America's Authoritarian Turn

Speaking truth to power becomes a crime.


Ever since the rise of Occupy, corporatist authorities have been trying to figure how to squash our emerging social movement. First they tried a media blackout, but when over 700 nonviolent meme warriors were arrested on the Brooklyn Bridge our Gandhian ferocity catalyzed a thousand encampments and the 1% could ignore us no more. Next elites tried the Bloomberg model of midnight paramilitary raids backed up by excessive force and sometimes-lethal munitions. That worked well to evict encampments in New York City, Oakland and nationwide … but it backfired when occupiers became diffuse, appearing at scripted events and interrupting the spectacle of corporate-funded politics with mic checks of truth. Now they are trying the new tactic of “lawfare” – using draconian laws to squash free speech in a last ditch effort to put an end to people power.

A week before the G8 Backdown, the US House of Representatives voted in near unanimous consensus in favor of an authoritarian law, H.R. 347, that makes it a federal crime to disrupt “Government business or official functions” or to enter any building where a “person protected by the Secret Service is or will be temporarily visiting.” In other words, to mic check Obama is now a federal crime punishable by a year in prison. And so too is the banner drop if it takes place in any building that a “protected” person might be visiting in the future, even if jammers don’t know it. And so is the anti-globalization tactic of blocking road access to a meeting of world elites, there is a special clause about that too. Obama signed the bill into law on March 9.

History shows that using authoritarian laws to silence the authentic, legitimate concerns of the people always boomerangs into a fatal loss of legitimacy. Governments derive their authority and right to exist from the people and when the people are ignored and beaten back regimes fall.

Read more about H.R. 347 at the and the and then brainstorm below on how Occupy can outmaneuver this new tactic of repression.

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Don't waste your vote doing the same thing, expecting a different result. Obama/Democratic Party are the same old hacks as Bush/Eepublican Party (but worse on civil rights, worse on transparency, worse on military budget, worse on 1st Amendment.... ).

Green Party is the OCCUPY of Government. Green candidates do NOT accept any corporate or PAC bribes/money. Never did, never will - no conflict of interest, no Obama-sellouts.

Prof. Noam Chomsky endorses Green Party JILL STEIN for President 2012.

Check out Jill Stein's page, read her positions, watch/talk to her at Occupy Boston, MAKE YOUR OWN DECISION.


Here's what Prof. Noam Chomsky wrote.

The letter reads -

"I hope you’ll take the opportunity of the March 6th Green-Rainbow primary to cast a vote for resurgent democracy. A democracy that thrives outside of the Democratic and Republican Parties that are sponsored by and subservient to corporate America. And I hope you will consider joining me in supporting Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein – both with your vote and with a contribution to her campaign for people, peace and the planet.

As you know, popular anger at the political and economic institutions, and the subordination of the former to the latter, has reached historic heights. And for sound reasons. There could hardly be a better time to open up political debate to the just anger and frustrations of citizens who are watching the country move towards what might be irreversible decline while a tiny sector of concentrated wealth and power implements policies of benefit to them and opposed by the general population, whom they are casting adrift.

Jill Stein’s campaign is unifying the national Green Party, and ensuring that an urgently needed voice for democracy and justice will have a place on the ballot in the November election. Please join me in supporting Jill on March 6, and securing a voice for a peaceful, just green future in the presidential race."


Speaking the truth to any power becomes a crime ...

... since you have no existence except as "their" tool

The individual has no being, except insofar as they are a part of the machine ...

... the individual is nothing; ... the machine is everything!

- Dr. Mabuse, The Crimes of Dr. Mabuse

Personally, I do not support the previous nonsense ... but obviously the 1% representing the powers that are currently in control of our government and socio-political system are totally in support of the statement above. They fear us because they know now, that we now know ... that the few have been (& continue to desire) withholding fairness, justice, honesty, and the pursuit of happiness from the majority by withholding factual information on a grand scale. It is past due time that all factual information be exposed and confirmed as such, to the benefit of all.

The only way that this injustice has been able to survive and grow, has been by the withholding of knowledge, information, and facts of truth as they exist. It is time to open the floodgates of all factual knowledge for those who would seek it in the pursuit of justice for all. A free society cannot exist under any covert administration of its socio-economic and government systems. Information transparency is paramount. The state holds no bonifide right or authority to with-hold any information from us. Both the state and its corporate interests should be constantly under surveillance by ALL the people.


And then there are the statements people repeat and believe: "Think not what you can do for you country..." Or, "My country, right or wrong". All total nonsense.




Oh stop whining. If the police are arresting OWS it means that OWS is becoming effective. If it becomes very effective then the police will start shooting.

What's the difference between the US and Syria? The resistance in Syria is effective.


The armed gang are only effective because of powerful western supporters. Notice how their Occupy type movement has changed into a "resistance". Yet again, without checking, the news media are willing to take second-hand reports (as well as shaky video footage) as fact. Think about it, the syrian goverment would be barking-mad to kill its' own people. For, as with Iraq & Libya, shooting civilian would leave them open to attack. While Syria might not be "free", how many countries in the middle-east are? Yes, it might be tempting to see what is happening in Sryia as some kind of Occupy movement, but this view is misleading. For there is some evidence to suggest that what is happening in Syria might be western-backed. All I ask is that people double-check "the news".


. It is always the same scenario, first with Serbia, then Iraq, Lybia and now Syria. Thrust me, there is no "occupy"or "resistance" movement in Syria, just "pro-western" criminals who are payed to create chaos.
Divide and rule ! - old latin recipe that always works.
PS: Sorry for my english, it is not my first language.


99%... I ok with that. So what's that 1% of 300 million. 3 million people. why hasn't someone with the resources started to compile a list of these people starting with the one with the most money.


Have you checked out Benjamin Fulfords plan/ To take the Illuminati down? Seems credible, but I don't know, No bodys talking about it.


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