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Adbusters is looking for fired-up, postcool, revolutionary-minded cultural creatives!


Hey all you existential diggers & new world dreamers out there,

Tactical Briefing #36 is out now! Here’s a taste:

“Defying all cynicism, the passion on the streets keeps burning … Now a new tactical model is emerging: the strategic pincer —> We attack the global financial system from above with big bang protests, uprisings and revolts —> concurrently we attack the global financial system from below with hundreds of daily move-your-money actions at the 35,000 branches of megabanks worldwide. We beat the shit out of global capitalism — metaphorically speaking of course — and then we escalate towards a series of global solutions…”

Check out the whole briefing at

PLAY JAZZ – Adbusters is looking for fired-up, postcool, revolutionary-minded cultural creatives!

If you’re a writer who's overcome despair, found a new path, put your ass on the line or witnessed something profound then send it to us for processing. Adbusters is on newsstands throughout the English speaking world — a Spanish edition is coming soon — and we catalyze global shifts! We also encourage zeitgeist miners who have come across a killer meme, know philosophy’s next turn or are deeply tuned into the intimate side of the global movement to send us deep links, scans from books or snapshots from their streets. We pay writers by the word and give miners a finder’s fee if they were the first to send us a piece that we publish… So shoot us stories, photographs, poems, campaign and activist news on a number of fronts:


Stories that get to the heart of our crisis, propose radical unheard of directions and make connections between the self and the wild – True-cost pricing – Climate Anxiety Disorder – Rewilding – Trash Aesthetic


Hot bursts from the stewing mental environment – Cultural health – Ecology of mind – Cognitive illusions – Mental breakdown of Nations – Ad Spoofs


How to put some sand in the wheels of finance – Redefining Progress – Bionomics – Islamic banking – Indie capitalism - Bitcoin - KILLCAP


How to challenge, overthrow, detourne, remake - #OCCUPYMAINSTREET – Badiou, Žižek, Critchley - Spiritual Insurrection - Regime Change


From the well-trodden streets to the foothills of the unknown – Meme Wars – Battle for the soul of the left - How to stop whining & live!


Birth of a new aesthetic – The clothing, the music, the packaging, the homes, the money, the feel of a radical tomorrow.

Send to [email protected] and [email protected].

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jazz is creative but only within pretty narrowly defined asthetic parameters, pehaps you mean "play free jazz"


Not a Mark on Me, the All Clear, September 12, 2010

You will find meaning in Creation,
you will find strength in your friends,
you will find healing in your music...
write it down, friend, write it down.

I am of the Creator
My ancestors are mere vessels
Great Spirit, laud them for their deeds
forgive them for their neglect.

On my way to an Ordination, I met two homeless souls.
I had come to witness a meeting of special service.
He asked if I was "honoring the Lord."
Laughing lightly, but I began to say, "Yes."
Before I could speak, he bent on one knee.
He urged me to honor the Word.

They were looking for help. They were refugees from the local mission
Recoiling, not certain, not certain for me, not certain of them.
I lied, again laughing nervously, "I am as broke as you."
Recoiling, running to special service, I felt only Shame.

I witnessed and took part in fullness of Ordination,
All the homeless souls lay on my soul.
I could not shake my feeling of Shame.
All those people, including me, who'll never feel full.

I do not blaspheme Heaven.
I blaspheme Earth for its foolhardy ventures in the name of Heaven as if we'd know.

Flawed cocksure reason claiming all is in order though truly none of us really knows.
Isa, come if you will. I am sorry for my neglect.

No one has a mark clearing them for Heaven
No one has the day and time
Everyone faces their own Armageddon
Everyone faces the Creator in its own time

We are of the Creator
We are mere vessels
Great Spirit, laud us for our deeds
forgive us for our neglect.

[email protected]


Allow me to protest this censorship with a reiteration of my previous post:

"How about the legalese? You don't expect everyone to just willingly sign over their original creations to what is, at the end of the day, a corporate entity, do you? What are the intentions, what are the rights of the authors? What's the end game? Should we just take the fee, sell our souls and hope those at Adbusters have our best interests in mind? Should we let strangers profit from our own original perspectives and experiences?

Not all who wander are lost; not all who struggle are suckers. You'll have to give some more details than this."


A lot of artists probably just want to create for the message of Adbusters - dude imagine a world without patents and without intellectual property - a world where if people got paid it would only be for tangible stuff that puts food on the table. I don't think have to worry about Adbusters living large on peoples art


Or so Adbusters seems to hope. It would certainly be a wonderful world without personal or intellectual property restricting creativity and the free exchange of information, but that's not the world we live in. As such, we artists and creative minds should be suspicious of any corporate entity who wishes to gather our work and ideas. We are free to distribute and share them freely, as well we should, but if we sign them over to someone else without knowing the terms, we may very well be signing over all rights for someone else to own, alter, or profit from them. It's not about living large, it's about abuse and unnecessary restriction. When the commodities in question are ideas an philosophies, it goes well beyond monetary value. Profiting from ideas comes in many forms, and seeking a monopoly on the revolutionary spirit is wrong. Why let someone else restrict what could have been free? It's even more suspicious that those operating this site found it necessary to delete my comment expressing that view. There's little more nefarious than censorship. It's cool if you trust these people that much, but I see absolutely no reason to.


to add to my previous post, i recently worked on a project with a grassroots non-profit art organization on the lower east side.

what promised to be a great opportunity for me to work with some really intense and creatively invested people came to a halt when one of the contributors pulled the "intellectual property" card -- insisting that the organization's logo that he had designed for our project must contain his personal logo mark ON IT.

to add insult to injury, this "free-thinking" artist grew up in the '60s.

I stopped talking to him when he brought word from his intellectual property lawyer friend ("one of the top IP lawyers in the country") that he had rights in the matter.

all this big talk about IP when all we were doing was helping out a small, struggling-to-stay-afloat non-profit.

Really, ACloserFollowing, if your creative imaginings are so great, you wouldn't be arguing with adbusters about NOT giving them your ideas. you might be getting them published somewhere, no?


Property "rights" is the problem. Territory should be dialogued about, frozen territory--i.e. property--shouldn't. Property stops people from rightfully demanding what naturally are their rights, clean water, food, ability to "work"--another feudal concept--and so on. Property is also a negation of nature; a tree is not seen as valuable until it is turned into board-feet. "Intellectual property rights" makes things even worse; ultimately, I cannot speak without being charged and am in complete isolation. To the human race: stop being stupid and abandon these concepts that are killing us now and destroying our happiness; these concepts if they are continue to be developed will, like cancer, kill all of us.


Maybe the rights issue isn't clear, but i see this as a great opportunity and celebrate the open spirit of Adbusters and the opportunity given to creatives world wide. it may enrich your magazine crazily and also give opportunities for artists and creatives (iit's so hard to make out a living as a creative or artist or intellectual today anyhow, even more if you aren't aligned with the hegemonic corporate values. So thank you for opening the doors and trusting the creativity of anonymous people, instead of just insisting on the grand names and recognized figures: you're opening space for the new, I'l be sending some stuff to you guys soon


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