Image from Our Future

What can Occupy learn from Greece?

The people of Greece continue to fight against their technocratic, unelected government. In this video from the streets, an indy filmmaker captures public school teachers chanting “fight, rupture, overturn! History is written when you don’t follow the rules!”

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the quality of having a ready insight into things; shrewdness: 'the perspicacity of her remarks'.

spellcheckers aren't as good as dictionaries


Oh yeah? Well then look up perceneplenitude and then tell me that dictonairies are so great.

And its spelled dictionairy not dictionary by the way.


Perception, I do perceive, that you are very smart people on this board, perhaps you are part of the "upper percentage of smart people" among the 99% who have been oppressed by the kings of the mystical lies,

Perceptivity happens when you read a lot of information that is "truth stranger than fiction" to deduce truth from the material senses alone whoever is sure to lead you into temptation and error,

therefore spell check with God, who knows all and do not rely too much on what the TV or the radio or the newspapers are saying for "WOULD YOU HAVE GOTTEN THE TRUTH" about the nazi dictatorship if you had lived in Germany during world war II, of course not, they would have only given you all their own propaganda that they wanted you to hear and everything else was a "FEIND SENDER" clearly perhaps we have to "listen to the FEIND SENDERS" in our nation, Al Jazeera, and other places in order to get a better picture of reality for "THEIR REALITY" is clearly "different from ours" for they live in the countries that have been "oppressed and despoiled" by FREEMASONRY and its hidden meaning therefore their experience is "different from ours" and we should not be surprised that this is indeed the case!


Make that the kings of Greece and you are right, they are terrorists for they have robbed Greece and have made it impossible to meet its debts!


Prepare for being silenced, any which way.
Find ways of being heard, whatever they do.
Don't count on our masters to save your bacon.
Do it yourself.


Wrap newspapers and carton around arms legs and torso before dressing. That 'll make the beatings more bearable. A nice stiff raincoat will keep most of the water out, as well as adding a layer.
For your head, a helmet would be best, but it makes you look like a combatant.
A stuffed hat will do reasonably, depending on the hat, and the stuffing.

But we do have to go on goin' at 'em.


That may work for winter protests but its a real cooker in the summer months.

Dress wearing layers of men's and women's clothes and peal off to switch gender identity black bloc style.

There is no better disguise then disguising among the other disguised.


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