David and Goliath in the Tar Sands

Communities prepare to rise up, but they can't do it alone.


For every barrel of bitumen that comes out of the ground in Northern Alberta, Canada, another 1.5 barrels of toxic waste is created and dumped into tailings ponds that are carved out of the once pristine wilderness. That waste may now be leaking into the Athabasca river Delta, poisoning indigenous communities for hundreds of kilometers downstream and causing rare cancers once unheard of. The Alberta government and its industry-funded studies say every thing is okay with the water. Independent observers say otherwise. Watch as Al Jazeera uncovers how industry and government are working to silence dissent and how communities are beginning to fight back.

Witness: To the Last Drop - Part 1

Witness: To the Last Drop - Part 2


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David Rudolf

Exploiting is the Supermacy...

New Imperium, New Damage Emporium...

Last but not least, Conservancy 4 Mitigation B4 Calamity...


Nature is going to respond.....heavily back....tsunami's....tropical weather....typhoons....floods....volcano erruptions....earthquakes....and ultimately a new ice age is coming....just don't be there....Φαψεβοοκ.


It all sounds greek to me, Greece has already experienced its burnup, therefore they know what they are talking about, when "evil kings" rob the world and then try to cover it up, it not just nature that is responding, no it is "GOD HIMSELF" and the earth, that conspire against those who claim they can "secretly cut the throat" of the indiginous people in the Amazon Forest and then claim that GREED IS GOOD, because it gives them logging rights in lands that clearly are "not theirs" to take, and now that the international community is starting to wake up to the fact that we need "forests" in order to breathe clean air, and we need a "replenishing of the atmosphere" with oxygen because evil kings "burn all that fossil fuel" that took supposedly thousands of years perhaps even millions based on their "popular theories" to form, will it also "take thousands of years" to scrub all that excess CO2 out of our atmosphere or will we have to "use scrubbers" to bind that CO2 with a weak lye, like Ca0 in order to bind it into CaCO3 or limestone, think of the possible use for them, we could work that into marble and then build more public buildings with that marble and how convenient that acid rain would wash it all out, thereby making it possible to "consistently mine" that source of lime stone in order to generate all the marble we need to "satisfy all the needs for both public and private buildings"

Imagine the advertisement, life from the dead, meaning we now no longer pollute the environment with CO2 instead we build our way into "clean atmosphere" with limestone generated from thermal coal plants, that are "readjusted" to scrub 99.9% of all CO2 and SO2 of course as well out of the atmosphere so that

We no longer pollute our environment but instead "make it pretty" with "natural artificial limestone" whose carbon dioxide will only be released after hydrocloric acid is poured on it!

How is that for "capturing carbon emissions"?


what will this really work - you've piqued my interest,,, I am planning to research more on this - so romantic an idea that it;s not end game;)


What we have here is a failure to communicate.

Ayn Rand's - "Enlighened Self Interest ---> Alan Greenspan ---> Goldman Sachs ---> 2007 Crisis
Milton Friedman's ---> "Free Market Fundamentalism" ---> Regulation by the Richest
Garrett Hardin's ---> "Tragedy of the Commons" ---> Standard Oily Practices
James Lovelock ---> "Gaia Theory" ---> Earth Systems Theory (yes; man can kill the world)
James Hansen ---> "IPCC Report on Climate" ---> (yes; we're screwing up the global ecology)
Naomi Oreskes ---> "Merchants of Doubt" ---> Scientific Defectivism (and we're lying to ourselves)

Des Cartes offered an alternative to dogma, observation and rational explanation.
Martin Luther gave notice to the Church that change was required.
The Magna Carta required the King to acknowledge the courts and common law.
Revolution (American & French) brought new theories of governance to the world

Will the world allow corporate business as usual continue to wreak havoc on the global environment?


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