breath.

Daniel Doyle

The NYT has now made the same baseless assertion in today's story on the scientist homicide. From the 16th paragraph or so of this story,

"...the International Atomic Energy Agency, the United Nations nuclear oversight body based in Vienna, published a report that Iranian scientists had engaged in secret and possibly continuing efforts to construct a nuclear weapon."

We might ought to ask NYT for a correction there as well.


It's difficult to believe, in this day and age of constant information--that anybody believes this "nuclear" story, or the Israel story--

Google three things. "There! I just monetized it for you." Matt Damon in Syriana. This is about a pipeline through Iran and taking control of the oil that is left and the fact that Iran's leaders aren't bending to the oil companies' plans. That's it. the Vampire Squid's own Blankfein (or even T. Boone Pickens)---"oil is done. this new economy is about WATER." T.Boone owns a serious chunk of the Ogallalla (sp?) Aquifer---and will control who gets what when the time comes.

Third...Hussein and Quaddafi had something in common--which the ayatollahs in Iran also share...a willingness and desire to trade oil in something OTHER than the US DOLLAR. Unfortunate for Quaddafi, he wasn't backed by anybody, same goes for Iraq.

We are doing the same thing to Iran that we did to Iraq--it will take years and years, but with the sanctions, we will bring their internal structure to it's knees. But...Iran is backed by Russia and China...Iraq and Libya were not. Going to war with Iran is not going to war with Iran. It's going to war with Russia and China. Who holds mountains of our debt again?....oh yeah. China.

Israel doesn't have fresh water boys and girls--they have to get it from the rivers in Turkey and other places. If we don't do something to provide them with oil and water---Israel goes down, along with our "strategic interests" and "COVER STORIES FOR WAR" in the region.

This demonization of Israel is nonsense--they and the US are the same entity. Israel is no more threatened than we are--this is about oil, and control of what is left. Go to The Oildrum or read anything by Michael Klare--these aren't "Peak Oil Hysterics"---they are former oil geologists and engineers.

I sit simply amazed that anybody....ANYBODY....believes all of this "they're gonna get The Bomb" rhetoric--or even this tired Israel stuff. Washington detests having to protect Israel as much as most folks around here do--Israel's leaders know they've got the upper hand, and they use that advantage.

It's about oil (for us) and water (for Israel). It brings to mind something I read years and years ago--"Someone who can destroy a thing, controls a thing." Iran certainly can't destroy it's only source of real revenue---but they can cut off the flow of life sustaining water through their relationships with other Arab states---Israel keeps exterminating Arabs, they'll find out how long the Arab world is going to allow that water to flow to them.

THAT'S when we'll get WWIII folks. Iran IS nuclear capable...anyone who understands that Russia and China have Iran's back...and thinks that for one second that they haven't provided the technology as well as the material for Iran to protect seriously deluded.

This is a last ditch effort to get the last drop of oil. The US has lost control of it's dictators overseas--the populace in these countries wants iPhones and Starbucks---and (gasp!) homes with dependable electricity and running, clean water!! OMG--well, that takes oil. Oil that when they used to be oppressed by the US--was exported to the US, not used for infrastructure or making their populations comfortable. We can't have that, folks. The population is rising and not just with protests...the population is growing. If these populations want the nice things we enjoy, that means less oil for us to import for the nice things we enjoy.

Explain that to the average American. can't have electricity ALL day, you can't drive your kids all over town to their sixteen different recreational activities, you can't live more than bicycle distance from you want revolution in this country? Just cut off cellphone service for a week, and you'll get it.

So please. Please for pity's sake. Stop with the crap about the nuclear capabilities of Iran.


You're right. The western Iranophobia is not about nuclear program. However, it's not about Iranian oil which the US doesn't need as its oil comes from South America. It's Europe and Japan which going to suffer from Iran's blockade of Strait of Hormuz. Iran has lot of other buyers especially which is already buying 25% of total Iranian exports.

The main US bone with Iran is later's support for Hamas and Hizbullah against Zionist fascism in the Muslim East. Even if Iran succeed in just acquiring 'nuclear capability' - Israel will cease to be the military bully in the region.

Since 2006, the United Nations Security Council has imposed four rounds of sanctions against Tehran in response to Israel’s fear of Iran’s civilian nuclear program which is similar to other 45 countries signatory to NPT protocol. The idea behind these western sanctions is to create economic sufferage for ordinary Iranians so they rise against the Islamic regime. Such western expectations have failed miserably even after the current mass protests in Iran’s neighboring Egypt, Bahrain, Yemen and Syria.

