Battle for the Soul of Occupy

Round #3.

In this Al Jazeera video a profound discussion emerges over the question of how Occupy should deal with the 99% Spring movement. Can we co-opt the co-opters? Should we simply ignore the 99% Spring? Or do we need a more visceral response?

Watch the video and let’s discuss how Occupy can win the battle for the soul of our movement.

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There is no such thing as a "Soul". It doesn't exist.

Therefor it is impossible to have a "Battle" over one.

Malina L.K.

Actually, you really don't know what you're talking about in regards to "there is no such thing as a soul." When people die, they automatically lose 23 grams of their body weight. That is your soul leaving your human for you to adamantly state there is no soul, maybe because either you don't have one, or you haven't gotten more information is inane. I'm sorry, I wish I had more patience, but I don't. I'm sick of attacks and stupid statements. I have no idea why anyone on these pages would attack a veteran. I don't see anyone complaining to Sgt. Shamar Thomas, do you? At Occupy Congress, he was greeted as a hero, but here, you people are slandering veterans...just because you somehow feel superior. RIDICULOUS!


Bullshit. You have just demonstrated that you are to be ignored.


None of the above.

Article V is what Occupy is all about. I couldn't have said it better myself.



As an Occupy Organizer when Adbusters thought of this Shindig, I think we should response and say will the message is good, these organizations are another more than a cluster of organization trying to train folks, remember this 99% spring is something complete different than us.

1). They did not ask Gene Sharp to join

2). they did not ask FOR to Join.

3). only way to trust to why this won't co-opt us would be the fact that GetEQUAL was on board.

Co-Opting would be super hard for the 1% and these orgs to do. for multiple reasons.

1). Act Up is Back, GetEQUAL is on board with Occupy (I'm a member of both), our tactics is Non-violent civil disobedience , were an umbrella movement they and NO ONE can control the message it is not just "economic Issues" it is an Umbrella movement of consciousness, we must Embrace that. we MUST Embrace Safe Space and Embrace Inclusiveness.

From what I know and the effort i put in this movement and most movements these styles of ideas would make us un co-optable, and as well as the GA processes.


Community Organizer
[email protected]


Just so you know... is run by the same clicktivist folks behind,,, etc. All these orgs are run by which was founded by a former MoveOn guy.

Malina L.K.

And now you guys are going to slam Color of Change? If it weren't for them, the Trayvon Martin case would have never seen daylight. Not all orgs are bad anymore than all Occupiers are.


Really, GetEQUAL is nothing Like we actually get arrested.

Quite offended by what you just said.

Unlike GAY-INC and other things. we have just as much Collectives has Act Up did.

How Am I a clicktvist when i got punch in the head, gay-bashed and attack so much.

Check your self, GetEQUAL is grassroots in its truest from. nothing like
"move" or things like it.

With Out GetEQUAL GAY-INC would Run Amuck #OWS wouldn't do shit about the LGBT civil war neither anything LGBT. Because It's Just "economic Issue based" Listen alot of the Organizers back in august and September LIKE ME are GetEQUAL folks. and trust me we ain't clickvists


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