Image from Our Future

What can Occupy learn from Greece?

The people of Greece continue to fight against their technocratic, unelected government. In this video from the streets, an indy filmmaker captures public school teachers chanting “fight, rupture, overturn! History is written when you don’t follow the rules!”

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in the US most people think that the system will last at least until their death so they are not really interested in Occupy, the risks outweigh the benefits


I sued the internet for 999 Trillion dollars and won. With my new unheard of and infinite wealth I have decided to go ahead with the eco-harmonic protocols as detailed in the texts that I wrote in the future and sent back in time. In this way we were able to end all war through simulated experiences to channel innate mammalian tendencies, and therefore open the doors to a world of peace where we live to seek knowledge and implement technologies which manifest our greatest potentials as a species. Hunger has been eliminated through diverting the funds that used to fuel the perpetual war machine into the technologies which revolutionized all aspects of our lives and created a long lasting living ecology of which we cultivate to perpetuate for the purposes of being. Acting in time, we were able to avert the chaotic disasters and self destruction of the earth by coming to understand that our collective consciousness reflects the health of our selves and our planet, and if the planet is ill, we become ill. The separation was an illusion crafted out of fear and arrogance, forgetting our primal memories we set upon building a house of illusion for 10,000 years. And now in the future we have created something novel and of great value for future generations, instead of pollution, disease, war, and death. It took people a while to realize, but when the noise of the digital apparatus was subverted from advertising products to drive lifestyle obsessions, satisfying a superficial impulse generated for us in boardrooms and offices by parasitical lords of greed and corruption; we came into the pursuit of knowledge and understanding for purposes of satisfying our innate curiosity, that which drives innovation and discovery, the essence and core of what drives our evolution. Then we are liberation species circa future time super awesome happy hour!

Anonymous are BRILLIANT! I am amazed at how much willful ignorance there is this world.....unless you are being totally sarcastic, which I hope you're not, and don't think you are being,
I hate you. ;-) Live simply so that others may simply live.


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