Flash Encampments

Occupy morphs into a new model!


Hey all you wild cats, do-gooders and steadfast rebels out there,

Our movement is living through a painful rebirth… “There has been a unfortunate consolidation of power in #OWS,” writes one founding Zuccotti. “This translates into ideological dominance and recurring lines of thought. We are facing a nauseating poverty of ideas.” Burned out, out of money, out of ideas… seduced by salaries, comfy offices, book deals, old lefty cash and minor celebrity status, some of the most prominent early heroes of our leaderless uprising are losing the edge that catalyzed last year’s one thousand encampments. Bit by bit, Occupy’s first generation is succumbing to an insidious institutionalization and ossification that could be fatal to our young spiritual insurrection unless we leap over it right now. Putting our movement back on track will take nothing short of a revolution within Occupy.

The new tone was set on Earth Day, April 22, in a suburb bordering Berkeley, California when a dozen occupiers quietly marched a small crowd to a tract of endangered urban agricultural land, cut through the locked fence and set up tents, kitchens and a people’s assembly. Acting autonomously under the banner of Occupy, without waiting for approval from any preexisting General Assembly, Occupy The Farm was notable for its sophisticated preplanning and careful execution — they even brought chickens — that offered a positive vision for the future and engendered broad community support. While encampments across the world were unable to re-establish themselves on May Day, this small cadre of farm occupiers boldly maintained their inspiring occupation for nearly four weeks.

In Minneapolis, a core of occupiers have launched an Occupy Homes campaign that is unique for its edgy tenacity. “What is unusual, in fact utterly unprecedented, is the level of aggression and defiance of the law by these activists,” a spokesperson for Freddie Mac, a U.S. corporation that trades in mortgages, told a local paper. “Over the past week … the city has tossed out protesters and boarded up the house, only to see the demonstrators peel back the boards and use chains, concrete-filled barrels and other obstacles to make it more difficult to carry them away,” the article reports. Last Friday, police were so desperate to prevent a re-occupation of the foreclosed home that they surrounded the house with “30 Minneapolis police officers with batons” and “over two dozen marked and undercover squad cars and a paddy wagon.” Occupiers responded by laughing and signing songs… joyous in their struggle to elevate the home into an symbol of democratic resistance to the banks.

In its own sweet way, our movement is now moving beyond the Zuccotti model and developing a tactical imperative of its own: Small groups of fired up second generation occupiers acting independently, swiftly and tenaciously pulling off myriad visceral local actions, disrupting capitalist business-as-usual across the globe.

The next big bang to capture the world’s imagination could come not from a thousand encampments but from a hundred thousand ephemeral jams… a global cascade of flash encampments may well be what this hot Summer will look like.

Meanwhile, tents are up once again in Tahrir Square and youth from Quebec to Auckland to Moscow to Oakland are rising up against a future that does not compute.

Stay loose, play jazz, keep the faith … Capitalism is crashing and our movement has just begun.

for the wild,
Culture Jammers HQ / Tactical Briefing #34

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Nothing will change until we run the money changers out of control and take back our captured government. Currently, we are being ruled by TechnoTrash. The elections, as they stand now, are useless. I'll be surprised if Scott Walker's position is not preserved by the One Percent. It is imperative to them that the people feel powerless. They will announce a Walker win and figure out the lies later.

I hope to hell this can be stopped.


Occupy is the first movement in a long time to actually have a pulse. Other movements were cleverly and ruthlessly turned into zombies by the 1%.

Occupy is going to grow only because the numbers of people with nothing left to lose are going to swell.

What Occupy needs to understand is that this isn't a mere economic injustice. The entire life-support system on earth is being savaged by industrial civilization. Call it overshoot, call it obscene consumption, call it overpopulation.

Our species is in peril, well beyond personal debt. So wake the f*** up, Occupy.

Oh, and seizing gardens isn't going to work as long as we continue and even increase the burning of fuel for energy-intensive life-styles. Invisible toxins are killing vegetation. Annual crop yield and quality is impaired, trees are dying and entire forests are in decline.

A real revolution, a global understanding, that we must reduce our numbers and our consumer fetish, is the only thing that matters. It's probably too late but trying would be noble.

Read about the damage ozone is doing to life here:

Katie B

Yep, and in order to stop increasing our use of fuel and increasing our destruction of the environment, we need to put the breaks on economic growth and develop an economic system that doesn't require infinite growth, as capitalism does. This is a surprisingly hard pill for many people to swallow even though it doesn't take a genius to figure out why infinite growth on a finite planet with finite resources is impossible. When you exist within a constrained system, you can only grow up to a certain point and we have clearly reached those natural limits. So, no it's not just about economic injustice, but the root cause of all our problems is economics because capitalism requires constant growth and constantly increasing consumption levels.


If we put most or all of the money currently going to the military and prison industrial complexes into serious space exploration and colonization research, then and only then might infinite growth (in an infinite universe, not a finite biosphere) be tenable.

It's not a matter of go big or go home... it's go big or NO home.

"We're a virus with shoes."

-- Bill Hicks


Until we can sort out problems, on earth, a Star Trek would be of little use. To explore new worlds - and destroy them?


yah, Walker was bailed by the 1%. They mean biznz. Sorry couldn not avoid a pun, even now.

Re the WI failed election: According to RT: " However, the recall election easily became the state’s most expensive vote, with over $66 million spent as of May 21.

The spending splurge by both candidates on various campaign ads clearly indicated a neck-in-neck race. Although Democrats spent millions ..., Republicans outspent them by a large margin, as they see the race as part of a greater agenda. The GOP is hoping a Republican victory will help presumptive nominee Mitt Romney become the first Republican nominee to carry the state since Ronald Reagan in 1984. "

Think about this as Ohio now has a new anti-union law, Shell is allowed to plow into the Arctic by a sold out judge, HB 4089 aims to put roads into the wilderness, blah blah blah let me count the ways. Occupy + Anons must continue and deeper. Continue and deeper.


In Cambridge Mass. some occupiers are organizing a real campaign for State Representative on a budget of $0.00. So far they've collected almost 200 donations in the amount of $0.00 each! See


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