Anonymous Bounces Back

Hacktivists recovering from existential blow.

A question mark has been hanging over Anonymous ever since March 4, when prominent members of the anti-corporate hacktivist affinity group, were arrested in worldwide raids. Like Occupy, which is struggling to overcome its encampment evictions, Anonymous has been going through an existential moment. With its most skilled hacktivists taken out, will the de-centralized movement be able to pull off the kind of spectacular pro-democracy hacks that inspired so many of us last year?

Today, the shadowy movement has released a new video that is worth watching. Take a peek and try to imagine what lies ahead, both for Occupy and Anonymous at a time when capitalism is in crisis and the future no longer computes …

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Excuse me, cock?
I love you guys, but that's a fundamental misunderstanding with regards to the pleasures of above mentioned body part. Not to mention unnecessary, let's not sink to that level of insults next time. There's more then enough actual threats to be made. Worse threats.


Is it possible to make the videos a little less geek to appeal to more people? Isn't that the point here?


I think the point is to inspire people with the knowledge to fight back against the encroaching police state online to actually get up off their ass and start doing something. That is, they're trying to inspire geeks. I don't think this is a public outreach program.


I thought so too. Loved the parody of Star Wars and I'm interested to see what goodiez they scored in those terabytes of data.


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