America's Authoritarian Turn

Speaking truth to power becomes a crime.


Ever since the rise of Occupy, corporatist authorities have been trying to figure how to squash our emerging social movement. First they tried a media blackout, but when over 700 nonviolent meme warriors were arrested on the Brooklyn Bridge our Gandhian ferocity catalyzed a thousand encampments and the 1% could ignore us no more. Next elites tried the Bloomberg model of midnight paramilitary raids backed up by excessive force and sometimes-lethal munitions. That worked well to evict encampments in New York City, Oakland and nationwide … but it backfired when occupiers became diffuse, appearing at scripted events and interrupting the spectacle of corporate-funded politics with mic checks of truth. Now they are trying the new tactic of “lawfare” – using draconian laws to squash free speech in a last ditch effort to put an end to people power.

A week before the G8 Backdown, the US House of Representatives voted in near unanimous consensus in favor of an authoritarian law, H.R. 347, that makes it a federal crime to disrupt “Government business or official functions” or to enter any building where a “person protected by the Secret Service is or will be temporarily visiting.” In other words, to mic check Obama is now a federal crime punishable by a year in prison. And so too is the banner drop if it takes place in any building that a “protected” person might be visiting in the future, even if jammers don’t know it. And so is the anti-globalization tactic of blocking road access to a meeting of world elites, there is a special clause about that too. Obama signed the bill into law on March 9.

History shows that using authoritarian laws to silence the authentic, legitimate concerns of the people always boomerangs into a fatal loss of legitimacy. Governments derive their authority and right to exist from the people and when the people are ignored and beaten back regimes fall.

Read more about H.R. 347 at the and the and then brainstorm below on how Occupy can outmaneuver this new tactic of repression.

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There is no way to absolutely avoid harm, given the wording of this bill. If you can be punished for something you don't know, the other side can always invent a situation that justifies your arrest.

The best response is to make attacks visible but ourselves invisible. And to have a large amount and variety of attacks. Keep the enemy off-balance and always questioning themselves. Lead them to an existential crisis where the only viable route to meaning is in allying themselves with the whole and in understanding that excess is not glory but serving is.


You know the law literally has the word "knowingly" in it right? So, that they couldn't possibly punish you for something you don't know?


If you follow any of the links provided at the end of the article, this would be explained to you. But here, I'll do it FOR you...
On this page:

You'll find this (along with all kinds of links to MORE articles/orgs explaining the same problem):
[A Salon article on HR347] "emphasizes an important point...namely that the slight 'shift in language' to strike 'willfully' from the original statute”

So yes, striking the word "willfully" from this version of the bill, does indeed mean that anybody who did not know what they were doing, can also be prosecuted.


To help the 99% movement succeed, we want to kick off the spring by training 100,000 people in nonviolent direct action, in the spirit of Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., and Rosa Parks—and pave the way for a wave of progressive, nonviolent direct action like the country hasn't seen in 50 years.

Our goal this spring is to provide the same kind of nonviolence training that transformed the civil rights movement—but at a scale no one's ever dreamed of.

If we can train enough people, the 99% Spring could be filled with the kind of bold, highly visible, compelling acts of peaceful direct action and civil disobedience that made the civil rights movement impossible to ignore.
MoveOn.org_______________________________________________________________Civic Action


Try emailing:
[email protected]
"Lenore Palladino, Civic Action"

Or work through these organizations:

Tim Rue

There is a bigger picture which makes it clear there is no stopping this transition.

There was a time when humans only used low level abstractions, not unlike animals. Humans found that working together they improved survival rate, even built small societies but then society grew to the point where it started to break down in communication. To solve this humans created higher level abstraction and this brought about introspection and suicide ability as well (see: Julian Jaynes work exploring this transition) but also recall the story of the tower of babel representing this transition.

Upon the creation and use of higher level abstractions two additional things happened. One was that we evolved to be out of touch with our prior connection to nature (re: how animals know to do many things regarding the environment). The second thing that happened was humans discovered and put into application the wrongful use of higher level abstraction, deceiving for personal immediate gain regardless much greater cost to many others including themselves over longer periods of time.

Today there are world wide protest all having the some fundamental base in simply people being tired of the liars and cheats in law making position and command over brute force against the people.

Its all population driven, as it was the first and second time, when we finally established mathematics applied using the decimal system with its nothing can have value zero place holder (having took three hundred years to overcome the more limited roman numeral system) Mathematics here is relevant to accounting and the high level abstraction representing real value, an abstraction we call money and intended to lubricate economy, not control it (done so through high level deception such as the "Trillion Dollar Bet" of the 90's [google and read the transcript)

Today we are again reaching limits, but this time its the limits of the people putting up with the deceptions of the few. Even the Stratfor emails show a self supported dependency, not different than addicts. But like help groups for addicts such as AA, OA, MA, SPA, which have 12 steps and buddy systems to help in maintaining objectivity needed for overcoming addiction, we have one for the Intelligence Industry too, only we drop the "I"intelligence part and simply call it "A"nonymous.

This on going play of deception, which is really nothing more than the wrongful manipulation of our abstraction tools, by the few but effecting the many is getting exposed. Where any idea of effort to reduce the population (setting back the population driving clock of evolution) is simply to late. Where continued effort to suppress the people only exposes the corruption.

In the US we have a document by the founders of this country which over rides government corruption and makes it clear that it is the peoples right and DUTY to put off bad government and replace it with governance that follows the intent of the founders in supporting the people. The occupy movement is developing the core of replacement. However the core change needed is really quite simple. The the tax paying people, each individual, need to simply instruct government as to where government is to spend the individuals taxes. This extrapolates out to solve many many problems as it requires government to account for its spending and educate the people as to9 where and why funds are needed, where once a year the people, in filling out their income tax return can participate in participatory Democracy. This does many things including reducing the scope of what government can do contrary to the people, effectively helping to flush out corrupt politicians and government employees.

Shutting out the people is thief from those who pay the bills, the people. There is no amount of babbling deceptions gonna continue to cover this up. Leaving the cheats with nothing but what is left of their command of brute force against the people. And who supplies that force, but the people?


Now the spotlight is now on women as the new scapegoats with the gold stars
being railroaded towards the camps of concentration.


Modern Fascism and Totalitarianism

"You have no existence except as my tool.
The individual has no being except insofar as he is part of a machine.
The individual is nothing; the machine is everything."
— Dr. Mabuse, The Crimes of Dr. Mabuse


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