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Adbusters is looking for fired-up, postcool, revolutionary-minded cultural creatives!


Hey all you existential diggers & new world dreamers out there,

Tactical Briefing #36 is out now! Here’s a taste:

“Defying all cynicism, the passion on the streets keeps burning … Now a new tactical model is emerging: the strategic pincer —> We attack the global financial system from above with big bang protests, uprisings and revolts —> concurrently we attack the global financial system from below with hundreds of daily move-your-money actions at the 35,000 branches of megabanks worldwide. We beat the shit out of global capitalism — metaphorically speaking of course — and then we escalate towards a series of global solutions…”

Check out the whole briefing at

PLAY JAZZ – Adbusters is looking for fired-up, postcool, revolutionary-minded cultural creatives!

If you’re a writer who's overcome despair, found a new path, put your ass on the line or witnessed something profound then send it to us for processing. Adbusters is on newsstands throughout the English speaking world — a Spanish edition is coming soon — and we catalyze global shifts! We also encourage zeitgeist miners who have come across a killer meme, know philosophy’s next turn or are deeply tuned into the intimate side of the global movement to send us deep links, scans from books or snapshots from their streets. We pay writers by the word and give miners a finder’s fee if they were the first to send us a piece that we publish… So shoot us stories, photographs, poems, campaign and activist news on a number of fronts:


Stories that get to the heart of our crisis, propose radical unheard of directions and make connections between the self and the wild – True-cost pricing – Climate Anxiety Disorder – Rewilding – Trash Aesthetic


Hot bursts from the stewing mental environment – Cultural health – Ecology of mind – Cognitive illusions – Mental breakdown of Nations – Ad Spoofs


How to put some sand in the wheels of finance – Redefining Progress – Bionomics – Islamic banking – Indie capitalism - Bitcoin - KILLCAP


How to challenge, overthrow, detourne, remake - #OCCUPYMAINSTREET – Badiou, Žižek, Critchley - Spiritual Insurrection - Regime Change


From the well-trodden streets to the foothills of the unknown – Meme Wars – Battle for the soul of the left - How to stop whining & live!


Birth of a new aesthetic – The clothing, the music, the packaging, the homes, the money, the feel of a radical tomorrow.

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