How To Stop A War

Growing consensus on a nuclear-free Middle East.

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The war clouds are gathering as both Israel and the United States continue to make threatening gestures over Iran’s alleged nuclear ambitions. And yet, it is rarely mentioned that Israel has a known stockpile of nuclear warheads … and that the presence of these warheads is the primary catalyst for the regional nuclear arms race. All that is beginning to change: a global push is now underway to make the entire Middle East a nuclear-free zone. Already there are signs that the world could reach consensus on this proposal. For one, a recent poll revealed that 64% of Israelis would support a nuclear-free Middle East that included Israel and Iran. This meme may be the only practical initiative that can bring peace.

Now the Guardian reports that in December, 2012 Finland will host “a historic conference bringing Iran and Israel together with Arab states to discuss a ban on nuclear, chemical and biological weapons in the Middle East… A British foreign office spokesman said the UK believed that a Middle East free of all WMD and their means of delivery was an achievable goal, and one which was vital to the long-term peace and security of the region… The promise to work for the creation of a WMD-free zone in the Middle East dates back to 1995, when states without nuclear weapons demanded it as part of the price for them to stay in the nuclear non-proliferation treaty (NPT) and not seek their own arsenals.”

At #OCCUPYCHICAGO and beyond, can we seize the historic opportunity of back-to-back G8 and NATO summits and begin dictating to our leaders what we, the people, want? Can Occupy end the Iran war before it begins with a simple demand that 99% of the world, including Israelis and Iranians, can get behind: a nuclear-free Middle East as a concrete step toward a nuclear-free world?

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Actually the best thing that could happen is if Iran does have or is able to get some nukes to balance out the insane warmongers in "israel" and the west. Very unlikely that "israel" will quietly just lay down their nukes or the U.S for that matter. They are addicted to unchecked power.
The NPT is a fucking joke perpetrated by the G8 + to maintain hegemony over the rest of the world. The only people on earth who actually used a nuke on other humans are the Americans and the ones who keep threatening to do so are the Americans the "israelis."
As soon as the fucking French, Brits, Yanks, Russia and China put their guns down they can get all skippy about other people not having them but until then shut it..
Sticking a gun to some ones head is no way to ask for peace.


Indeed, the more nations on Earth that get nukes, the more peaceful the planet will be. Nukes act as a deterrent for war, historically. Americans may have used nukes, but they did so to prevent months of further war, war which would have killed far more people than the nukes could have. Both the Soviets and United States having massive arsenals of nukes prevented all-out war between the world's two largest powers, which would have surely dragged in each other's allies. And then there's Pakistan and India: They had fought 3 separate wars before, but once they had nuclear capabilities, there has been an unprecedented peace between the two. H.G. Wells may have been right about Nukes after all.


Yes Iran please get some nukes fast and point them at "Israel." Then maybe the rogue state will stay in line.Might as well point them at Saudis too so America will think twice. Sure the Saudis will get some from the U.S in response but so what? At least the playing field is slightly evened.


War isn't healthy. Radiation makes us all sick. We just don't know how much Rock n Roll Fukushima is enough. At least in the future all war will be waged in simulated game space; then the actual war will be about hacking the games, information retrieval, espionage, spyrcraft, and propaganda manipulation. Which is already occurring. All we have to do now is have governments agree to simulated virtual warfare where the stakes are real, and in this way an economic system is kept in check by the competence of the game players, which act as the military in the neo-future digital construct. Save tons of money for all countries, deaths will be minimized, there will still be economic and resource gains, as countries would agree to this scenario. And of course the violators will be sanctioned, and then invaded the traditional way, and of course this too will be manipulated, so war will continue...But recognizing our human nature for what it is and channeling it is the way of tantra and other things, like drinking tea, also the sun sets and then the moon rises- later they change place. Just pick one, because your stupid? Okay I take your word for it. There will always be human nature, people will always love/hate. In order to transcend those things we have to implement new systems of managing our innate tendencies towards destruction and malicious intention. We could build a sigil to Iran and then burn it, A Khomeni pincushion doll might work as well. *stupid people just don't get sarcasm. I know when I am angry right away I forget about my lethargy and pot pipe and get to work building an elaborate makeshift representation of someone or something, then burn it, because whoever is that special and important. Then I travel through time, its true because I just wrote it there, and according to the draconian inter web laws of future time; everything you write on the internet has dire consequences and then I eat a sandwich and take a piss, listening to birds chirp, its kind of annoying, so I shut the window. This would take allot of time and effort, its better just to write about it. Being gay is awesome from what I gather from television and other media source. Though I am not a homosexual, therefore having men be attracted to me isn't something I want infringing on my personal space. Also I always eat my fruits and vegetables, roots, mushrooms, and other assorted natural botanical extracts. Its important for making my skin soft to the touch, the bird is chirping at the window, then I go to open it 'Uh Uh Uh-chirp chirp chirp' That was the sum of its reasoning it seemed.

