Facebook's Final #ZUCKUP

Let the exodus from the social network begin.

Ever since Facebook became an indispensable aspect of our lives, there has been a growing sense of foreboding that something is not quite right, a premonition that eventually we would need to make a total break with the site. In recent weeks, however, the importance of the social network for fomenting insurrections abroad has led many of us to conclude that Facebook was on the verge of transcending its narrow commercial concerns, that it was on the brink of elevating itself into a neutral platform for social revolution. Yesterday, our hopes were finally dashed.

On March 29, Facebook callously deleted the organizing page for the Third Intifada, a call for a Palestinian popular uprising to shake off Israel's brutal occupation that had over 200,000 supporters. The Third Intifada's Twitter and Google-owned YouTube pages still exist. Facebook's act of suppression is an unforgivable #ZUCKUP, may it be the last.

The first major #ZUCKUP was the commercialization of friendship. The second disturbing #ZUCKUP was the remorseless pursuit of privacy-invasive technologies. The third #ZUCKUP, the one that will be remembered as the final nail in Facebook's coffin, is the cynical attempt to stand in the way of history by blocking the people's worldwide movement toward self-governance and democracy.

Let us now kill Facebook with this #ZUCKUP campaign. Pull your allegiance, delete your account and watch for the day that Facebook implodes spectacularly.

In committing communal Facebook suicide, we will open up the possibility of new activist innovations, improved social apps for revolt, fresh perspectives on how to turn online passion into real world action.