There are several factors which make Islamic regime capable to stand up to the western unlawful economic manipulation. Despite anti-regime propaganda by the Zionist-controlled western mass media, a great majority of Iranian still support Ahmadinejad’s national and foreign policies. The other factors are; 1) Iran’s geographc location (it’s linked to 14 neighboring countries by land), 2) Tehran’s independent foreign policy which has made many new friends, such as, Turkey, China, Russia, Brazil, Venezuela, etc. and 3) the continue increase in country’s oil revenue......



Iran exports 2mbpd---a shortage that simply cannot, and will not be covered by any other source.

Please site your source as to how the US gets most of its oil from SA? Because it's nonsense.

Please read the linked article--it explains quite succinctly that the Strait is the artery which conveys 20% of the world's oil every day. There is an open market for oil, my friend...there is no tanker that says "From Iran" or "From Libya"---it is what it is, and it is purchased from a pooled open market.

The fact of the matter is--is that US exceptionalism dictates--all the way back to The Carter Doctrine--that the US doesn't apologize for its way of life, and NOBODY will restrict the flow of oil for the US's consumption.

If that means that 2 billion people are left with a dollar a day to live on, no access to clean water, no healthcare or educational opportunities---then so be it.

People here need to wake up. Each and every single US citizen has the equivalent of hundreds of energy slaves at their disposal--motoring around mindlessly, 40 in. plasma teevees, all the latest gadgets and gizmos---each and every single time you purchase one of these little do-dads or hop in your car for a trip to the shore--you are an accomplice in the mindless wars that the US wages on countries that didn't do anything other than be blessed with a resource (oil).

This religious tome is nonsense as well. The US has absolutely no problem with the Muslim world--i.e. Egypt, Libya, Oman, UAE---because they export their oil to us whilst savagely repressing their populations so that US corporations as well as citizens can go about their daily lives in comfort and ease.

The ONLY time the US has a problem with anyone is when some poor country has something the US wants and doesn't play ball.

Why don't we bomb North Korea back to the stone age? Kim Jung-il (and now Jung-un) are the craziest of the crazy---threatening everything around them with their nuclear capability. Ahhhhh....because they don't have anything the US wants.

Why doesn't the US step in on "humanitarian" grounds (as in Libya)---in say...Darfur? Congo? Angola? Nigeria?

Because they have something we want---oil and precious metals for all those wonderful little electronic do-dads ---and they are willing to crush their populations into submission for the US consumerism.

We've got a problem here if no one understands that world demand is now officially outstripping world supply of oil---and, for that matter, clean and potable water.

These are resource wars. Nothing else. Religion..."Islamaphobia"..."anti-put your religion here" nonsense....they are wedge issues used to divide and conquer the populace. If the citizens of each country are too busy hating each other because of some arbitrary difference...well then...all the better for the 0.01% to position themselves for the inevitable ultimate energy wars. In other words, banks arm both sides, because they make money either way.

The US could have crushed Hezbollah and Hamas long ago. The US assassinates anyone, anytime, anywhere they choose. Do you really, seriously believe that the PLO and Yassir Arafat wouldn't have been a smoking hole in the ground if they hadn't been useful? Seriously?

Is anybody here deluded enough to think that all of this "we don't assassinate heads of state" actually is a real doctrine that is followed by these people (bankers and big oil)? Anyone still in the game is useful, until they aren't. Then it's "terrorist" and "terror supporting state"...and then....burial at sea.

It's difficult for people to think and really know that war is extremely simple--there aren't these altruistic and noble reasons that nations go to war. They go to war to decide...WHO GETS WHAT.

Communism? please. Radical Islam? please. They are useful boogeymen to unite an ignorant populace to hate people in a land 8000 miles away, to dehumanize them so that it's okay to bomb wedding parties by drone and shoot children with their parents on the way to church.

I did like that you trotted out "Zionism" though...another red herring...if all else fails, call someone "anti Semitic" or "Zionist"---just like calling someone a child defense even if it's untrue.

I'd rather speak in facts. And the facts are, this is a resource war for an ever dwindling supply of something that is completely irreplaceable, and the guys behind it don't like to lose.


you forgot to mention that China gets it's natural gas from Iran. How willing would China be to allow a profit driven culture like the West I I read only once about China's resource for natural gas; the topic is taboo. But provable. We attack Iran.... well, will China sit by and watch? I'm not sure.


I think we sould start a protest aganist the government of Iran and change it to the ''Federal Republic of Iran'' called Occupy Iran


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