A Great Victory

We need to raise $50k to continue our legal battle.

Every human being has the unassailable right to seek, receive and impart information without hindrance.

This right, enshrined in Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, is something we at Adbusters have been fighting for since our inception. Our nonprofit organization, Adbusters Media Foundation, was born 20 years ago in response to censorship after numerous broadcasters refused to run our citizen-produced ads. Over the last two decades, our TV spots have been refused by networks all over the world. We have launched numerous legal actions in Canada against the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) and private broadcasters (notably CanWest Global), fighting for the right of citizens to walk into their local TV stations and buy airtime.

For 20 years we were knocked back at every stage: we were defeated in the lower courts and the Supreme Court of Canada refused to hear our appeals. But last April, we finally scored a great legal victory. In a unanimous decision, the British Columbia Court of Appeal overturned previous court rulings and concluded that television airtime may indeed constitute public space. This crucial ruling allows us to proceed with our groundbreaking case against media conglomerates.

In order to take our fight to the next stage, we need an immediate injection of funds. We are asking for donations from people all over the world who believe that information rights are the key to a flourishing democracy and are vital in navigating the dangerous times ahead.

To donate, please visit www.adbusters.org/donate ... or send a cheque to Adbusters Media Foundation ... or give us a call at 604-736-9401/1-800-663-1243 (toll-free in North America). As Adbusters magazine has subscribers in 20 countries around the world, we are also trying to get in touch with media lawyers in the US, Australia and the UK who are interested in launching Right To Communicate legal actions in their own countries.

If you have ideas, need more information or want to talk strategy, email kono [at] adbusters.org.

for the wild,

Kalle Lasn
Editor and Co-founder, Adbusters Media Foundation