Adbusters vs. New York Times

What happened to our right of reply?

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Hey you jammers, dreamers and truth-tellers out there,

In the wake of #OCCUPYWALLSTREET, the corporate media have tried repeatedly to discredit the movement. We've been called every name in the book but the lowest blow has come from the New York Times who have twice taken a nasty swipe at Adbusters. Now, they refuse to print the truth.

Go to Mondoweiss and check the fight we're having to exercise our right of reply.

And if you feel outraged by the Times' refusal to run our full letter then shout it, tweet it, and give it the rounds. Perhaps Executive Editor Jill Abramson might be swayed by a few emails telling her that it would be grossly unfair and against all journalistic standards for the New York Times to deny Adbusters adequate right of reply. Be creative … do whatever you can to put some pressure on them to do the right thing.

It seems the real story here is that Adbusters has upset the pro-Israel and anti-Palestine bias that has marred the New York Times over many years in some of its editorials, columns and especially with the reporting by Isabel Kershner and the Times' Jerusalem bureau chief Ethan Bronner. Ms. Kershner and Mr. Bronner – who has a son who served in the Israeli army – both have deep ties to the Israel of today. Their often ahistorical, context-free reporting is partly to blame for what Adbusters has called "the United States of Amnesia."

A cultural shift is in order at one of the great newspapers of the world … and that just might start with them agreeing to print our letter.

for the wild,

Culture Jammers HQ