A Question Of Tactics

David Graeber responds to Chris Hedges.


David Graeber has been involved with Occupy Wall Street since the early days of September, when he partook in the first ad hoc general assemblies in New York City and helped articulate the movements' nonviolent ethos. He is also a self-professed anarchist and Black Bloc supporter.

In response to Chris Hedges Feb 6 article on, The Cancer in Occupy, Graeber drafted the following open letter challenging the Pulitzer Prize winning authors’ characterization of the Black Bloc and the movement itself.

I am writing this on the premise that you are a well-meaning person who wishes Occupy Wall Street to succeed. I am also writing as someone who was deeply involved in the early stages of planning Occupy in New York.

I am also an anarchist who has participated in many Black Blocs. While I have never personally engaged in acts of property destruction, I have on more than one occasion taken part in Blocs where property damage has occurred. (I have taken part in even more Blocs that did not engage in such tactics. It is a common fallacy that this is what Black Blocs are all about. It isn’t.)

I was hardly the only Black Bloc veteran who took part in planning the initial strategy for Occupy Wall Street. In fact, anarchists like myself were the real core of the group that came up with the idea of occupying Zuccotti Park, the “99%” slogan, the General Assembly process, and, in fact, who collectively decided that we would adopt a strategy of Gandhian non-violence and eschew acts of property damage. Many of us had taken part in Black Blocs. We just didn’t feel that was an appropriate tactic for the situation we were in.


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It started as Occupy Wall Street, and it started in Zuccotti Park.
99% of the population is invited. That's exactly the point. If they came, it'd turn from 'Occupy' to 'Revolution'.


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Violence begets more violence and retaliation. (e.g. Hatfields vs McCoys, Northern Ireland, Israelis vs. Palestinians, etc.). We're obviously divided. We are defeated. We might as well go home and occupt our couches if we don't have any better sense than this.


I've heard that Black Bloc'ers are actually severely mutated degenerates from a failed secret Mars colony under those black masks.

Guess we'll never know for sure.

But if you look carefully.....


Hedges responded w this


David Graeber main interest in life is selling his books and babbling dogma and other ideological based anarchist psycho-babble. He gets credit for far more than he deserves when it comes to the roots occupywallstreet. His pronouncement have often done more to divide the movement then to promote it. Everything he says should be taken with a grain of salt.


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