Three challenges Occupy must overcome.


Hey you nimble dreamers, believers and jammer tacticians out there,

Our movement has reemerged from winter hibernation to find that this spring we are different but so too is the political and tactical situation. Occupy now faces a series of existential challenges that will define the month of May and set the tone for our long-term future.

#1 challenge: Jump over the corporate media

It took the New York Times two weeks last year to wake up to the insurrection percolating in their own backyard. This May Day, we saw an insidious attempt to ignore and discredit us right across the mainstream media. Time to jam the corpo-commercial lie machine and shift the way information flows and meaning is produced. Here is occupier Charles Young’s take on the blackout:

“I know. It’s just a coincidence. Or conspiracy theory. The .01% who rule the United States would never stoop to such stunts to knock Occupy Wall Street off the front page and surround it with mentions of terrorism… But Occupy wasn’t on the Times’ front page, online or in print, either.”

Read more at Counterpunch.

#2 challenge: Block the co-optation of our movement

Last September, the old left didn’t want to touch us. Then Occupy captured the world’s imagination and now they are jumping in to channel our energy into electoral politics and symbolic actions. Founding Zuccotti Marisa Holmes warns that the co-opters are a deep threat to our movement:

“This is an election year. Everything is at stake. There will be many more attempts like The 99% Spring to come. The 1% have no intention of funding a movement that actually poses a threat to their power. They seek to manage social movements via foundations thru resource allocation, top-down structures, and co-opting language. In the past this strategy has proven effective at dividing, conquering, and integrating movements into respectable forms of activism, and it’s starting to take hold… We have realized our collective power, and we must not be pacified!”

Read more in the Occupy! Gazette #4.

#3 challenge: Occupy the future

Our most difficult task of all is to describe, build and sustain the post-capitalist future we want to live in. Here is Slavoj Žižek’s stab to get your juices flowing:

“It is not enough to reject the depoliticized expert rule as the most ruthless form of ideology; one should also begin to think seriously about what to propose instead of the predominant economic organization, to imagine and experiment with alternate forms of organization, to search for the germs of the New. Communism is not just or predominantly the carnival of the mass protest when the system is brought to a halt; Communism is also, above all, a new form of organization, discipline, hard work.”

Read more at the Guardian.

Hey occupiers: the old world has no future; their leaders have no solutions. Now everything from how we live to how we love and how the world is governed is up for grabs. Can we rise to the challenge? Let the tactical brainstorm begin.

for the wild,
Culture Jammers HQ / Tactical Briefing #29 and #30 / On May 12, retake the squares and on May 18, spark the #LAUGHRIOT then join the movement in Chicago

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Saw a report about a male-based attempt to dominate an Occupy event/discussion. Attempts like this will, if successful, doom Occupy faster than the pigs/Military, more than false corporate media descriptions of us, and devastatingly more than any other past or potential error we, ourselves, can make. So, while we appreciate your attendance at meetings and such you will chill and you will re-orient your approach to allow for imput from and equal participation from all of Occupy especially those proposing a different approach - know what I'm sayin? - to self-rule than what got us to the stage of society we're at now, and that ain't happening with your shit. All must Occupy dumb-ass attempts at male domination. To these particular disruptors I say, you're being shit heads you know that don't you? And ... I sense a pig/Military odor surrounding you. In any event you're on my shitlist until further notice. - st.just

I refer to this tweet:

axb21 RT @thleenzo: Left the male-dominated #OWS Media meeting early. Frustrated that we're talking about office space logistics before talking media strategy

Men and pigs

Most pigs (the human kind) are men, and it is hopeless to train them to change.

That is why we need to start an all-female Occupy movement.


Two of the women and men of Occupy's current strengths is its numbers and its focus. A reduction in either isn't called for, just yet. - st.just


What are Occupy's policy goals. It is not enough to just go after the 1% . I have heard advocacy for the Tobin tax on financial transactions. This is a start although though closer scrutiny of transactions that have no productive outcome except for bankers maybe need to be regulated out of existence.

What about a more global approach to Anti Trust legislation with much lower thresholds. eg a multi national with 20% or more of any market cannot be allowed to take over local industries to xpand.

How about punitive taxes over a certain income threshold for all employees. This would get at obscenely paid executives.

Just a few suggestions.

Equality for all

People should be taxed to the extent that what remains of their net income equals the global (not national) average.

ex. the Boston Globe reports that global average income is $7,000. After taxes, that is what each of us would be left with.

Also, personal wealth should be liquidated and redistributed along the same principles.

Only then will everyone be treated equally.


we haven't been TOLD what our policy goals are yet

ask the guy who runs this website

see if u get an answer

so far, it's just to create havok, make a mess, break stuff, whine


Slavoj Žižek recently asked, “What social organization can replace the existing capitalism?”

Commitalism (eco-moral capitalism; ego-moral communism) and Eco-moral Tribalism are two possible solutions.

Make the top 1% pay

We want the one where the top 1% have to support the rest of us.

They should be punished for hoarding and being successful.



u mean we all have to be poor except for a few of the top friggin cheezes?

who the frig wants commie poverty for everyone?

one big miserable family picking potatoes by hand,

or harvesting wheat the way they did it in the Ukraine 30 years ago?

to hell with communism

talk about hijacking the movement, or what!


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