Chris Hedges

Occupy will be back!


From Wisconsin to Cairo and Zuccotti to Athens, our global movement is confronting a concerted counter-revolution.

It is easy to lose hope but we can be confident that our uprising will grow bolder, writes Chris Hedges in a passionate new blast, because the underlying sociohistoric and psychoeconomic forces that propelled the people’s insurrection of 2011 are still unresolved… and can only be resolved by our global people’s uprising for real democracy. This is the situation according to Hedges:

In every conflict, insurgency, uprising and revolution I have covered as a foreign correspondent, the power elite used periods of dormancy, lulls and setbacks to write off the opposition. This is why obituaries for the Occupy movement are in vogue. And this is why the next groundswell of popular protest—and there will be one—will be labeled as “unexpected,” a “shock” and a “surprise.” The television pundits and talking heads, the columnists and academics who declare the movement dead are as out of touch with reality now as they were on Sept. 17 when New York City’s Zuccotti Park was occupied…

Our dying corporate class, corrupt, engorged on obscene profits and indifferent to human suffering, is the guarantee that the mass movement will expand and flourish. No one knows when. No one knows how. The future movement may not resemble Occupy. It may not even bear the name Occupy. But it will come. I have seen this before. And we should use this time to prepare, to educate ourselves about the best ways to fight back, to learn from our mistakes, as many Occupiers are doing in New York, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia and other cities. There are dark and turbulent days ahead. There are powerful and frightening forces of hate, backed by corporate money, that will seek to hijack public rage and frustration to create a culture of fear. It is not certain we will win. But it is certain this is not over…

Check out the rest of Chris Hedges’ mindbomb at Truthdig.

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Occupiers. When will you wake up to being used? So sad to watch a movement that was 100% planned be sold as something organic. We need a real movement, not this.


Did you know that the Hebrew word for sin and debt is the same? So when Jesus died for "your sins" he literally died for "your debts" because society couldn't stand to see a free man?

It seems like alot of the hypocrites leading the Church these days have forgotten some basic truths about Jesus- like the fact that his followers all shared their money, kinda like socialists...

It seems like a civic duty - especially in an election year - to remind them that we are all going to die for their sins if they don't get their priorities straight.

If you're really feeling the love, flash them a peace sign- two fingers declaring victory for two people - you and Jesus. Personally I like to dedicate the middle finger to Jesus because I think he earned it.


One should not trust a people who use a language that equates moral failure or offense to God with owing money.


I agree with Chris Hedges. OWS will be back despite the May Day dissappointment. The Second Phase of OWS was anticlimatic because it resorted to traditional and momemtary disruptions of power elite's meetings like NATO in Chicago and Camp David--both with no lasting impact. As a Gen X Guerrilla Artist and Activist, our watershed moment was the Battle In Seattle that launched the "Anti-Corporate Globalization Movement." We too, tried to repeat our fleeting breakthrough by trying to disrupt the subsequent WTO meetings and the 2000 RNC and DNC with a street riot in Los Angeles when Rage Against The Machine played outdoors near the Staples Center where Democratic Vice-President Al Gore accepted his nomination. Let's hope Millennials within Occupy listen and learn from OWS Gen Xers. This is why the Third Phase of OWS needs to be the upcoming National Occupy Gathering convening on June 30-July 4 at the Philedelphia Independence Mall to resolve the issues that has beem impeding the movement from going forward: Cohesive Vision, Coherent Strategy, Broad Demands that does not exclude, Principles for a New Society, Common Code of Conduct, etc... I am dissappointed that ADBUSTERS has not promoted it since it has been approved by over 84 Occupy Groups. Nevertheless, I would like to begin the process for profound philosophical debate with fellow culture jammers with my contribution below. I hope to see you all in Philidelphia. Long Live OccupY!

