America's Authoritarian Turn

Speaking truth to power becomes a crime.


Ever since the rise of Occupy, corporatist authorities have been trying to figure how to squash our emerging social movement. First they tried a media blackout, but when over 700 nonviolent meme warriors were arrested on the Brooklyn Bridge our Gandhian ferocity catalyzed a thousand encampments and the 1% could ignore us no more. Next elites tried the Bloomberg model of midnight paramilitary raids backed up by excessive force and sometimes-lethal munitions. That worked well to evict encampments in New York City, Oakland and nationwide … but it backfired when occupiers became diffuse, appearing at scripted events and interrupting the spectacle of corporate-funded politics with mic checks of truth. Now they are trying the new tactic of “lawfare” – using draconian laws to squash free speech in a last ditch effort to put an end to people power.

A week before the G8 Backdown, the US House of Representatives voted in near unanimous consensus in favor of an authoritarian law, H.R. 347, that makes it a federal crime to disrupt “Government business or official functions” or to enter any building where a “person protected by the Secret Service is or will be temporarily visiting.” In other words, to mic check Obama is now a federal crime punishable by a year in prison. And so too is the banner drop if it takes place in any building that a “protected” person might be visiting in the future, even if jammers don’t know it. And so is the anti-globalization tactic of blocking road access to a meeting of world elites, there is a special clause about that too. Obama signed the bill into law on March 9.

History shows that using authoritarian laws to silence the authentic, legitimate concerns of the people always boomerangs into a fatal loss of legitimacy. Governments derive their authority and right to exist from the people and when the people are ignored and beaten back regimes fall.

Read more about H.R. 347 at the and the and then brainstorm below on how Occupy can outmaneuver this new tactic of repression.

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tea party protestors won't get arrested... because tea party protestors have an IQ higher than their age and they understand the point of OBEYING the law even if they are protesting against it.


All those people who wouldn't OBEY the segregation laws were just fools, right? WAKE UP!

I don't think you actually read this article, or else you would have seen the part about enforcement not being conditioned by knowledge of said NEW law and therefore, I have no doubt whatsoever that the TP'ers will feel their fair share of the oppressive law enacted.


If people want to make a real difference they should pool their monies together, stop donating to advocacy groups and political organizations. Stop paying for adbusters or their shoes, and instead begin manufacturing the green infrastructure. All you need is the designs, the fabrication machines to produce the products, and the expertise to install operate and run said inventions in the service of bioremediation, water filtration, and eco-restoration.

Because fat ass capitalists will just horde their money and only invest in oil and coal because they are cocksuckers and such; It is up to people to create their own corporations to compete with the likes of Monsanto, and other assorted motherfuckers. Because funnelling away money to causes doesn't seem to help anything, instead build it yourselves. Then the corporations will have to follow suit and steal the technology from the grassroots wellsprings of innovation and futuristic awesomeness.

Or just collect donor money for legal fees. No start your own corporation that will provide the necessary tools to create a renewable future that will be mutually beneficial to all people and not just line a few pockets with cash they don't need to feel important about themselves while they horde a few billion to keep until the time is right to corner the coltan market and poison those people somewhere we never see. Cocksuckers... Anyways the machine will grind on regardless of what we do because they control the wealth, and the means of production.

If there are strict environmental laws in effect, As strict as say these protest laws, acta, ndaa, etc- which restrict the rights of human beings- This will spur a new growth industry for bioremediation, new technologies and material sciences put into actual use for a constructive purpose in the real world, which is now necessary, why are we paying for bottles of water laced with phthalates when we could have far superior filter types built into our homes or at the waters source? Its because the consumer slaves will pay for this toxic plastic shit that tastes like plastic shit, making them hundreds of millions of dollars, just to put water in fucking bottles. While it would cost a few million to upgrade a cities aquifer to service hundreds of thousands of people who would no longer be exposed to creeping toxins from bottled 'spring source' water which always has a few unnatural ppm fluoride ions. Just to help us stay on the dull side one could only conspiratorially hypothesize. The oil companies should pay for this, they are the polluters, the companies which pollute should have to abide by a sweeping change in laws, which put health first and profit second, and if they don't do that, well obviously shit gets worst...

Run the earth into the ground and in 30-40 years endemic crop failures and massive die-offs, forced starvation, draconian mismanagement, totalitarian rule, the suspension of laws and civilization to be replaced with a techno-fascist control state of globalized surveillance in a medieval power structure where people are kept stupid with poor nutrition and toxic plastic crap they are sold back to them by the corporations they slave for. Allot of redundant themes here. Corporations should pay for it. People in government should be competent enough to write this shit up and be thinking about it, otherwise they are sacks of shit, and we should compost their asses and grow mushrooms on their fucking corpses. Metaphorically speaking.

human beings > corporations

Obama doesn't want to be great president he just wants to hang out for a while and get some photographs shaking hands and smiling. Then he can go on a speaking tour when he's retired like Bill Clinton making 500,000 grand for a speech. I bet wherever he's going to be living in 2020 will have clear streams of freshwater for him to reflect on.

