Black Bloc

Violence or nonviolence: where do you draw the line?


On Feb 6, America author and Occupy activist Chris Hedges wrote a piece for titled “The Cancer in Occupy.” In it he criticized the violent actions of Black Bloc operatives within the movement, saying they are the greatest threat to the future of Occupy. The article has generated a heated debate online about non-violence, political strategy and protest in America, and has garnered a response by Anarchist thinker Dr. Zakk Flash.

Read both articles and weigh-in.

The Cancer in Occupy by Chris Hedges

The Black Bloc anarchists, who have been active on the streets in Oakland and other cities, are the cancer of the Occupy movement. The presence of Black Bloc anarchists—so named because they dress in black, obscure their faces, move as a unified mass, seek physical confrontations with police and destroy property—is a gift from heaven to the security and surveillance state. The Occupy encampments in various cities were shut down precisely because they were nonviolent. They were shut down because the state realized the potential of their broad appeal even to those within the systems of power. They were shut down because they articulated a truth about our economic and political system that cut across political and cultural lines. And they were shut down because they were places mothers and fathers with strollers felt safe.


Hedging Our Bets on the Black Bloc by Dr. Zakk Flash

Chris Hedges has written some of the most insightful analysis of the U.S. war machine in recent years. His 2009 book “The Empire of Illusion” was an exploration of how exhibition has eclipsed truth and meaningful connection in American society. His acknowledgment of the ease in which one can buy into such spectacles is a small part of why it was so odd to read his article on Truthdig attacking both anarchists and black bloc tactics entitled “The Cancer in Occupy.”


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Chicago G8 / NATO


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Here in North America the Black Bloc is considered by the general public as a bunch of punks causing damage, an extension of promotion of violence, many say an extension of violent cops and their masters the corporations, bankers and power elite. No wonder David Graeber chose "nonviolent ethos".

BB has been very lucky there hasn't been a child or mother and child hurt due to their BB actions and caught on tape. The public would probably beat the crap out of or lynch BB on the spot if that should ever happen. And don't think for a second those cops that hurt people are not going to pay. The public is keeping records of the offenders and their masters.

Today public opinion is everything. Unless you can get full support of the public don't bother to show up.

Anarchists? HA! ... America started out as an Anarchist entity against the corrupt British, Spanish Portuguese and Corrupt Roman Catholic Church. And America actually did something about it .. .they created the Deceleration of Independence, Constitution where EVERYONE is Equal and has same powers as a Sovereign (king and queen).
The individual is more important than the state. This throws out tyranny by the few, Oligarchy, capitalism communism, Marxism and all other mass controlling systems. Wake the FUp already.

I suspect not many BB have children and know what it means to be stuck in a crowd turned violent as was the situation in Toronto and other places. You "idiots" just lost major support for your cause ... the public.

Occupy, Anonymous, all the community groups and independent support groups got it right ...because you need the support of 99.99% to get those British tyrannical bastards out of power. It's how it's going to be done that's the question.

The best way known to date is using the American Constitution, Bill of Rights and related Laws to kick the British bastards back into the sea where they came from. This means Lawfully shutting down the Federal Reserve, central banks, British corporations and ones whom are tied to them. Enforcing treaties made with Natives, forcing polluters to FULLY restore the land and seas to their previous natural state, taking back the countries from corporate elites, shutting down the stock market and restarting it with new debt free currency, shutting down GMO businesses, throttling British made central military, throttling oil based businesses, and any other British or Oligarchy control systems.
At the same time replacing them with sustainable non-polluting systems and ones respectful of life and every individual.

But before this can happen the knowledge must be given to each and every home, Everyone must be shown a better way, each home must be a fortress and fortress of knowledge power ... as well with power to protect it from any attacker. We can build a Republic likes of which has not been seen and one to set an example to rest of the world. One even better than the founding fathers intended.

... Not some punks doing damage.
If you think you're so smart and want to do some real damage than figure out how to transfer 1 Million in cash to every individual in North America ... because that's aprox. how much the elites are stealing from each and every individual per year in the background.

The elites know what's coming and have prepared well ... way beyond what you may imagine: FEMA camps, HAARP, chemtrails, bioagents, start wars weapons, viruses, unjust laws and much more.
If they feel that there's no other way out they WILL let loose those 80,000 nukes just to maker sure no-one else gets power. Even if only 1% are let loose this planet will be in nuclear winter for a 1000 yrs. That's what kind of psychopaths they are.

Therefore the only way to handle them is to use the Law, American Constitution, to arrest and imprison them before they do it to everyone. This means that "We The People" must charge them for their crimes and have them imprisoned and all their assets confiscated.


Dr. Zakk Flash's response is very weak, his arguments completely unpersuassive, there is nothing there which can be seen as meaningful defence of black bloc.

All this philosophical masturbation around black bloc is odd... all one needs is common sense and an unbiased perception of reality to realize that not only black bloc but all contemporary street politics have become no more than folklore: rituals repeated at nauseam for the sake of tradition, but deprived of all the original meaning. Empty posturing, pointless theatrics that have only a symbolic connection to radical politics.


..maybe, Accept for OCCUPY movement ... where the communities got together and shared information, helped each other, fed the hungry, debated for a better world and now it's spreading to every community on the planet ... an educational process of what our world can be.
This facilitates a rise up of all communities world wide, which has been brewing for some time. Sooner than you might think this movement will depose all tyrannical oligarchy that's plagued this planet for last 13,000 yrs
Here is some of why:

What is the definition of Canada? According to their own words it's;
“Canada”, for greater certainty, includes the internal waters of Canada and the territorial sea of Canada;
“Canadian waters” includes the territorial sea of Canada and the internal waters of Canada;

It says nothing about the Land, and it can't ... as the Land still belongs to the Natives, as per original treaties.
Therefore Canada is a fictitious entity operating from a ship and can only have temporary "shipping ports" on the land. Treaties state that Natives get 40% of take, yet Corporation of Canada has lied and stole it all.

Similar is true wherever corrupt British / Templars / Freemasons / Illuminati spread.
Wherever they have conquered / murdered they are responsible for their actions and will pay with their lives.
Not the ones whom didn't know the truth but those who orchestrated such murder and their family lines.

If you trace back the British you will find they are the same bloodline of merchants that killed one guy on the cross. It's also why present western calendar points to that date as the starting point.

Maybe visitors here should visit , and other independent sites for more detailed info. Educate themselves before leaving comments here ... Unless they feel happier with "ignorance is bliss".


dude's (as in Zakk Flash, which is not his real name, nor does he have a PhD) a fucking agent provocateur, he just wants to get people in trouble with the law so they can't keep the movement going in his small town.


Arrestees for G8 / NATO in Chicago....DEMAND A JURY TRIAL!
Flood the, arresting officers (deputies?!) must appear at your trial.
You'll get an I-bond so go for continuances or simply go on the lam.


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