America's Reptilian Politics

Who will be the last puppet President of the Dinosaur era?

Progressives and Liberals are singing that same tired old song. “We must support the Democrats. We can’t let the Republicans win!” Libertarians and Conservatives are singing that same tired old song. “We must support the Republicans. We can’t let the Democrats win!”

The lesser-of-two-evils crazy train has left the station once again. Hop aboard, it’s gotten us this far.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me once every two years for my entire life, well, I guess I’m a group-thinking zombie bot too.

The unwitting divide and conquer pawns have fallen into the same old trap and are doing that partisan dinosaur dance yet again. In the process, they are sucking oxygen away from real movements for mass evolution.

Yes, there are some differences between Democrats and Republicans on the surface, in social issues and certainly in their rhetoric, but when it comes to the multi-trillion dollar heist, global Ponzi economics, foreign policy, systemic corruption… you know, all the things that are at the root of our problems, they are two heads of the same monstrous beast. One wants to shoot you in the head, the other wants to stab you in the back and let you slowly bleed to death. Heads they win, tails we lose. The dice are loaded. It’s a rigged game. Thankfully, it’s quickly coming to an end.

We are in the last days of the partisan dinosaur era, global revolution is sweeping the planet. The meteor has already hit. The global Occupy Movement was the big bang of humanity’s next phase of evolution. It gave birth to an unprecedented ecosystem of mass transformation. Occupy is the new world evolving and transforming out of the old world. Our movement is the people… it is humanity screaming out for freedom, for dignity, for sanity, for survival, for life. It is humanity evolving, transforming, metamorphosing.

Occupy is humanity’s immune system: clusters of antibodies attacking the pathogen of greed, defending humanity against a short-sighted virus, against embedded systemic corruption and pathological greed… humanities most severe disease.

Anyone paying attention knows that our old ways of living are now obsolete. Anyone paying attention knows that we live under a wholly corrupt system of rule. Anyone paying attention knows that we are on a highly unsustainable and unstable path.

That’s what the ghost of Tom Paine told me last night. He said, “Man, this is common sense.” Even my buddy T. Paine knows the score.

There is now a critical mass of aware people who understand the urgent need for revolutionary change and they are dedicating their lives to creating it.

We live in a time that necessitates mass transformation. Whether you want it or not is irrelevant. Neither political party wants to acknowledge the inevitable. In their denial to acknowledge reality, they have become obsolete, they will both be swept into the dust bin of history.

That awareness is the fertile soil that Occupy was born out of. That’s what occupiers understand and that prehistoric partisans still don’t quite grasp.

Both parties are the servants of short-sighted greed-addicted corrupt crony-capitalists. Both parties are paid off through blatant political bribery. We live under mafia rule. The iron law of oligarchy is once again rearing its head.

If this reality is too harsh for you to comprehend, if delusion keeps you feeling safe, if denial is your gig, go ahead and spend your finite energy fighting yesterday’s war. Waste your time on the partisan divide and conquer trap. Enjoy the quicksand. The old world tyrants will be thankful for your efforts to slow their fall from power.

All I want to say is what Dylan said all those years ago:

“Your old road is rapidly aging

Please get out of the new one if you can’t lend your hand…”

The next president will be the last president of the dinosaur era.

The revolution, the evolution is on!

We know of a new world…

Viva la Occupy!

David DeGraw is an investigative journalist. He is the founder and editor of and author of The Economic Elite Vs. The People of the United States.