I Don't Pay

The European culture jam spreads.

Instead of begging their governments for non-existent mercy, activists in major centres across Europe are taking their public services into their own hands. They are engaging in creative resistance, one that initiates instead of making demands. Transit, healthcare, utilities, you name it, nothing is out of reach. Watch and be inspired by this growing culture jam. See people living what Franco Berardi Bifo calls our new cultural task:

“To live the inevitable with a relaxed soul. To call forth a big wave of withdrawal, of massive dissociation, of desertion from the scene of the economy, of non-participation in the fake show of politics. The crucial focus of social transformation is creative singularity. The existence of singularities is not to be conceived as a personal way to salvation, they may become a contagious force.”

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Adbusters, a thing to write about and share!

New constitution for the people, in France a lot of people are working on this project.



silly, really. Petty theft masquerading as civil disobedience.
Attack the monopolists instead. Super glue the door locks of super markets, big box stores, banks, the like. Create work for a local lock smith ☺, push consumers toward local producers and providers. Attack MNC’s everywhere with low tech solutions to the problems they’ve created. Remove them from the market by making their space uninhabitable: stink bombs, jamming doors, blocking entrances, harass customers except for ones shopping at community based mom and pop shops. Keep what money you have left circulating in your own local economy, and take possession of your local economy. Every cent spent at an MNC outlet is money being drained from your community to disappear into the swiss bank accounts of economic criminals. JUST SAY NO!


Beautiful. I like this movement especially since it coincides with my own Not-Paying for many years now.

I think a lot of us are finding that the movements now days are starting to resonate with our own personal ideas and views more harmoniously.

Sleeping in a t...

If the train passengers don't pay for the power, maintenance and, train workers pay check, then who? This entitlement attitude is part of the reason Greece is bankrupt. Many times in the past Greece has defaulted on the debt it owed, this time the Greek people can`t run out of the restaurant without paying the bill, like so many times before.


Exactly. Except we are to blame as well as the restaurant that keeps on serving them lunch even though we know that after the meal they are just going to stand up and run out like they did for each of the previous days for the entire year before that.

It has come time that we not only refuse to serve them lunch or even enter the restaurant to disturb our other customers, but also, through strength, force them to settle their tab that they have been accruing for the past year of lunches. And even more than that, it is time that we involve the authorities and have them prosecuted because it is not enough anymore for only our own personal restaurant account to be settled but it is time that we start protecting the whole community, the whole neighborhood within which our restaurant is located, from these thieves. These eat and runners. It is time that we band together as a community and force them out the neighborhood.

But even that is not enough. Because forcing them into someone else's neighborhood is not going to do it anymore and will come back to haunt us. Therefor we must band together as neighborhoods, as a whole city, and force the eat-and-runners out of the entire city. But not into another city either. We must all ban together and force them into the spaces between cities, into the dark corners where nothing exists for them to steal and there is no way the effects of their criminal activity can come back to hurt us ever again.


Printing our own drones, who watches the watchers? New infrastructure using communications technologies and shared visions of the world we want to see. By individuals consciously aware of their own consumer power we can put money into what we want to see develop, but only if these options are there in the first place. So where are the wealthy entrepreneurs who will help shape this movement, occupy or whatever you want to call it. Its beyond just occupying places now, its a the collective will to transcend our current system of broken ethics and mechanized consumer theft. We want a new world, we have to build it, and we need the capital and infrastructure of those who already own it. Indeed we need converts from the houses of power to our cause. If we just scare them with the threat of hordes of people coming to burn their houses and take what is theres they will probably respond by lobbying increased power to private security firms, tightened security laws, controlled internet, etc so on and on the birth of new fascism. Thats why its necessary we work with chaos and not against it, because any system has a certain parameters it must follow to function, where as an organic arising of popular consciousness has no boundaries, indeed those are what we are attempting to dissolve in order to free ourselves in everyday from the systems of control which bond us in fear and economic slavery.

A new infrastructure involves replacing the malaise day to day process of work with that of an engaged role in the betterment of our society as a whole. Its unfortunate that starbucks barista is a more available occupation than indoor agricultural manufacturer. We have the chance to innovate and shift the infrastructures into new paradigms and new technologies, but this is quite impossible without the financing of wealth holders. Its important to appeal to them, because innovation is profitable, and if they can't see the trends of a diminishing manufacturing base in America and Europe, and they are comfortable with Chinese slave labour, then they are moving in the wrong direction...Should expect popular wrath. Of course there is a generation gap at play as well, and as they grow old and die off new thinking will take over, and there profit and wealth will move onto to others for investment in the future.

Struggles for economic and social rights are part of the percentage, but without having people in power who are on our side fighting with us, then the corruption of all law will come to imprison those who dissent under guise of security, for maintenance of freedom, from the 'terrorists' All this money, all this wealth controlled and owned by individuals who choose to not invest in radical and new technologies and methodologies, who choose to horde and mine, and frack, and burn coal- because they are old and expired, and thats all they know now, from generations past, they burned the earth for gain and profit, and leave us to figure it out with polluted water supplies and dismantled industry replaced with service oriented jobs, speculation and computer technologies, the abstraction of economics into the realm of mathematical trickery for the gain of those with much at the detriment to those with little.

