Chris Hedges

Occupy will be back!


From Wisconsin to Cairo and Zuccotti to Athens, our global movement is confronting a concerted counter-revolution.

It is easy to lose hope but we can be confident that our uprising will grow bolder, writes Chris Hedges in a passionate new blast, because the underlying sociohistoric and psychoeconomic forces that propelled the people’s insurrection of 2011 are still unresolved… and can only be resolved by our global people’s uprising for real democracy. This is the situation according to Hedges:

In every conflict, insurgency, uprising and revolution I have covered as a foreign correspondent, the power elite used periods of dormancy, lulls and setbacks to write off the opposition. This is why obituaries for the Occupy movement are in vogue. And this is why the next groundswell of popular protest—and there will be one—will be labeled as “unexpected,” a “shock” and a “surprise.” The television pundits and talking heads, the columnists and academics who declare the movement dead are as out of touch with reality now as they were on Sept. 17 when New York City’s Zuccotti Park was occupied…

Our dying corporate class, corrupt, engorged on obscene profits and indifferent to human suffering, is the guarantee that the mass movement will expand and flourish. No one knows when. No one knows how. The future movement may not resemble Occupy. It may not even bear the name Occupy. But it will come. I have seen this before. And we should use this time to prepare, to educate ourselves about the best ways to fight back, to learn from our mistakes, as many Occupiers are doing in New York, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia and other cities. There are dark and turbulent days ahead. There are powerful and frightening forces of hate, backed by corporate money, that will seek to hijack public rage and frustration to create a culture of fear. It is not certain we will win. But it is certain this is not over…

Check out the rest of Chris Hedges’ mindbomb at Truthdig.

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Occupy cannot succeed without knowing why we left paradise:-

Or what it will look like when we return:-


please help Adbusters ! to Espana Mineros , Spanian coal miners , in strike for over 20 days
8000 of them against severe brutality of 1 % corporations ( some report about death and badly vounded )
I don't speak spanish but ?
help that brave people ! please ! indnignados !!


Victory would be in seeing the Nazis suffer daily, weekly, monthly and yearly losses until there are no more. No more being bred - no more being raised.


This is exactly what was happening in Serbia back in 90's: first there was a big wave within more educated people, everything was cool & colorful, people felt free to act, it was the right time... but it wasn't sooooo massive and we had to wait a bit. While waiting (with smaller scale decentralized actions in between) for the next wave education + developing alternative media networks was essential (internet was not developed back then)... When time came (about 4 years after) we got the change, government falled down and it was really cool feeling being part of all that. The problem is what came the day after. In general, we were protesting for democracy. We got it (more or less, this fake democracy) but at the same time we got social injustice, we got big capital destroying everything - good and bad that we already had. Now people are so desperate that it's hard to make them protest against anything, new government can do what they want and they does ridiculous things while people feeling nothing is in their hands. See what happens in Egypt...

My point here is yes - now we should educate ourselves about non-violent ways to fight, but equally, if not more important is to educate ourselves about how to recognize and prevent these games that comes the day after. This is essential, if anyone asks me, to be understood by the wider population. I hope we are not looking for the new masters and not all the people are like you around AdBusters.


If you just don't see anything wrong with the current system, you think Occupy is ignorant of the threats to freedom that you are aware of, or you have a better solution to the threats our country faces, PLEASE BY ALL MEANS explain away -WITHOUT- complaining about the left, or Occupy. Just state your case or you can't because you have no ideas of your own. There is nothing wrong in the world is #1. I think vaccinations are Americas biggest threat is option #2. We should stay indoors and troll Adbusters on our internets is option #3. Just examples of what conservatives can do to be politically productive.


The U.S. Military must become Occupy's primary target. It is the biggest, most obvious, and threatening
problem humanity faces. It has become the underlying source of all that is not good in life. Its current manifestation must be destroyed or it will certainly destroy the world. It - and all its personnel - past, present, and future - is an organized psychopathology and presents a clear and present danger to all of life. Smash it where you see it - smash it when you see it.


The Military must honor their oaths to protect the American people both foreign and domestic. When the military takes action to honor their oaths, they will have become human beings and not the drones of Artificial Intelligence programmed by a few for profit with no other value considered. IF the Military, the family of American people, is willing to sacrifice us for the spiritually devoid corporate controllers, then all is lost. These troops are our fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, and sons and daughters. It is them that we, the people call to actions. NOW.

Hear us NOW, the controllers are closing in.


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