Image from Our Future

What can Occupy learn from Greece?

The people of Greece continue to fight against their technocratic, unelected government. In this video from the streets, an indy filmmaker captures public school teachers chanting “fight, rupture, overturn! History is written when you don’t follow the rules!”

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Well from what I understand from the tone of the people on the TV here in North America, who seem to claim at the same time to be smarter and more well-informed than me, and to whom I thus defer to when informing my opinion, the reason this is happening to the Greeks is because they have some sort of innate laziness, possibly even more innate laziness than black people. Thus we should only be feigning concern for them out of politeness, but really we shouldn't care all that much at all.

And lest people criticize me for informing my opinion solely based on what people say on the TV, let me assure you that regular people I meet in real life, who seem to carry themselves with the same lofty and well-informed demeanor as the people on the TV, also imply the same thing.

Sorry but that's just the way it is.

Therefore all I can say is, rot in hell you lazy bastards.


"Study says racists and conservatives are dumb."


Those lazy greek bastards only work 500 hours more than the germans. About three months a year.
And their social security outlays (including fraudulent recipients) were the lowest in Europe, except for portugal.
Lazy and parasitic indeed...

I love it when peoples are tarred with a broad and simple brush. Such fun, to declare the dutch avaricious, the french arrogant, the germans humorless, the english stuck-up, the russians drunk, the belgians dumb. In the same vein, americans must be moronic, or would credulous be a better definition?

Why not spend a few weeks at the united nations defining the single defining characteristic of all 190 or so nations. The discussions would be fascinating.
And then we could ask a team of psychologists to work out rules taking the intrinsic nature of each nation into account; I'm sure all the world's problems would be solved in a jiffy.

Therefore all I can say is, I hope you have lots of rice pudding, silver spoons and golden harps in heaven.


I think that if the May First day of action is to work, we must convince all of the police, law enforcement and private security agencies like G4S to take the day off and not go to work.

That is how we can learn from Greece's police brutality.


poor economic management and its effects on surrounding countries is akin to international terrorism. Therefore Greeks are international terrorists


Such Clarity of Vision ! Such Incredible perspicacity!

"poor economic management and its effects on surrounding countries is akin to international terrorism. "

Therefore Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, England and Wall Street and Washington are all terrorists. I'm missing a few, I think. Argentina and Russia. China would count. And a whole bunch of african countries, surely.

Oh dear, we seem to be surrounded. Most governments and all the banks have joined the international terrorist brigades!

What should we do? How can we find safety?

Please enlighten us, you seem to see right through these things


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