Three challenges Occupy must overcome.


Hey you nimble dreamers, believers and jammer tacticians out there,

Our movement has reemerged from winter hibernation to find that this spring we are different but so too is the political and tactical situation. Occupy now faces a series of existential challenges that will define the month of May and set the tone for our long-term future.

#1 challenge: Jump over the corporate media

It took the New York Times two weeks last year to wake up to the insurrection percolating in their own backyard. This May Day, we saw an insidious attempt to ignore and discredit us right across the mainstream media. Time to jam the corpo-commercial lie machine and shift the way information flows and meaning is produced. Here is occupier Charles Young’s take on the blackout:

“I know. It’s just a coincidence. Or conspiracy theory. The .01% who rule the United States would never stoop to such stunts to knock Occupy Wall Street off the front page and surround it with mentions of terrorism… But Occupy wasn’t on the Times’ front page, online or in print, either.”

Read more at Counterpunch.

#2 challenge: Block the co-optation of our movement

Last September, the old left didn’t want to touch us. Then Occupy captured the world’s imagination and now they are jumping in to channel our energy into electoral politics and symbolic actions. Founding Zuccotti Marisa Holmes warns that the co-opters are a deep threat to our movement:

“This is an election year. Everything is at stake. There will be many more attempts like The 99% Spring to come. The 1% have no intention of funding a movement that actually poses a threat to their power. They seek to manage social movements via foundations thru resource allocation, top-down structures, and co-opting language. In the past this strategy has proven effective at dividing, conquering, and integrating movements into respectable forms of activism, and it’s starting to take hold… We have realized our collective power, and we must not be pacified!”

Read more in the Occupy! Gazette #4.

#3 challenge: Occupy the future

Our most difficult task of all is to describe, build and sustain the post-capitalist future we want to live in. Here is Slavoj Žižek’s stab to get your juices flowing:

“It is not enough to reject the depoliticized expert rule as the most ruthless form of ideology; one should also begin to think seriously about what to propose instead of the predominant economic organization, to imagine and experiment with alternate forms of organization, to search for the germs of the New. Communism is not just or predominantly the carnival of the mass protest when the system is brought to a halt; Communism is also, above all, a new form of organization, discipline, hard work.”

Read more at the Guardian.

Hey occupiers: the old world has no future; their leaders have no solutions. Now everything from how we live to how we love and how the world is governed is up for grabs. Can we rise to the challenge? Let the tactical brainstorm begin.

for the wild,
Culture Jammers HQ / Tactical Briefing #29 and #30 / On May 12, retake the squares and on May 18, spark the #LAUGHRIOT then join the movement in Chicago

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Give that whoever controls the money flow rules the world, that the US want to maintain dollar as the world reserve currency at all costs, and that Libya was about to do something about the US dollar, is this the reason libya was attacked?

GI Joe

"If they want Occupy to concentrate resources on a diversion they stage it and use internet disinformationalists
to help achieve the outcome they want."

You're talking about the Obama administration, not the military.

He and his hacks like Pelosi love the distraction of OWS from the economic damage and pain he is causing Americans and their trading partners with his socialist policies.


Wall Street is all over the for profit war apparatus. Wall street and big oil and big for profit war are all the same folks and the reason why we are unable to get out of these wars. Wall street runs the government, is big oil, is big for profit war profiteers which are also big oil which runs the Pentagon. It's one big circle fuck and it runs on the backs and blood of the people. America is a war machine, it's people the fuel of the war machine.

GI Joe

OWS is against the wars? Says who?

We were bitching about Wall Street investment bankers once upon a time, but that was about it.

(I know, some of us were also into vandalism, theft, indecent exposure and rape, but those were side projects.)

Who the hell says we're against wars?

Who? Who? Who? !!!!!!!


Loopholes are not bad, they are how under progressive taxation you make wealthy people do socially responsible things. You crank the tax rate on them back up to 94 percent and if they do socially responsible things with their money the get to keep most of it, if they don't they will only have 6% with which to do irresponsible things with. You might couple that with outright caps on the rent seeking sort of wealthy person, Edison's are one thing but there needs to be a speed limit on the other sort.

We also need to recognized that tax is the engine that makes all economic activity possible in a democratic system and its been that way going back to the Greeks. Taxes cycle back to both the demand and supply side, there has always been growth stimulation in these societies


Yes, crank up the taxes enough and see where the businesses go - away.

I suppose private businesses could also be 'nationalized' (stolen). That should motivate a lot of productivity.


