The Die Hard Occupants

Holding the ground till crocuses bloom next Spring.
The Die Hard Occupants

The Eighth Day

In Auckland. In London. In Newfoundland. In Austin, Boulder, Delaware, Buffalo and DC, they’re hanging in there against all odds, defending sacred ground for what will surely be the magical soil of Spring. As we indoors continue brainstorming, networking and tactical planning for the actions to come, lets take a moment to celebrate those inspirational die hards hanging in there through Winter. Our hearts go out to you … you are our heroes … we are in awe of your resolve.

Here is a message from Occupy Newfoundland, Canada's last-standing encampment:

Day 83. We have survived critique from politicians, citizens and media. Been pelted with rain, sleet and snowstorms. Endured the cold, damp and windy conditions that only the turbulent Atlantic Ocean can offer. We have tolerated and embraced the difference of opinion on the major issues we as people and as a society are now facing, for we believe only dialogue and communication without violence is the key to our success. Occupy has more to do with becoming engaged in your community, city, country and own personal ambitions and beliefs than it does with Occupying a park or a tent. It’s the reflection of the desire and hope inside the people of this planet. This is why we remain, this is why we will persevere … Occupy Newfoundland/Everywhere 2012 and beyond.

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You cannot justify the horrors that Jews, gypsy's and other humans went through during the holocaust with out feeling like a teenage mutant ninja turtle and no pizza; STATES ARE HORRIBLE PLACES THAT SMELL LITTLE CHILDREN'S BIKE SEATS.



My greatest concern is that the government may use OWS to expand the rationalization of use of a militant force, in order to "keep order" as a natural reaction. Which those trying to control everything right now want. Which means, the more critical mass you gain that is concentrated, the more likely that is to happen. As long as they "don't consider you a threat" and others "do not" and you are just peaceful on your own, they have no justification to say "there is a need" for more authority or to have "eyes" on you.

The scariest thing to me out there is the whole concept of the "lone wolf". This is the ultimate expanse of big brother authority because they are treating you as if you are a potential criminal before you've even done anything at all under the 'guise of "National Security". To me that invites voyeurism and corruption of a power in a terrible way. The governments definition of what "Terrorism" is, is extremely broad where they use words like "cohercion" or "intimidation" but what exactly is considered "coercive" or "intimidation" in the eyes of the law? And I don't think making people "more paranoid" about the government s"Intrusion" into their everyday lives is going to help the sentiment overall towards trusting the government and understandably.

I mean, I have been intimidated by strongly political people who don't agree with my political opinion but am I going to call them out as terrorists just for being obnoxious? Or would I define them more as annoyingly pushy and controlling people who are motivated to harass others based on their own personal fears, feelings of entitlement, non-acceptance of others or want for personal power?
I think the "definition of what terrorism "is" and "is not" needs serious clarification.


I find it terribly sad that our own government in a way has aided the "fear" that the terrorists have caused.
The American People are not the enemy and should not be treated as such. Much discontent with the American People lies with feeling like our own government has sicked itself on us rather than the actual terrorists, or am I wrong?


2012 all eyes should be on Mexico for the elections and what must be the end of the Calderon government.

KJM Tech Newfou...

Hello folks, I'm Kenny Murray ( we have two kenny's here... ) and I provide The Technical Support For Occupy Newfoundland's Remote Data Connectivity Computing Requirements. I have recently installed Telephone Service (dialtone) for use of those within the group who are located at Harbourside Park, in the Metro St. John's area. Feel free to call the folks down there, im sure they would like to hear from others. if you are afraid of long distance charges chewing up your dime, have no fear, I have a solution for that also. You can simply call (709)700-1784 and provide your name and number and we will return a call to you ( on our dime ). You can also just send a message through the Blog or Facebook. Please note: we have support for International Direct Inward Dialing, however outbound calls from the park are limited to Canada and USA at this time only. if there are any internationals who wish to speak with us via telephone, just leave a message and I will provide specific instructions per country region where applicable. Best wishes to everyone from Occupy Newfoundland. ( ) - k j m


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