Suggested Next Steps For OWS To Stir The Debate For New Ideas At The National Gathering

Proposed By Zevin X. Cruz

The following is an integral approach to art, activ¬ism and fundamental social change partially co-created as a formerly active participant of Occupy Wall Street (OWS), the Transition Movement and the Ron Paul Libertarian faction of the Tea Party. This groundbreaking strategy has been in the works for at least 12 years since the 1999 “The Battle In Seattle”—the trigger event of the Economic Justice / Anti-Corporate Globalization Movement—which has its modern roots to Martin Luther King’s 1968 Poor People’s Campaign. It offers what’s been missing from activism for decades—A NEW FOUNDATIONAL FRAMEWORK called “The SUM: The Ten Philosophical Pillars of Neo-Transcendentalism” featured in the upcoming book, THE GRAND SYNTHESIS (Version 0.1—Introduction): The New Millennium Manifesto For The Next Phases Of The Cultural Creatives’ Convergence Of Occupy Wall Street & The Transition Movement,” that includes some of the following: 1) Integral Theory of Activism (The Grand Continuum Theory of Evolutionary Transformation); 2) Cohesive Vision (The Society of the Third Millennium) to forge a new collective identify and solidify the Cultural Creatives’/New Progressives’ sub-culture; 3) Coherent Action Plan (The Grand Unified Strategy) that can be immediately implemented; 4) National Unifying Purpose (NUP) (The Grand Ultimatum) that lays down the gauntlet for fundamental social change to our entire society; 5) A New Future Narrative to live by like David Korten’s “The Great Turning: From Empire To Earth Community,” Ken Wilber’s “Integral Vision” and Jeremy Rifkin’s The Empathic Civilization & The Third Industrial Revolution for a Sustainable, Post-Carbon, Democratization of Energy Through An Integral/Biosphere Consciousness For The Creation of The Hydrogen Economy. All leading us to rally around 6) One Global Demand (The Grand Imperative or TGI)—“Abolish Empire & Establish Earth Community!”—serving as 7) The Ultimate Goal. TGI synthesizes what we are against and what we are for in one short, six-word, uncomplicated, yet all-encompassing sentence that is big enough to encapsulate all of our societal ills and its true source—our cannibalistic culture & imperialistic nature of western industrial civilization.

THE SUM: The Ten Philosophical Pillars Of Neo-Transcendentalism is a comprehensive map for swift and sweeping social change derived from a deep, full-spectrum analysis that incorporates ideas from various systems thinkers like Ken Wilbers’ “Integral Theory of Everything” otherwise known as the AQAL Model (all quadrants, all levels) / Integral Operating System (IOS) comprise of four main perspectives personified as “I,” “We,” “It,” “Its,” explained in both the Foreshadowing and the Forward (Foreword). It begins with “An Accurate Assessment of the Present Predicament” that we have virtually run out of time to create a new sense of urgency that is so lacking in the activist arena (Pillar One). Ecological, economic, cultural, social and political events have converged to make 2012 The Year for radical transformation otherwise we will traverse the threshold of human extinction. Analysis of our current condition has led to a synthesis of suggestions from various groups, organizations and publications that I have designated as “The New Millennium Memes & Mandates” (Pillar Two) that provide diverse strategic courses of actions. It begins with identifying the true source of our societal ills, “The Crux Of The Crises” (Pillar Three), which is the Pathological Culture of Empire consisting of the Value Disorder (“We”), Dysfunctional System (“Its”) and the Manufacturing of Maladaptive Individuals (“I”) suffering from economic stress, plagued with feelings of powerlessness, inundated with neuroses, coping by overconsumption, crippled by health disabilities and/or distracted with electronic gadgets, trivial lifestyle pursuits, political scandals, celebrity worship and celebration of crass materialism in our popular culture. Having diagnosed the root causes of our current condition it becomes necessary to understand how we are ruled and the means of control by “Deconstructing the System of Dominance” (Pillar Four) through the identification of our common opposition, the prevailing paradigm of infinite growth, and the maladaptive social system of oppression. Resulting in an all-encompassing purpose—“The Grand Imperative—Abolish Empire & Establish Earth Community—The One Global Demand & Ultimate Goal,” (Pillar Five) that can finally mend the fragmentation of all of the new social and consciousness movements. But how to accomplish such a comprehensive feat would have to be based on a new set of beliefs about the nature of reality, knowledge, the essence of being and forming a new cosmology: “The Post-Metaphysics Of The AQAL Model & The Integral Life Practice (ILP)” (Pillar Six). Such an ambitious aim has resulted in the organic development of a new integral theory of social change and grand strategy of non-violent revolution called “The Grand Continuum Theory of Evolutionary Transformation,” (Pillar Seven) that prioritizes cultural change (Phase I: Cultural Evolution), which is divided into three Continuums (X: Separation, Y: Transition, Z: Integration) before structural change (Phase II: Structural Revolution) that comprises of Continuum A: Deconstruction Policies and Continuum B: Reconstruction Legislation leading to Phase III: Global Transformation (Continuum C: Dynamic Equilibrium Through The Third Industrial Revolution of the Hydrogen Energy Web). All of which is based on enduring “Principles & Proclamations For Earth Community/The Society of the Third Millennium (S3K),” (Pillar Eight) comprise of (on the global scale) “The Earth Charter,” 2001, on the national level “Second Bill of (Economic) Rights,” by FDR 1944, and the local “Community Bill of Rights,” to preserve our ability for home rule to safeguard our environment, our health and natural resources against corporate encroachment. “Envisioning / Exhibiting Earth Community” (Pillar Nine) offers a concrete alternative to the self-destructive status-quo for the masses to make the necessary paradigm shift required to accept a new vision of a post-capitalist and post-carbon society. What will act as the engine for change is (Pillar Ten) the Grand Unified Strategy (GUS).

