Stoking the fire of war in Iran

Even the New York Times?
Stoking the fire of war in Iran

The neocons are at it again. Emboldened by their success in leading America into war with Iraq, they’re now setting their sights on Iran. Every day now the mainstream media seems to produce another provocative report. War Games. Hormuz. Oil. Nukes.

Remember when Cheney and Rumsfeld each pointed to news headlines as proof that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction? Remember how that was enough to justify a decade long bloodbath in Iraq? Remember when we said we wouldn’t be fooled like that in the future?

Think again.

Read this Al-Jazeera piece about the American media’s march to war and then send an email to the New York Times!


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road to World war III ? that is no joke !


Very informative, thanks for the link!!

The report did not mention the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty sanctioned by the pentagon on June 8, 1967 in an effort to draw the United States into the “ 6 Day War " on the side of Israel, so i thought i would mention it here.


Here is a short film on the USS Liberty incident with President Johnson quoted as saying “I want that god damn ship going to the bottom” at 3:10 by a former Admiral.


This is a brilliant article on Media Lens, related to the issue:


It appears that the CIA and U.S. military (along with an all-too-willing administration) are baiting Iran into some sort of "first strike."

Of course, the Stuxnet virus WAS a first strike. So were the nuclear scientist (civilian) assassinations. And the drone aircraft missions. And the CIA-funded terrorist attacks upon Iran. And now the stepped-up sanctions and looming oil embargo by Europe and the United States.

The West, in other words, is doing its absolute darndest to bait the Ayatollah into some sort of overtly aggressive action that can be spun into a "shocking and unacceptable attack on America, its allies, the Western way of life, freedom, democracy, white people, Christianity, American Idol, and Wal-Mart."

You know, the sort of "shocking and unacceptable attack" that is followed up with a multi-billion dollar wave of bright and shiny ordnance. The kind that only hit the "bad guys," of course. Precision-guided, and all that.

Revolutionary fervor is in the air, with a large and ever-growing number of average folks catching onto the all-out scam that is America's entire political and economic process. And where there is fervor, there is sure to be some sort of all-out battle (perhaps of global nature) to occupy the proles.

Interesting times. Lots of bullshit in the air.


I think we sould say ''Death to Iran'' and ''Death to Syria'' and start a revolution aganist the Government and replace it with a Western goverment by publishing a issue for Iranians and Syrians by saying ''Your rulers lied to you, you must overthrow the government. Occupy for whose who cannot accept the Westren Culture'' in Persian and Arabic


Yeah heat seeking missles dont seem all that scary until one is pointed at your house - I will think for myself and question authority.The citizens of the world will always find the truth, the will of humanity to survive is strong. and dam these "average folks". Indoctrination can be tough to break.


United States of Israel is again itching to start a new war in Iran at our cost.
USI hypocrisy has no limit.
They have the greatest number of nuclear bombs and falsely accuse others.
I am against all nuclear bombs, but while USI have them, how can we tell their intended victims not to have them.


What to do? Violence is used (or threat to) against those who do not believe in the system. Without violence against the system nothing changes - we only change if we have to.


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