Spain's indignados inspire Occupy.


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Spain was hit with a massive General Strike today that shut down shopping centers, roads and transportation hubs. Barricades of burning tires were erected in Barcelona, hundreds of airline flights were canceled across the nation, and an estimated 91% of all employees at large businesses stayed home or took the streets, according to El Pais.

Spain’s General Strike could not have come at a more significant moment from the perspective of the global people’s movement. As ROAR magazine points out, Spain’s General Strike was initially called for by the anarcho-syndicalist CNT union but it was ultimately a success because the call was taken up and powered by the youthful militancy of the indignados whose encampments across Spain in May, 2011 inspired #OCCUPYWALLSTREET. It was the tactical breakthrough of seizing a public square and holding horizontal, consensus-based assemblies that launched Occupy. And now, as the Occupy movement prepares for its own much anticipated General Strike on May 1, the indignados are again showing us the way.

Spain’s spectacular, large-scale and successful General Strike will have a profound influence on our own tactical thinking as our Spring offensive gathers momentum.

As ROAR magazine explains, this is a fight to the finish between the old world and the new: “with financial markets pushing the people to the brink of despair, popular support for radical action is rapidly being ramped up. Now that the indignados are preparing for a spring of discontent, culminating into a global day of action on May 12, a powerful sign is being given to those in power: as their system crumbles, our movement grows ever stronger.

Have a look at the pictures from today’s strike at and then discuss below what we can learn from all this.

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World Revolution

Organizing the general strike here in Spain was by no means easy. Our collective efforts were met with great resistance, with the Government and corporate media constantly spreading messages like "People cannot afford to lose one day of wage in the current circumstances", "The Goverment will go on with the reforms no matter what", "In order to get out of the crisis to flexibilize labour conditions", "Excessive labour rights, the Welfare State indeed, are responsible for the crisis". Day after day the message was "There is nothing you can do", "We are all equally responsible for the crisis", "There are no alternatives to the laboral reform".

All this mainstream propaganda shows how scared the Government in fact was, how interested in the failure of the general strike. I bet corporate forces will do their best to stop a national worker and consumption strike on May 1st. Amazingly enough, people did not put up with those messages and the call for the general strike was a massive success. The energy consumption dropped down by 25% nationwide. Whole industries were completely paralized while millions took to the streets peacefully yesterday to defend our dignity and future and that of our children. The indignant popular assemblies were pivotal in calling for different social actors to join and unite forces. How is the situation in the US now? What are the perspectives for May 1st? We'd be happy to learn

one two three four!

Hopefully we'll see more Spaniards behave like Durruti otherwise its just another middle class protest, we'll see of course


The goal of revolutions is to get bashed.
I hate spanish catholics telling the people what is good for them !

Anonymous in WI

Power to the people! Showing us how it's done! Revolution, general strike, long overdue! Ahh so nice to contemplate this; Gracias! Me gusto!


There are only two types of work in this world:

Work that is supposed to stick around into the forseeable future,
Work whose sole purpose is to get rid of its own existence.

The military is of the second type. The problem is that they tend to forget this.


Since last winter, the Occupy Wall Street movement continues to build after violent evictions across the country. Now it's time to reclaim & fight to re-occupy either a public space or reconquer your foreclose property......

After our last Novembers eviction at LA City Hall Park. We should reclaim to re-occupy of what was lost. Not only just LA City Hall Park! But, at the heart of the financial district of LA like Pershing Square. The South & the East winds shall do the job of Occupying Pershing Square while the North & the West Winds should Occupy MacArthur Park for our Occupy festivities, concert & etc this May 1st General Strike depending on our numbers & outreach. If were not that big enough in numbers, no re-encampment shall be expected. Good Luck!.........

Occupy Wall Street! It's time to re-occupy this May 1st! If not on Zuccotti Park! Might as well be Union Square! Good Luck!.......

"I shall return....."
-Douglas MacArthur


During the spanish general strike on March 29 Anarchist Labor Unions CNT-AIT, CNT Catalunya and CGT in Barcelona organized their first joint rally since the division of the 80s. Over 50.000 workers participated. It is an important moment for the anarchist movement in Spain. Anarchist Labor Unions are getting stronger and are recovering workers support. The manifestation started from the same place where Columna Durruti was organized on 23 july 1936.


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