Shattering the American Illusion

The Revolution in Egypt is a geopolitical game changer.

For over half a century, America has been celebrated as the land of liberty whose foreign policy is synonymous with promoting freedom and democracy. But now, in the wake of WikiLeaks and the people's revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt, we finally have confirmation of what many of us have long suspected: America is no longer living up to its noble promise. We know now that for years, America has been giving millions of dollars of military aid to the Tunisian government, a regime that America's own ambassador called, in a leaked diplomatic cable, "a police state, with little freedom of expression or association, and serious human rights problems." [1] Likewise, in Egypt, America has provided billions of dollars of mostly military aid to a government known to use torture, as another leaked cable testifies: "torture and police brutality in Egypt are endemic and widespread" and "there are literally hundreds of torture incidents every day in Cairo police stations alone."[2] Worse still, is the evidence that Egypt tortured individuals on America's behalf as part of the CIA's illegal rendition program. [3]

The rhetoric of democracy can no longer hide from the world the reality of what America has become: not a bastion of liberty, but a disgraced state and anti-democratic supporter of tyrants. We are now entering a post-American era. Global geopolitics will never be the same. Can America get back on track?