Climate Whistle Blower Outed

Peter Gleick: the politics of deceiving the deceiver.


The leaked Heartland Institute documents proved what most people know to be true anyway – that mainstream climate deniers are secretly funded by industry and will stoop to any level to fight science with spin – even brainwashing children through the k-12 curriculum. As one of the world’s leading climate denial thinktanks, the expose is a serious blow to the objective credibility Heartland claims to have. The whistleblower, environmental analyst Peter Gleick, identified himself a few days ago serving both to confirm the authenticity of the documents and to shift the narrative of the controversy.

But instead of being lauded as a public hero for uncovering the coordinated plot to undermine scientific truth with ideology, he’s being publically shamed by colleagues and critics alike for the deceptive methods he used to obtain the confidential sources – a fake name. He’s been lambasted in the press, threatened with legal action and has even penned a personal apology saying “I deeply regret my own actions in this case. I offer my personal apologies to all those affected.”

Gleick also added that his actions reflected “a serious lapse of my own and professional judgment and ethics,” in case the recantation above isn’t enough for those looking to carve him up.

New York Times author Andrew C. Revkin editorialized that Gleick’s “reputation is in ruins.” The Guardian’s Bob Ward wrote: “acts of deception cannot be condoned” – not those of Heartland, but Gleick.

Is everyone so afraid of climate change deniers, so inundated with the neo-classical even-playing-field ethos between the billionaires who support climate denial and the plebes who write the science, that they’ll turn on a whistleblower to avoid their wrath?

Those who condemn Gleick have drunk too much of the mainstream paradigm. Take a deep breath. Exhale the program and call it what it is. A deceiver was deceived – Heartland was beat at their own game. We should applaud the whistleblower, not hang him out to dry. If we had a hundred more like Gleick we might not be facing the current climate catastrophe we now face.

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Lee Mulcahy PhD

In 1948, Sartre correctly ascertained he was to be attacked by both sides in the Cold War, he wrote that it only proved he was "very clumsy", or that he is on the right road, or as Slovaj Zizek terms it: "the path of fidelity to freedom.

I live in Aspen, a company town, and am banned from 1/2 my town including National Forest and the City of Aspen owned property, leased by the Aspen Art Museum [which partners with the Aspen Ski Company, the economic engine of our valley. From the net:

Michelle Obama is off on her 16th vacation in 3 years this time to a luxury ski resort owned by Jim and Paula Crown, wealthy democratic donors who own a huge % of JP Morgan Chase and General Dynamics, who just happen to come from Chicago. But, wait–there’s more:

The Crowns own the Aspen Skiing Company, known locally as The Skico, which has been involved in a labor dispute with Lee Mulcahy, a former ski instructor who was fired he says for criticizing the disparity between what the Skico pays its instructors ($69 a day) and the cost of a day long lesson ($625). Mulcahy, who took his complaint to the National Labor Relations Board, pointed out that he was merely asking for a living wage, something he argues the Crowns already support through their philanthropy to organizations that back a living wage. (Shia Kapos, “Aspen’s have-nots hurl challenge at Crowns,” Crain’s Chicago Business, January 24, 2011)

In May 2010, Mulcahy wrote a letter to a local newspaper questioning Skico’s corporate mentality of “the customer is always right, no matter when they are wrong” and gave the example of a private shuttle that wouldn’t offer a ride to skiers at public bus stops on a snow day because he was concerned his well-to-do customers would complain. Though Mulcahy stressed he was lucky to work for Skico repeatedly, he found himself fired. According to the Chicago Tribune, Mulcahy maintains it was in retaliation for voicing his opinion and for sending emails to fellow instructors about living wages and discussing unionization. He filed with the National Labor Relations Board. (Alejandra Cancino, “Speaking out in Aspen snowballs into lawsuit,” Chicago Tribune, December 12, 2010). Alas, Mulcahy ultimately lost his NRLB fight last June, but not before the NRLB required Skico to end its policy barring communication between instructors on personal email accounts about wages, benefits, work conditions and unions. (Scott Condon, “Aspen Skiing Co., Mulcahy end bitter feud–for now, The Aspen Times, July 1, 2011.)


I had tears in my eyes reading this. An instructor gets $69 per day to teach people to ski. his position was that the employer was making too much compared to him, so he was then justified in complaining to other instructors and trying to organise a union?

And he wondered why he was fired.

Tears of laughter.


One of the most effective explanatory videos I've seen yet is about "The Cost of Oil" by Garth Lenz and the fact that people are eating carcinogenic fish. They know they are carcinogenic and they warn the people that come there that they are, and yet they feed this to their families.

What I wish he would have added to this video at the end is where people could make the difference through activist websites like Though I need to check and see how valid is...
So if anyone knows legit people that fight for the tar sands let me know...

Please Educate People so that they can decide to make a difference.

Let's work together. Lend your good hearts. Lend your bodies. Lend the information and keep learning. Know that when you stand for this, you speak for the life of everyone. Everyone on earth.
For this you should feel good. Let your care show not through your tiredness or frustration (as we are sometimes apt to do) but through an insistence on the good that is felt from doing what is right. Allow other people to feel the good you feel when you make a difference. Though smiling faces and through great stories. Let what they are "missing out on" hit them.

Instead of putting here all that is wrong. Why don't we talk about where we see the good! Why don't we start giving people the info to act for good! And how the actions make a difference! And why don't we thank them for doing the job that they do, so they can feel the appreciation and the love that they deserve for caring about other people returned to them.

When good is strong it gets even better! When love is strong it gets even better.

You can't put out a fire with fire. It only spreads. You put out a fire with water.
And when you carry water, yeah it's heavy. So build some muscle.


In response to the person who asked how to help. You could support Circle of Blue (it is a kind of waterwatch org. concerning the whole Pacific) of which Peter Gleik is the head. . Not sure if this email address will work
Circle of Blue . if you want to congratulate him.
The webesite is interesting as well.

Hug a Climate Scientist was going around last at the National University in Canberra. Maybe we should bring it back. All our scientists are under threat. Endangered species,

Let's at least give them a vote of thanks!


Thank you!
Aussie huh? :)
Why do you say scientists are under threat?
I'd like to thank any scientist that cares enough about the planet and that isn't doing the wonky experiments.
Forgive me for saying that but as with any field there are some projects you just go "Now why do we need that?" Maybe it just wasn't explained to me correctly...

I certainly don't know enough about climatology to question any scientists data or article put out.
So I'm not out to say, who is right or wrong. Qualified or unqualified.
I respect that climatology and those that observe it is important.

The weather here has been strange. The other day it was bizarre enough to catch my attention because it couldn't seem to decide what it wanted. When mother nature doesn't know what to do with herself, look out. She could go either way and it doesn't take long for her to change.


This isn't really a question of whether the ends justify the means. It is more a matter of fighting fire with fire.

The Heartland Institute falsely claimed that climate change was an unproven controversial claim and falsely claimed that their climate change denials were based upon science. Even their name is a false flag.

Peter Gleick used social engineering to go phishing for the facts about the Heartland Institute. Now he's lost his job for exposing his critics as a fraud.


The united fates supreme court has ruled that police are legally able to use deceit during the interrogation of suspects... If we accept this as the 'law the land', then there is no reason Gleick or any other 'whistle blower' should be vilified for tricking such despicable groups (as Heartland Institute), or anyone else into revealing the truth.

He's just another messenger in the cross-hairs of the Prevarication Rumor mongering professionals. It's another public lynching

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