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Hey you wild cats, dreamers, redeemers, horizontals,

The stage is set for a climactic showdown in Chicago.

The crisis of capitalism is deepening. Youth unemployment has reached 50% in Spain and Greece… 30% in Portugal and Italy… 22% in the UK… almost 20% in the US. Hundreds of millions of people around the world are waking up to the fact that their future does not compute… that their lives will be a never ending series of ecological, financial, political and personal crises… and that if we don’t rise up and start fighting for a different kind of future, we won’t have a future.

That struggle ignites again May 1.

#OCCUPYCHICAGO will be the focal point of this global spiritual insurrection… 50,000 of us will converge on the windy city and confront the G8 and NATO leaders with an ultimatum. We will set up impromptu encampments throughout the city and wage a full-spectrum memewar backed up by new tactics of anarchic swarming. Our militant in-your-face nonviolence will inspire thousands of towns, cities and campuses around the world to rise up in solidarity just like they did last October.

This is a worldwide, multi-front mutiny against the way our economic and military leaders are running the world.

On the CULTURAL FRONT we confront the corpo-commercial lie machine – we shift the way information flows and meaning is produced. We train a new breed of livestreamers, citizen journos and p2p visionaries and unleash them in the streets to be the eyes of the world during the month of May.

On the ENVIRONMENTAL FRONT we demand the G8 reach consensus on drastically reducing their carbon footprints and immediately ratifying a binding international accord on climate change.

On the ECONOMIC FRONT we throw our movement’s weight behind one simple demand: the implementation of a 1% Robin Hood Tax on all financial transactions and currency trades.

On the GEOPOLITICAL FRONT we tell Obama, Cameron, Sarkozy, Putin, Merkel, Noda, Monti, Harper and the NATO military leaders to stop the warmongering and start fighting for peace. We block the looming Iran war with a preemptive global initiative that just about everyone in the world can get behind: a nuclear-free world starting with a nuclear-free Middle East that includes both Israel and Iran.

On the PERSONAL FRONT, hundreds of millions of us vow to live the month of May without dead time… to experience joyous camaraderie… to open ourselves to an imminent life changing epiphany. We follow Miles Davis’ advice on how to play jazz: be spontaneously alive and “play what’s not there.”

Occupy has taught us all. It innovates, fractures, grows resilient and more diverse. In this spirit we celebrate the Gandhian ferocity of the Zuccottis who launched this movement with their magical assemblies and nonviolent ways … we extol the growing crop of working groups with their desire for a positive program of social and political change. And on the wild side we honor those in Oakland who have lost their fear against all odds. With this rainbow coalition, we hold our heads high and embrace the heady days of Spring.

Jammers pack your tents, phone your friends, get your affinity groups together and prepare to put your ass on the line for a worldwide people’s uprising starting May 1.

for the wild,
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these demands keenly suck and be realistic these demands and those same people who are in charge won´t change anything (eg democrats=middle-rightwing / republicans=right-rightwing).
demand them (well let´s call them elite) to step down FOREVER; to just stop the current free-market-turbo-competition-system, where huge profit can be made by producing and selling wargear, that has the capability to destroy the whole solarsystem in the fucking name of peace and democracy; to just fuck off and hide somewhere, where the sun never shines; to get out of the way for a new type of global, collaberative, social and communication-based (instead of (proxy-)war-based) economic system; to provide free regional relevant education, healthcare, housing and free nutrition (read "economics of abundance")
there, go ahead with demands like mine, which are also favored by hundreds of millions, who either can´t cope with monetarism and capitalism or just don´t bear it anymore.


fucking love your vigor my friend! unfortunately in your first sentence you point to the need to be 'realistic' about things. You can't simply tell people what to do whether you like them or not - you do exactly appreciate it when people do it to you am i right? even though the 'elite' completely abuse the system of power that was established to keep people from controlling one another we have to question our own thought processes as well when we make demands - the language and delivery are key if you're considering that we are right now developing new perspectives and methods for a new kind of life, the way you say it and put it forward can carry the seed for liberation or just another tyrannical system.
but like i said....I REALLY LIKE THE VIGOR MAN.

Chicago anarchist

America and Russia have nuclear arsenals of around 10,000 each. The UK, Pakistan, India, and china have a couple hundred each. Ive heard it estimated that the overall world total in megatons for nuclear bombs is about 5000. The tsar bomba is the largest nuclear bomb ever detonated and had a 1000 kilometer fallout and it was only 50 megatons. If nuclear war was waged human civilization would collapse (if not become extinct) and the earth wouldnt normalize for hundreds of years. This is based off of the estimates of nuclear stockpiles too, there is no telling how much more the governments of the world actually have.


This post made me smile. :D
But the truth is... too many people are afraid now a days.
And to me that unfortunately is the way so many wars are made.
When someone is afraid they don't act in a reasonable way or do rational things.
And also when someone is addicted they don't act in a reasonable way or do rational things.
And then of course there are the people who just aren't in their right minds and are fearmongers who take advantage of others in their points of weakness because they are sick individuals.
Get a gaggle of them and it's can be like a pack/vulture mentality. Less for them, more for us. For them it's not about being "fair" or "defending/assisting the weak".
Some are pot-stirrers and they like trying to stick their nose in to situations and manipulate people, don't ask me why, but usually they somehow don't get blamed for such stirring, much to their chagrin, they are like Cheshire Cats. And these types, I've noticed usually either a) see nothing wrong with the way they are or b) know it's wrong but they truly don't care.