The GUS consists of Seven Strategic & Interdependent Initiatives for the Massive Mobilization of Civil Society: 1) Cultivate Counter-Institutions like OWS through the eight stages of Bill Moyers’ “Movement Action Plan (MAP)”. 2) Build Alternative Institutions by participating in the Transition Movement’s efforts of community resiliency through the revolutionary act of relocalization. 3) Create A Mock Parallel Government with a new cabinet, President, Supreme Court and Congress consisting of 535 nationally elected citizen legislators that pledge to end the infinite growth paradigm and get money out of politics. 4) Convene A National Summit of Fundamental Social Change Agents like a Second Constitutional Convention or the 99% Declaration Continental Congress 2.0, or the National Occupy Gathering to draft a new Redress of Grievances, propose new set of amendments like The Second Bill of (Economic) Rights, create a Common Ground Agenda For The People, write a new Declaration of Re-Independence from the corporate tyranny of the economic oligarchy and to publicly proclaim it on July 5, 2012, along with 5) The Grand Ultimatum that launches a “Massive Mobilization of Civil Society” by “Drawing-A-Line-In-The-Sand,” once and for all, as our ultimate leverage point for government accountability by creating a sense of urgency through a National Unifying Purpose (NUP) to accelerate all relocalization efforts in preparation for the possibility of a sustained, nationwide, general strike by November 5, 2012, (Guy Fawkes Day), and one day before the U.S. Presidential Election to unplug the machinery of the system, by withdrawing our political consent and participation of the system itself—where our true and collective people power lies. 6) The Cultural Creatives’ Convergence Quest (C3Q) is launch to promote a profound paradigm shift required to trigger a tipping point in this 50-project, 50-state, 5-month, cross-country, site-specific, outdoor, guerrilla art installations as a live Reality TV show of a change of consciousness campaign. When a critical mass is created and if the government still refuses to comply with the people’s last plea for comprehensive change than the greatest and most powerful unified mega-movement campaign of civil disobedience begins based on Gene Sharp’s methods of nonviolent action like 7) A Nationwide General Strike that countdowns in a strategically staggered withdrawal of the system in the following proposed manner: MON, NOV. 5, 2012—Day 1: SOCIAL Noncooperation (school strikes, boycott of sport events); TUES, NOV. 6—Day 2: POLITICAL Noncooperation (withdraw consent to demonstrate the illegitimacy of government authority by boycotting the U.S. Presidential Election); WED, NOV. 7—DAY 3: ECONOMIC Noncooperation (withholding of labor and non-essential services)—all done until the government complies with our demands or forced to relinquish their power in a peaceful political purge of Congress, the Presidency and the Supreme Court that finally commences the creation of Earth Community. In order to coalesce all of the fragmented alternatives into a unified vision we need to give it a name to solidify this new sub-culture and that underscores sustainability in a new post-carbon era, one suggestion is the Society of the Third Millennium (S3K).


If you think the U.S. Military will allow any of this on terrain they control - and they control or operate like they control it all - then you should re-evaluate. It's also putting the cart before the horse because whatever alternate system you or anyone else wants will have to wait until the U.S. Military is dealt with. But, you know, dream away.


You have to start some where, why not at the highest levels of the imagination or are we going to let the American Empire take that away as well?


Snore...seriously. Is that the best you can do? Probably written by somebody with an iPhone that their parents bought them.


It was also a very long for a reply - almost a booklet. In terms of web sites, when does such a response become Information Overload?


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