Occupy is public anger, and its time had come. Now realizing how much power there is collectively we have to adhere to it and not let it slip away in petty nothings about what we stand for or what it is about, the goal is to update our economy and our technologies to new standards which we expect as citizens of the modern technosphere. This isn't a selfish or radical expectation, this is what we have been sold since birth and now we want what is ours, not for ourselves, but for all of us, for the future generations for the planet. Its necessary that the so called '1%' understand that they have a real opportunity to implement new ideas that challenge the old dying notions.

Framing occupy just as class war is huge mistake and alienates those with wealth and power. We need to make contact with the ones who see where things are going and not just adhering to the corpse of a dying system. How this can be done...remains elusive. Maybe Stephen Colbert could help.

What I mean by opportunity and new technologies is that eventually we will be paying to filter the water, and to clean the air, instead why are corporations not paying for filters on their smokestacks today? Why are drainage pipes from factories not equipped with bacterium/mycellium filters now? Why are de allowing this degradation of our planet to continue so unabated when the solutions are already being developed? What kind of zero sum game are they playing with our future? Personally it pisses me off. So what we need are people in government who are going to lobby to creat the laws necessary to force manufacturers to implement these things, thus creating news jobs, and a whole new field of industry. To clean the earth. Why wait until its necessary when its happening now? These are jobs, that can be created now, this is infrastructure that will be necessary in our future. Our government peronnel are so very incompetent and useless, so very inept and stupid that they can't see whats obvious, they will adhere to their stale models, as long as wealth is maintained by the old and dying, clinging to their fake lives and false gods, killing us slowly for reasons only they fear to know.

Its all somewhat tragic. I guess Obama and the gang figure we will just ride out another 10 years of wars and economic decline, and when people get uppity they will just make new laws and put us in fenced warehouses for our protection and security, to maintain freedom from the 'terrorists' Its all so grandly sublime and surreal, this endemic decline. Of course Obama made all those promises when he was elected, ending wars, 'green' jobs and infrastructure, none of which has happened. I wonder if its because he's a stooge surrounded by idiots or if their plan is to just kill us all with genetically engineered virus's when the time is right and their mansions and palaces, tombs of wealth and power, towers of glass and steel have been colonized by masses of living breathing human beings who have reached a point of no return where they say its the future or naught. There's only one choice, theres only one direction from here. We have to work together with the '1%' We need wealth to flow and grow the future. A panicking billionaire doesn't do any good for anyone except buy himself a new golden toilet to shit in. Should be a law against it.

How can we appeal to future billionaires? The technologies are coming into existence now, they just have to create a market for their implementation. The oil companies can fucking pay to clean up their own messes, and when they do new jobs and new companies arise to manage their shit for them. Its like a banisters fat disowned son he resents for not being himself, and the immigrant nanny who has to wipe his fat ass for him before he sticks his face back in the trough. Wait no its more like the explosion in private security firms and mercenary groups, like Blackwater, since the inception of the Oil wars. Make a few laws, change a few statements on some paper, now new industry spawns out of nowhere and grows rapidly, because its suits a purpose, in this case killing Iraqi's civilians and protecting oil contractors. Instead the law should speak to our benefit and be implemented to spur the growth of ecotechnologies, because the trend is clear. Make the laws, build it and the jobs will come, a new economy will grow organically from the real need for it- unlike the manufactured need of private kill squads hired out by the United States government to do things deemed illegal by the United States military.

Laws work for nations, laws work for citizens of those nations, when laws work only for individuals in positions of wealth and power, expect a nation of millions to shake the foundations of power, expect a popular virus infecting all your systems, expect wrath, expect resistance, expect to lose. We are the citizens of the world, we are the nation earth.

one two three four!

you spent all this effort to write a way for the majority of people to appeal to billionaires? No this is not only worst possible idea its some of the most banal of liberal sophistry possible.

John E. Jones

I think the only way forward within the system is by not voting for either of the mainline parties that have been taking turns screwing the working people forever. The occupies can select candidates to run in the elections who when elected will be governed by the people who elected them. The movement doesn’t need millions of dollars to run a candidate, the people are creative enough to do the advertising and campaigning themselves through the social networks.
Two countries have freed themselves from the control of the elites in recent years by boycotting the traditional political parties of the elites and the lives of their working people have improved tremendously.
Barely half the people even vote because they know it is a sham but if they had someone they could trust to honestly represent them that could change. When Venezuelans and Bolivians took this course of action record numbers of people got out and voted and the leaders they supported won with a large majority of votes.
As anon has been saying the current system is corrupt and has to go. It can be done at the ballot box without getting into a violent revolution; when a party of the people gains control the laws can be changed and the constitution amended as it was in Venezuela, and Bolivia, by and for the people.
It is depressing to see and hear people from within the OWS movement discussing which party to support, or who their favourite candidate is; boycott all of them and sponsor our own candidates.


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