The Die Hard Occupants

Holding the ground till crocuses bloom next Spring.
The Die Hard Occupants

The Eighth Day

In Auckland. In London. In Newfoundland. In Austin, Boulder, Delaware, Buffalo and DC, they’re hanging in there against all odds, defending sacred ground for what will surely be the magical soil of Spring. As we indoors continue brainstorming, networking and tactical planning for the actions to come, lets take a moment to celebrate those inspirational die hards hanging in there through Winter. Our hearts go out to you … you are our heroes … we are in awe of your resolve.

Here is a message from Occupy Newfoundland, Canada's last-standing encampment:

Day 83. We have survived critique from politicians, citizens and media. Been pelted with rain, sleet and snowstorms. Endured the cold, damp and windy conditions that only the turbulent Atlantic Ocean can offer. We have tolerated and embraced the difference of opinion on the major issues we as people and as a society are now facing, for we believe only dialogue and communication without violence is the key to our success. Occupy has more to do with becoming engaged in your community, city, country and own personal ambitions and beliefs than it does with Occupying a park or a tent. It’s the reflection of the desire and hope inside the people of this planet. This is why we remain, this is why we will persevere … Occupy Newfoundland/Everywhere 2012 and beyond.

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erik reichenbach

I live in Ann Arbor, MI, and the occupy movement here has really died out, which is a shame. I wanted to participate but the movement fell to pieces before it even got started. Ann Arbor is a perfect political climate for a great deal of occupiers due to its relaxed laws on loitering and camping out in public spaces. It could really be a prime locale to Occupy.


I used to live in Ann Arbor and I always assumed it would be an awesome Occupy situation. Not a lot of cool political conversations happening between people there, though. It's a shame. First we have to start talking about politics, creating what is cool in the process, then come up with ideas that aren't handed down to us from the media, then we pressure politicians to adopt those ideas. First, we have to start talking about politics.


yup, missing the point completely. I noticed you never mentioned Newfoundland; one of the hardest places to Occupy during January. Keep being focused on Auckland.


Occupy for what?
What is the purpose?
What are our demands?
What are we trying to accomplish?
I see lot of problems with the present economic order, but the OCCUPY movement - at least on Adbusters - rambles and lapses into verbal flourishes with no apparent focus.
Is it possible that Adbusters is trying to kill the movement by silly talk?


I love saying this to people: If you have to ask, you will never know, because I never had to ask for the answers and I know what's happening, regardless.


love from newfoundland!

the bys have been doing a great job, and the occupation is actually very supported by a few local politicians and groups. i await spring with anxiety and hope.


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