Help Us Translate! (again)

We need you to help with a translation for our next issue!

Once again we are looking for some international jammers to help us translate the following saying into as many languages as possible for our next issue (Adbusters #95). Please translate "GOD IS ONE" into any language you can and post them in the comments below. If you think a translation could be improved or you see a mistake please let us know. To be clear this will be referring to god is everything, everywhere, all encompassing, etc.

Thanks to everyone who helped us translate our mission statement for issue #93!

Update: March 8, 3:00 pm – Thanks to everyone who has contributed, here is the final list of translations, if you see any mistakes or want to send in a handwritten copy please email [email protected].

Albanian: Zoti është një
Arabic: الله واحد
Bulgarian: Бог е един
Czech: Bůh je jedním
Dutch: God is één
Estonian: Jumal on kõik
Farsi: خدا یکی است
Filipino: Ang Diyos ay Isa
Finnish: jumala on yksi
French: Dieu est Un
German: Gott ist einzig —or— Gott ist einer —or— Gott ist Eins
Greek: Ο Θεός είναι ένας
Hebrew: יי אחד
Hindi: भगवान एक है
Hungarian: Egy az Isten —or— Isten egy
Icelandic: Guð er einn
Indonesian: Tuhan adalah satu
Italian: Dio è uno
Japanese: 神は一つ
Korean: 신은 하나이다
Latin: Deus est unus
Lithuanian: Dievas yra vienas
Macedonian: господ е едно
Maltese: Alla huwa wieħed
Norwegian: Gud Er Én
Polish: Bóg jest jeden –or– Bóg jest jednym
Portuguese: Deus é Um
Romanian: Dumnezeu este unul
Russian: Бог един
Serbian: Бог је једнo
Slovak: Boh je jeden –or– Boh je jedno
Spanish: Dios es uno –or– Sólo Dios
Swahili: Mungu ni mmoja
Swedish: Gud är en
Turkisj: Tanrı tektir
Welsh: Duw yn un