Video: What it was like to be there.

“Within five minutes into the march, we were met with a line of riot police blocking the street in front of us and the right, and all of them had batons in hand. The front of the march took off to the left in a frantic sprint and everyone followed. This set the tone for the rest of the night, as we continued to try to out maneuver the police as we were trapped several times, and continually threatened with the stalking presence of riot police and mounted police officers. At one point to escape being kettled, we ran across the corner of a small garden then through a parking lot.

Never did we feel comfortable, tension and stress were consistently present, and the hot summer-like temperatures weren’t helping our endurance. Even when we were allowed (practically forced) to travel down certain streets due to blockades we were constantly surrounded and trapped at any given moment making an emergency escape for anyone impossible in case things got bad, but nonetheless we all did the only thing we could do: march and chant our asses off.

As the march came to Washington and State St. once again protesters found themselves trapped. Several times before and often the amorphous group was conflicted in which direction to go, and at times considered turning around and going back the way they came. This time though it seemed as if they had had enough. They came to exercise their first amendment right, had been intimidated and bullied and instead of trying to outmaneuver the police would try to move straight through the police line.

At that point a shoving match ensued, but the police quickly upped the ante and started swinging their batons, beating protesters. I quickly backed up to the sidewalk as I anticipated things getting bad. It didn’t take long for a woman to emerge from the crown bleeding from the head, with blood covering about half of her face.

David an occupier in Chicago

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If NATO was a "guest" of the city, when did the people invite them? When was there a vote?


Can the lack of any reply be taken to mean that NATO was not invited - by the people - to the city?


You're loyal to Chicago but NOT the human race? Your attitude speaks for itself and is self-disqualifying. No more needs to be said!


Please explain how being "loyal" to "the human race" requires the destruction of private and public property?


Why don't you proffer that question to NATO and US forces who continue to bomb countries, cities, houses and take innocent lives?



I agree with your post.

The people that trashed Chicago have no concern for anything.

Obviously none of them pay taxes to help build and maintain their city or their country.

Also they are hardly concerned about Wall Street and don't even throw what the so-called issue even was.

These people are simply professional and amateur anarchists, intent on creating as much damage and chaos as possible.

They have no morals.

They are low-life punks looking for jail-cells so they can get three squares and a bed.


There seems to be plenty of Pigs and 1% supporters posting comments,

Just make sure to stick to the facts NOT the corporate media.


Occupiers Rule! I wish I was out there!
Have been in another occupy and as soon as we can organize into an Arab Spring size I will be out there again *permenantly this time* until we have our demands met!
Great job, the whole world is still WATCHING!!!!!


Patriots, check out this video proudly published by one of our own, recording the events of Apr 30 in San Francisco.

All kinds of peaceful protesting such as smashing store windows, spray-painting cars and store windows, smashing car windows.

Published on May 7, 2012 by AnarchaLA
SCENES FROM A BLACK BLOC -- April 30th 2012, May Day Eve in the Mission District of San Francisco...

Another proud moment in Occupy history.


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