But I think internally you know that this will not be solved in our lifetime.
As much as we would like it to be.

I agree that regulation and mere size of the banks is extremely important because when an economy collapses due to the banking system it appears that it can cause all out wars between people, because leaders panic and people panic. And then you only agitate and panic a person further when you start making "Or Else" kinds of threats, when what you should be doing is trying to calm them down so that they don't start making bad decisions which just make it worse for everyone.

So we have created this kind of fear so much as a part of our society internally that it's gone external. It's why we got bombs, missiles, guns, swords, etc. etc. It's an extension of the paranoia and fear that's built up inside of people over time and until you take away that internal fear, that external crap is just going to be there because someone will rationalize the need for it.

Someone was saying though we need to shrink out of growth and something bothered me about that statement. When a tree grows bigger... it needs more water for it's new layer. The amount of water in the layer for that year determines the size of the circle around it. You know which were healthy years by the amount of water the plant received. If it received enough water, it has a thick circumference for that year and a lot of growth, if it doesn't receive a lot of water it has a thinner circumference. This is all of course determined by the environmental factors outside which fluxuate. Globalization came along and acted as an environmental factor which threatened to throw the tree off balance, and it's like we are trying to grow our root system to sustain the push that globalization brought and for that we need a larger circumference. And that's going to take a lot of water to sustain itself and get to the roots. So I don't think it's a matter of needing to shrink. I think it's a matter of needing more water to get to the root system so we can grow around that huge circumference we created and stabilize. And if we want those roots to grow, well then we got to let that water go all the way through to the smallest roots don't we? That what soaks up the water. The smallest roots are the ones that need the water the most.
So we should think about what that means. How do we create the "water" in this case and know that we're growing stable and more balanced as a result?

It's suggested when roots become too old, big, and gnarly on a tree they can become a problem and risk the entire structure, but cautiously to correct this, they should sliced and pruned back in intervals so they don't suffocate the rest of the root system.

And to me that's what's happened. Ok we gave the big ol' Banks or the big trunk the Fertilizer but where's the growth? Ok, we gave some Corporations fertilizer, but where's the growth? Oh it just made the big trunk bigger and that trunk is now strangling the rest of the roots of the tree! Oh no, better break that up a bit so that the smaller roots can get stronger and take up some nutrients...

So you know seems to me there is a problem at the bank where they need to broken up a little and it seems to me that the monopolies that are being created in the market need to be broken up a little. Give the little guy a chance to grow and he will support you. But you got to give him the chance or the opportunity to grow.


there is a simple formula and logic to the act of disarming smaller hostile countries of their nuclear weapons before you attempt to disarm the larger ones. Firstly the only way you'd see the United States disarm is if it was the only country that had them, we as a global power have absolutely no trust in any other country so it only makes sense that you'd have to disarm nearly every other power before we'd agree to put our down (its just the mentality). sooo yeah i think the idea is that there will be a global movement to do away with nuclear weapons, but remember that this has been something we've been trying to do as people for peace for a long time, theres a lot of infrastructure and twisted knots when it comes to that shit so the idea is to start small, which will eventually lead to larger results.

Chicago Resident

Your Demands. Not Ours. You do not speak for us Adbusters.

You will be initiated in Peaceful Tactics upon your arrival. You will listen to other causes. ( For instance, if we take down the Fed and Global Banking Oligarchs, then we don't need the Robin Hood Tax.) You will meet a wave of teachers. You will meet sympathetic cops. You will meet sympathetic shop keepers and businesses. There is no passion for conflict in this town. There are children here. We are calm like water. Our Bullshit-Detectors can sense aggressive agendas. We have learned from the Haymarket and from '68. We have dignity and composure. Practice your composure. Practice your self control. Practice accepting yourself for who you are. Practice courage and humility. Practice your patience. Practice Lightheartedness. Practice Joy and Creativity. Learn Clowning. Learn Magick. Learn Improv. Bring a guitar. Print out the lyrics to your favorite peace songs & bring copies. Be ready to sing. Be ready to Listen and accept being listened to.

You will meet a wave of Chicago citizens and artists committed to peaceful action, entertaining tactics, and a celebration of awakening.

The Revolution is being broadcast via social media. There is no need for militant actions of any kind. Wherever we assemble, we will be in the thousands and we will be broadcasting. Everyone will have out their phones and cameras. Everyone will twitter, tumblr, and facebook and message. Everyone is welcome because this will be a party. A parade. A watershed moment in the movement. No longer will we see images of conflict. It will be images of drums. Music. Dancing. Banners. Humanity. Compassion.

If you plan on joining #OChi for the #ChicagoSpring, remember some things about us--->



what's going on? are all the components of occupymovement autonom? hav u gat a central organizatin?

from turkey greetings


" no longer will we see conflict" because we will have "drums, music, dancing"............. Hi, we have had all those things since september at Occupy and guess what? There is still conflict. I'm not sure if you noticed, but your "sympathetic cops" just bought $200,000 dollars worth of new helmets and gas masks


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