Spain's indignados inspire Occupy.


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Spain was hit with a massive General Strike today that shut down shopping centers, roads and transportation hubs. Barricades of burning tires were erected in Barcelona, hundreds of airline flights were canceled across the nation, and an estimated 91% of all employees at large businesses stayed home or took the streets, according to El Pais.

Spain’s General Strike could not have come at a more significant moment from the perspective of the global people’s movement. As ROAR magazine points out, Spain’s General Strike was initially called for by the anarcho-syndicalist CNT union but it was ultimately a success because the call was taken up and powered by the youthful militancy of the indignados whose encampments across Spain in May, 2011 inspired #OCCUPYWALLSTREET. It was the tactical breakthrough of seizing a public square and holding horizontal, consensus-based assemblies that launched Occupy. And now, as the Occupy movement prepares for its own much anticipated General Strike on May 1, the indignados are again showing us the way.

Spain’s spectacular, large-scale and successful General Strike will have a profound influence on our own tactical thinking as our Spring offensive gathers momentum.

As ROAR magazine explains, this is a fight to the finish between the old world and the new: “with financial markets pushing the people to the brink of despair, popular support for radical action is rapidly being ramped up. Now that the indignados are preparing for a spring of discontent, culminating into a global day of action on May 12, a powerful sign is being given to those in power: as their system crumbles, our movement grows ever stronger.

Have a look at the pictures from today’s strike at and then discuss below what we can learn from all this.

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We live in a surreal infantile society.
The government will not listen to the people.
The country is not ready for "tough oil"; "extreme energy".
The country is not planning for life without oil.
I do not believe we would have the same
"Special Period" as Cuba did.


No, the enemy are the muslim terrorists. We're burning down the Forest to chase them out so we can kill them.

They want to convert the world to Islam because they hate our freedom.


Impact of the Trevon Martin case on OWS:

Whites enslave blacks and slavery only formally ends in the 1950s.

Response to civil rights was to kill the black leaders and labor leaders- US government is implicated.

Secondary response is to say as Nixon did "the blacks are the problem" and bring drugs into the inner cities so that black people can be criminalized and thrown into for-profit prisons.

Not unexpectedly the Rodney King case and the LA riots occur, not just from police violence as demonstrated in the OWS protests but from pent up economic and political oppression.

The response to the riots is to end welfare and end the safety net and to introduce the Patriot Act under color of 911, there was a motive to re-enter Iraq but the real motive for the 911 was probably the Patriot Act as a ten years in the making response to the LA riots and the projected cost of market growth economy globalism. How ironic that gated communities and space defense a recommendation by a USAF think tank on how to deal with collateral damage from globalism.

At the election of Obama we get Beer Gate and now the Martin killing.

Notice that the police did not touch the angry crowd that went through NY over the Martin killing when they beat up thousands of OWS protesters at a protest in NY that occured in promixity to the killing.

It seems that the Martin icase and the OWS issue are one and the same and there should be zero tollerance of police violence. Its the same problem. Notice Florida and NY and the Supreme court, its like a revisiting of the scenes of the crimes. Its no coincidence that 911 and the Wall Steet melt down occupied the same spot. Its Florida, the scene of the election and the police that are on trial in this case.

Now more than ever the OWS movement must destroy the austerity nonsense that the rich are pushing to cover their wantoness. Austerity means the rich socialize the cost of their gamblling and unconsciousness. They don't want to pay taxes for the resources their businesses using up societies resources, and they dont' want government that would stop their rent seeking and limit their totalitarianism in the work place. The basically want lawlessness as pertaines to them and limited opresssive government otherwise.


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