Businesses are already bout gone. My city is full of hundreds of thousands of empty stores. Corporations like Walmart have destroyed local economies.


THE SUM: Seven Strategic & Interdependent Initiatives For A Massive Mobilization of Civil Society As The Next Phases Of The Cultural Creatives’ Convergence Within Occupy Wall Street & Transition U.S. For The Second American Revolution In 2012

This Grand Unified Strategy (GUS) Synthesized by Zevin X. Cruz of Occupy Cortland & Ithaca, upstate NY

The following is an integral approach to art, activism and fundamental social change partially co-created with and/or for Occupy Wall Street (OWS), the Transition Movement and the Ron Paul Libertarian faction of the Tea Party in response to ADBUSTERS' Gut Check as to what to do next. This groundbreaking strategy has been derived from my involvement with the online work groups of the NYCGA (Think Tank, Vision & Goals, 99% Declaration), my direct participation in Occupy Cortland & Ithaca in upstate New York, along with past groups that has been in the works for at least 12 years since the 1999 “The Battle In Seattle”—the trigger event of the Economic Justice / Anti-Corporate Globalization Movement—which has its modern roots to Martin Luther King’s 1968 Poor People’s Campaign. It offers what’s been missing from activism for decades—a cohesive vision (The Society of the Third Millennium), coherent strategy (The SUM: The Ten Philosophical Pillars of Neo-Transcendentalism) to rally around one global demand (The Grand Imperative)—“Abolish Empire & Establish Earth Community!”—the Ultimate Goal. It succinctly synthesizes what we are against and what we are for in one short, six-word, uncomplicated yet all-encompassing sentence.

Within The SUM, is the Grand Unified Strategy (GUS) consisting of “Seven Strategic & Interdependent Initiatives for the Massive Mobilization of Civil Society.” 1) Create Counter-Institutions by assisting OWS through Bill Moyers’ Movement Action Plan (MAP). 2) Build Alternative Institutions by participating in the Transition Movement’s efforts of community resiliency through the revolutionary act of relocalization. 3) Create A Parallel Government cabinet, new President, Supreme Court and Congress consisting of 535 nationally elected citizen legislators that pledge to end the infinite growth paradigm and get money out of politics. 4) Convene A Second Constitutional Convention to propose new amendments, like The Second Bill of (Economic) Rights, draft a new Declaration of Re-Independence this time from the corporate tyranny of the economic oligarchy and a Common Ground Agenda for the people to publicly proclaim it on July 5, 2012, as the symbolic start of this nonviolent, non-cooperation Second American Revolution. 5) The Grand Ultimatum is publicly presented to launch a “Massive Mobilization of Civil Society” on the same day by “Drawing-A-Line-In-The-Sand,” once and for all, as our ultimate political leverage of government accountability through a “National Unifying Purpose” by creating a sense of urgency to accelerate all relocalization efforts in preparation for the possibility of a sustained, nationwide, general strike by November 5, 2012, (Guy Fawkes Day), and one day before the U.S. Presidential Election to unplug the machinery of the system, where our true, collective, people power lies. 6) The Cultural Creatives’ Convergence Quest (C3Q) is launch to promote a profound paradigm shift required to trigger a tipping point in this 50-project, 50-state, 5-month, cross-country, site-specific, outdoor, guerrilla art installations as a live Reality TV show of a change of consciousness campaign. When a critical mass is created and if the government still refuses to comply with the people’s last plea for comprehensive change than the greatest and most powerful unified mega-movement campaign of civil disobedience begins based on Gene Sharp’s methods of nonviolent action like: 7) The Nationwide General Strike that countdowns in a strategically staggered withdrawal of the system in the following proposed manner:

MON, NOV. 5, 2012—Day 1: SOCIAL Noncooperation (school strikes, boycott of sport events); TUES, NOV. 6—Day 2: POLITICAL Noncooperation (withdraw consent to demonstrate the illegitimacy of government authority by boycotting the U.S. Presidential Election); WED, NOV. 7—DAY 3: ECONOMIC Noncooperation (withholding of labor and non-essential services)—all done until the government complies with our demands or forced to relinquish their power in a peaceful political purge of Congress, the Presidency and the Supreme Court that finally commences the creation of Earth Community but in order to coalesce all of the fragmented alternatives into a unified vision we need to give it a name to solidify this new sub-culture and that underscores sustainability in a new post-carbon era, one suggestion is the
Society of the Third Millennium (S3K).

[email protected]


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