The History of OWS

What does our past tell us about our future?


The Occupy movement “has created a space in the American political consciousness about a different type of power: one controlled by people, not corporations,” explains this Al Jazeera documentary about the first phase of Occupy Wall Street.

As we head towards the May Day General Strike, May 12-15 global days of action, #OCCUPYCHICAGO, and the #LAUGHRIOT, what lessons can we learn from phase one of the movement?


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For the Occupiers of LA

We Shall Occupy MacArthur Park & Pershing Square!.....

Sent up Tents! Let's camp Out! By May 1st General Strike!.......


How does camping out in the limited amount of green space available in densely populated cities help a radical elite organize the 99%? Most cities are surrounded by wilderness. If all you want to do is camp, get out of town. If you want to organize, get off your butt. The urban green spaces are for everyone. Organizing is about inclusiveness, not exclusion. By occupying public parks you do not threaten the 1%, you simply deprive the 99% of green space. More to the point, you spend all your time engaged in a form of collective panhandling for food, water, portapotties and tents instead of addressing the issues that, allegedly, brought you together. You are not the 99%. You are the .1% and shrinking.


Well geez why don't they just bring in carnies and sell cotton candy. Maybe even a ferris wheel.

Then we can change the name to "100% Funtime USA". Then IPO and we can all buy stock in the franchise and make huge wads of cash. All from your one simple post. Good job space cadet.

lee mulcahy, phd

#ows occupy the aspen ideas festival 06.27-07.04 2012

the aspen ideas festival is a gathering of the elites of politics, business, the arts, and the universities. and of course, the 0.000001% in terms of wealth as tickets are $5000.00

the festival is held on the aspen institute's campus--lots of public open space. protest is part of aspen's DNA: the police chief and the sheriff of aspen believe peaceful protest is freedom.

lastly, aspen is surrounded on 270 degrees by national forest, the people's land, with lots of camping.


IF the banksters can EviCt uS out of our HoMes........

Might as well Camp OuT in Public Space......

Feels so close to HoMe.........

Near ShoPs & 7eleven..........

It's time to let em know "You can't evict an idea who's time has come"......


Stop the Foreclosure.... To Stop the Oppression.....

Fill in the possibilities.... Free the prisoners.... Fight the power....


JOIN US........


I agreed with the beginnings of OCCUPY, but I think we all know it got co-opted or morphed into something unrecognizable by the end, especially in smaller communities. Here in North Bay ON, I would see the Occupiers camped out by the overpass and I thought good for them. Until that is, I would see them regularly walk to the Tim Hortons a block away and come out with coffee and donuts. Not an isolated incident and not solely to use the facilities, either of those could have been overlooked for me. It was at that point I decided, rightly or wrongly, to not renew my subscription to Adbusters. Ross in North Bay.


What does them buying donuts and coffee have to do with anything? The Occupy movement is not about being poor and asking the government to give you money. It's about restructuring and oppressive system. I have plenty of financial security but that does not mean I cannot participate in this movement. Even the richest man in America can join.


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