Battle for the Soul of Occupy

Round #5 - Will MoveOn knock us out?

As we prepare for the May uprising, two power centers of our movement have announced plans for a spectacular bi-coastal May 1st bridge blockade. On the West Coast, Occupy Oakland and Occupy San Francisco are planning rush hour disruptions on the Golden Gate Bridge while in New York City, occupiers say they will block one or more Manhattan-bound bridges. These acts of nonviolent direct action will set the tactical tone for the next phase of Occupy: they signal the turn towards Strike actions aimed at disrupting the flow of money. And, on a deeper level, these blockades come at a pivotal moment for Occupy as the movement grapples with a battle for its soul.

The question many occupiers are debating is whether the spirit and voice of Occupy will stay with the new left horizontals who launched the uprising or whether it will move towards MoveOn’s 99% Spring, and their old left buddies at The Nation magazine, Ben & Jerry’s, et al.

For the first most spectacular days of Occupy – such as on September 24 when eighty Zuccottis were arrested and shocking footage of women getting maced was replayed on national television – MoveOn ignored our movement. They decided to jump on board much later when 700 nonviolent occupiers were arrested on the Brooklyn Bridge. They saw this mass arrest as an opportunity to fold Occupy into their electoral Rebuild the Dream campaign to bolster Obama. At a time when Occupy was inspiring hundreds of thousands of people across the nation to take the squares, set up leaderless encampments and reinvent democracy in people’s assemblies, MoveOn held an October 5 online “Virtual March on Wall Street” with their friends at Rebuild the Dream.

At the peak of Occupy, when the people’s movement had catalyzed a global day of action on October 15 that saw millions of us in 82 countries rally in financial districts and capital cities for real democracy, MoveOn tried to cash in on Occupy’s momentum with a donation pitch. “We have to capitalize on this momentum now,” wrote MoveOn in an email to its members. “Can you chip in $5?”

And now, MoveOn wants to hijack our movement with their 99% Spring.

MoveOn is an existential threat to our movement because they don’t have a revolutionary bone in their body … if we give these clicktivists any more room then they will pull off a managed cooling of our revolutionary fervor … they will neuter the kind of bold, militant nonviolent direct actions that are the key to the next phase of our movement. Don’t let them do it!

Jump, jump, jump over the dead body of the old left!

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You should donate all your savings to the food fund, so they can eat at an establishment more to your liking. Yawn.


I believe Occupy is the soul of the movement. The others are it's tools to accomplish what needs to get done. I guess we might have a vanity problem. Occupy is the heart,mind , all the rest are behind the scenes doing the work that is envisioned by Occupy. You show the world the soul of the movement with the protests. I believe that most of the organizations are truly trying to help, of course some will be infiltrators, but I believe we wish to attract the hearts and minds of the many for such a great cause. I believe that your call to action resonated in the US by way of it's citizens wakening to the understanding of the corporate fascism that has taken over our govt. Our govt. was not intended to be controlled by a cabel of criminals plundering nations and it's citizens, not to mention their own citizens with manipulated. laws designed to extract everything it can for profit to itself and it"s allies. I believe that this call to action has impressed upon us citizens to repair the damage done to us and the world by regaining the Republic of the United States by gaining individual and state sovereignty from the United States Corporation. Once dione we can regain the military and bring them to justice. If you try hard enough, you can see the arrests have started in the corrupt banking firms. This is just the beginning and this has been the greatest financial corruption theft in the history of the world .. plotted around 1973 by what is sometimes called the 4th riech which, without occupy, might have completed it's goal.
So I see no reason to ever question Occupy being the Soul of mother earths cries.. ~gdf


All they want is to keep us out of the streets and behind our computers arguing. The attempt to water down, to divide and pit us against each other is as old as time.
The main thing is to keep up the disobedience and shut down the machinery of the 1%.
They can call it whatever they want in their propaganda rags as long as we keep throwing monkey wrenches in their cogs.


Good point. If you serve the elite or are arguing for their control over anything , large or small, you are not an Occupier in any way shape or form.


I’m really getting tired of this dumbass bitching about the evil “xyz” co-opting the Occupy movement.

Our Occupy started with over 4000 Americans from all walks of life and all political persuasions. All seeing the injustice, all seeing we ALL need to work together to solve this problem. It was awesome. The things we accomplished were amazing. We had cities bending over to accommodate us.

But then slowly the anarchists started to get butt hurt when Joe who had a political affiliation did something great. Oh no, he’s trying to co-opt the occupy movement! Nail him to the cross, hurry! What, Mary got these wonderful donations, she’s secretly trying to co-opt the occupy movement, out with her.

Our GA’s turned into a joke. The Anarchists would start with “Does it bother anyone that (insert name of evil "not an Anarchist" here) is trying to co-opt the movement because they (insert something neat they did to help Occupy)?” Well, get ready for a 4 hour GA loaded with stupidity where we all get to freeze out asses off. We’d try to talk things through, and again, the Anarchists when others were talking would be doing their famous pee-pee dance waving their hands around like they had Tourette’s syndrome.

All this crap turned people off. We went from 4000 unified and motivated Americans working together to 6 months later 20 homeless Anarchists that wouldn’t get off their butt to hold a protest sign.

And you’re worried about Move-on? If you’re going to worry about a political group, number 1 target is the Republican Party and their 1% sponsors. I hate to break it to you, but the people driving by our Occupy yelling “Fuck You” and death threats were Republicans not MoveOn people.

Either this is an inclusive American movement, and by extension People of the Planet Earth movement, or a Anarchist’s movement? Which? Can’t be both. Choose


Okay, I'll explain it to you in simple words. The Democratic party and Obama are owned and operated by the financial elite, also know as, the one percent and WALL STREET. To merge with an organization that seeks to install Obama is surrendering the core oppositional component of the movement and reinstating the zombie voter expectation, thus bringing us right back to believing in a false two party system that always and without fail does the bidding of the one percent.

Any questions?


It's not a movement for those still too stupid to understand that voting for Obama or Romney is signing your own economic suicide note.

Those people can stand aside and ponder how to take their heads out of their ass.


You're a ********! My grandparents fought for my right to vote and voting is not the problem...How the hell is not voting going to make a grand statement??? Explain that to me. It isn''s just going to let the worst man for the job win and take us all into the crapper...There is a judgeship up and you want to throw it all away for some idealogical fantasy that not voting will make some kind of statement?! Yeah, It will make the statement that you are willing to take a chance and throw democracy away and let the fascist take over.
The founders of our country wouldn't want us to give up on democracy that easy...First we Vote and then we Fight!!!!
LOL and what the f* are you referring to when you say voting is signing an economic suicide note??? How old are you? You are the reason that the tiny groups of occupiers are standing around...rather sitting around wondering where everyone went.
We left because you all think you have all the answers and are not willing to move past the upcoming election and voting and build something else. Your too focused on proving your idealogy is right than listening to others who may know a thing or two that you don't.
I don't care if you vote or not and I'm not going to judge you because of quit shoving your apathetic choices in my face!!!
Economic suicide cannot occur.


In case you hadn't noticed, half the country doesn't vote, only the swing states matter, the fascists are already in charge, the country is already in the crapper, and you live in a police state. I don't care whether you vote or not, neither does occupy, or adbusters. Just go to the mall and don't worry your tiny, old mind about Occupy and your fictional issue with Occupy's inclusiveness or exclusivity.


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