'Chirp-chirp-chirp- do something for me'

'What do you want me to do'

'Chirp- you know what you have to do'

'No I really don't, you want me to write more? should I write less? Should I say your words for you? Chirp chirp?'

'I can't believe you would hurt me like that!- Chirp chirp'

'I really don't get it, I should be a woman?'

'Yes! I mean, no! what the fuck does that mean!- SQUAK SQUAK give me my painting or I will call the police! your going to wreck everything in my life because I don't trust you, but I won't say that, I am how I am and thats what your not going to ever figure out, so keep following me, because if you don't I will know you are a liar and you don't love me. But you do love me, so I can sink my talons into you, and when you feel something warm, its probably your skin being pierced by them, you can't just go around stealing love from people, it belongs to me, and I do with it as I will. You on the other hand have many things you should be doing, but are not doing, I can only hear roses in ears I am so ecstatic and free! Join me so that we may soar together into the sky. Join me non-physically in some type of mental entanglement where their is no progress or gain on either side, just feints and inroads that are countered by the slightest indiscretion on your part, uh uh uh chirp chirp chirp, should have said this! but you said that! Who has who? Your not in control of me, thats why you will follow when I fly away again, I know you will! I won't even bring myself to admit that I 'think' about you, that way you will believe your 'winning' and thats not true! I win this way!!! this way I know where I stand'

'This way we both loose. I'm going to stretch out on the floor, tell me when you want sex'

'SQUACK!!' * fly's away again

...There I saved the world, all finished on my end, soup for the rest of you. Yeah the soup isn't made with shit.

Cannabia-the ca...

“What the heck did that mean?” I asked, I had no idea..
Starseeds really did get bandied around rather loosely.
When I was young I always did love sinking and scattering seeds in our big garden and as I grew older, observing how the seeds eventually just spread themselves
I wanted to dismantle the war machine
I was burning up.
The earth would send our energy up past the ionisphere, past the genius, past warfare, up into the galaxy, to find another life.. it would create suns of new light if we struggled to find it here..
It was just too obvious we were a survival species and the darkness had to be revealed truly.. not as some place you were to be condemned if you had trouble feeling at home here.
The scar tissue would be disippated, melted into a cold steam and I suggested we walk through it.
I was so hungry
The ego was grappling the soul…
and I could feel its power over me.
It felt like intermission time
still periods of recovery
fifteen minutes
After the first act
We needed each other, we were drawing closer.. this new humanity.
And we were all exhausted because we were so close.
Fractals, tiny geometric shapes were moving
Spirals, and sometimes two spirals at the same time.
I liked walking the slender string
of this Human bridge.
There was a burning that went with joy and with annihilation..
This fire of transformation.
In cosmic classrooms with many others,
learning in ways that your mind does not understand,
but somehow your entire being knows
I still and always and forever will love that other who put me so completely into my heart again
and even so after winter coming spring
I felt a newness like no other
Love was truly multidimensional.
As our vanished Mayan arena opened
Quantum by nature
Timeless love
I felt ready to jump
into great unknown


loose   [loos] Show IPA adjective, loos·er, loos·est, adverb, verb loosed, loos·ing.
free or released from fastening or attachment: a loose end.
free from anything that binds or restrains; unfettered: loose cats prowling around in alleyways at night.
uncombined, as a chemical element.
not bound together: to wear one's hair loose.
not put up in a package or other container: loose mushrooms.


Weapons of Mass Destruction.
Haven't we heard that before somewhere?
But let's get it clear from the begining,
just in case you were being sceptical of the motives here.


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