Les-Occupy Cinci

Ok I tried to follow your thinking, but you contradict yourself. You talk about being against capitalism and how bad corporations are yet you suggest creating a corporation and feeding into the capitalistic system? It's the system that needs to be changed my friend.... Just my view


Corporations which pollute and have an ethic based on exploitation and profit as their centre value, Are what I am against. I didn't say I was against capitalism, I was actually proposing a corporation which is grounded in an ethic of a mutually beneficial relationship between the earths ecology and human industry. A synthesis between the 2 which would evolve and revolutionize capitalism, which would also have an effect of purposeful work which goes beyond an income source. So the system would be transformed in this process of technological implementation via the emerging ecological need, which should be addressed by governments, but unfortunately we know who it is they serve. Therefore we have to build it ourselves, in time.

Liberation Now!

In the words of Slajov Zizek, we must be very wary of the this notion of "Capitalism" with a happy face. Truly! This notion that somehow we can recondition, transfigure, if you will, the nature of capitalism, so that it will serve humane value and work in synthesis is naive at best, destructive at it's worst. Capitalism has as it's core value that humans are essentially self-interested and competitive creatures and that attending to those values is what brings about the best in regards to innovations and creativity. History, I believe, tells us that while this is not entirely false, the price that comes with it is ultimately the annihilation of life in the pursuit, not of happiness, but profit.

We must really look beyond capitalism. We must remember what has been best in our history and traditions, and then apply them to our current conditions. Efforts to reform and adapt capitalism will simply result in tamping down some of it's most destructive elements for a period, until the next crisis. Remember, green industry, like any industry, can be coupled with an authoritarian state and repressive corporate/government. We must resist simple minded solutions.

That said, I am not advocating that we spend our money on NGOs and non-profits. I say we pool our money, like unions do, to sustain and support our struggles, which will surely be a long and treacherous road, but the only path to true liberation.


I like your post, except for all the "epiteths" in it, but the message is clear:

HOLD THE POLLUTERS accountable for the pollution that they create, I fully agree in Germany this is called the "VERURSACHER PRINZIP" meaning the principle of the causing agent or those who cause pollution should also pay for the cleanup, I can tell you why this is not happening here in the United States, the reasons are fairly simple:

1. THE CORPORATION is a limited liability company meaning if a company messes up the environment while generating a profit, the kings or leaders of that corporation get the profit while the people of the US get the bill for the clean up! If necessary the company will just "go bancrupt" to avoid paying the tab for the pollution that they caused a nice escape hatch, since you cannot "squeeze blood out of a turnip" can you now?

2. The United States is "full of corruption" in government as long as this is the case, there will always be a "corrupt judge" or public servant that will let the kings get off the hook, the only time this did not happen was in the recent oil spill when President Obama spoke up and insisted they set aside sufficient amount of money to pay for the actual damages this oil spill has caused to "fishermen" and the like!

3. Like the german mirror (SPIEGEL MAZAGINE) put it in the United States the winnings are "privatized" but I prefer the term "piratized" while the losses are "socialized" therefore we are indeed a "socialist state" in effect for we have to "pay for the sins of the kings" and they are our "socialist leaders" like in a communist state, there is no "individual accoutablity" any more for it would "bancrupt people" if they had to pay for all the "environmental crimes" they are actually guilty of!

4. This is the best part, I just recently read an article about "PBA" in your cans, and now I know why my dad had an enlarged prostrate and why so many men die of "prostate cancer" it is because they put this stuff into the liners of aluminum cans that come in contact with the food, as it stated in a recent article on Mother Earth News of course, the industry researchers always come up with the "fact" that this stuff is completely harmless, but it has caused considerable harm to the reproductive organs in laboratory animals, even in fairly small concentrations, therefore this is another scandal that is about to "break the news" sooner or later, but because of "grandfather clauses" this stuff does not have to be proven to harmless, no it is like a US citizen "INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY"!

5. Therefore I agree with you on principles, but I will use a "very nice word" for something that it not very nice, the "KINGS" will go to outer darkness as they admit in their own funeral ceremonies if they continue to "line their own pockets" with our money while "making our earth sick" and getting the resulting judgments which come from the Universal Judgment Seat, because they consider their own profit and their power more important than "clean air" or "clean water" or "a healthy lifestyle"!

Needless to say I have been through both "riches and lack of financial resources" it is by no means easy for anyone to start a company that is ecologically sound, for the first 20 years you may be operating at a loss, without government funding this is clearly not feasible, therefore if you want to do something like that make sure you have government funding, no it is not "profitable" at present to "run a company" that does not pollute, the best most people can do is to "offset the pollution" like AES does by planting enough trees to "regenerate the CO2" that they create, they are clearly not the "most profitable" company but they are "environmentally conscious" and I acknowledge their contribution to a better world and a more sound "ecological way of doing business"!

To make it perfectly clear to you, I hate it when people pollute, but everyone seems to do it, the person who drives a motor vehicle does it, unless you want to either ride a bike or walk everywhere you go like I do not even take a bus, you will "pollute the environment" most people simply do not want to "get that friendly" to the environment that they will not get in a car, not even myself, if someone offers me a ride I will take it, therefore be sure you understand that "everyone is an environmental sinner" and repent where and when you can so that we still have an earth, by the time that Obama is no longer president of the United States of America!


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