I Pay My Taxes, Why Doesn't Bank of America?

Banking protests planned February 26 across the USA.

Kate Thomas / SEIU

The UK Uncut movement has crossed the pond and inspired activists in the US. Americans are targeting Bank of America. This corporation, the largest bank and the fifth largest corporation in the US, has consistently avoided any form of accountability to the American taxpayer. In 2009 it paid no tax … but received a tax refund. And last year the federal government gave Bank of America $2.3 billion.

Update: February 26 – citizens across the country are protesting at Bank of America branches and peaceably but forcefully demanding they account for their actions. This could finally be the movement that keeps the banks honest. Let’s make this go viral … with flash mobs protesting against corporate crooks all across America.

Go to US Uncut to find a protest near you!