A Tactical New Year’s Resolution

Your money, your choice.
A Tactical New Year’s Resolution

Imagine the doors of the big banks rusting off their hinges and winter leaves swirling about empty cashier booths, carried on a cool breeze … picture the downtown roadways of New York, London, Tokyo, Riyadh, Sao Paulo, Johannesburg and Berlin with tourist placards commemorating where the mega-financial corporations once stood, and where the flowers now grow, clean of the towering usurers.

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Start 2012 off with a radical promise to yourself and to future generations: move your money from the big banks and put it into your local credit union. If you’re sick of corrupt financial CEO’s getting away with thievery, why not take your cash out of their neo-classical doomsday machine for good?

All global movements begin with a magical individual moment when theory and action coalesce into a conscientious singularity. In the start it’s only a trickle. But soon word spreads … first one, then two, then a dozen, and then all of a sudden, a million people by April Fools’ Day have shifted their dollars from the global casino and back into their communities.

Do this … and don’t be surprised if soon afterwards you find an extra bounce in your step, a smiling solidarity in each new hello you give, a more wild and free twinkle in your eyes.

Here’s to the gravitas Year of the Dragon!

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I've purchased heirloom SEEDS. I believe they will be worth far more than any gold or silver. Booze isn't a bad idea either. Even tho' I can shoot the broadside of the barn, and heretofore have never owned a firearm in my life, I believe we all should be armed to the TEETH.
Best wishes in all your endeavors.

P.S. Can you believe the pure evil of the police state these days? You might wish to look at for a real opener!


The revolutionary ideas have emerged first among artists.


Guys, the best solution for me is to keep some value in Gold (the most sustainable metal), so in local credit union or ethical bank, I live in the UK and I have chosen the Cooperative and for savings Tridos. They are still banks but less evil. xxx


What's the difference with credit unions? The CEO and senior managers of my credit union take home really large paychecks?



Least anyone should now think that nuclear power might be 'safe' or 'the answer', type in the word “Fukushima” on YouTube, and check out latest reports – but NOT before bed-time! While the following to a YouTube video is text-heavy, I hope it might to of some use.

Uploaded by freemanshrout on Apr 4, 2011

Fukushima Worldwide Radiation cover up and deceit that's been going on for years, while Humankind receives more and more doses of fallout, with ever rising man made background levels of radioactive isotopes settling in our environment, while we continue to support the animal that is devouring us little by little, we are paying our own hangman. The added radiation from Fukushima is increasing our chances of ill health by the day, yet, just as with 911, we're told to "carry on" with the comforting words, " there's no danger", tell that to the thousands suffering from ingesting and breathing the air at & around ground zero ! tell it to the mothers of deformed children in Iraq, Afghanistan, Japan. Kosovo. yet we'll all do just that, carry on, because that's all we can do, and the sods who daily spray us, contaminate our food, water & air simply carry on too. They totally understand us humans, they are in control after all.. Have a nice day.

Uranium Medical research Centre (UMRC) Ted Weyman
Facts and Fictions
There are a number of fictions about DU. UMRC, would like to respond to a few.
Fiction: Uranium is ubiquitous in nature and therefore is no cause for concern.
Fiction: DU is not harmful; it is depleted in U235.
Fiction: Alpha particles can't penetrate clothes and skin.
Fiction: Governments and the World Health Organization (WHO) have tested for DU.
Fiction: Uranium usage levels is too low to be a concern or merit investigation.
Fiction: There are no serious effects from low-level exposure to Uranium.
Fiction: DU weapons dust soon dissipates and does not travel far from the explosion site.
Fiction: Uranium is ubiquitous in nature and we are exposed daily. There is no cause for concern.
Fact: Uranium is present in nature in trace amounts, about 3 parts per million (ppm) by weight. It takes about 5 tonnes of dry soil or rock to produce 1 teaspoon of what is called "natural uranium". It is "natural" in that is has the isotopic proportions that exist in nature. However, what is "unnatural" is when uranium is presented in concentrated quantities. In these concentrations of radioactivity its effect on human health and the environment become dangerous.

When uranium is exposed to the natural chemical action of the environment it can become solublized and can then migrate into the water supply. Uncontained uranium waste is a problem when left in the open as it oxidizes. This is the case all over the world in nuclear waste repositories.
Uranium is most dangerous when it burns and is aerosolized as happens when it is used in weapons.

Results of the Port Hope Biological Study Project Announced
Findings of contamination of Port Hope residents and industry workers with radioactive materials was announced to the public 11/14/2007 in Toronto, Ontario at a press conference organized by the Port Hope Community Health Concerns Committee. Contamination with either depleted uranium or uranium-236 was found in 4 of 9 test subjects. The study was peer reviewed last month at the European Association of Nuclear Medicine Annual Meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark. From:
Dr. Bill Deagle Radio:

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) spent two decades under-reporting radiation levels in local water supplies, which helped water districts avoid fines, but exposed residents to potentially harmful radioactive elements.
An investigation by KHOU news in Houston found hundreds of water providers near the Gulf Coast that delivered drinking water containing radioactive contaminants, all with the blessing of state officials, using a reporting method that came to be known as "Texas math."

At the centre of the controversy was TCEQ's manipulation of water-testing reports from the Department of State Health Services. When given a range of possible radiation levels in a water supply, TCEQ officials automatically went with the lowest possible figure based on the margin of error. This practice went on until 2009, when the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) discovered what TCEQ was doing and told it to stop. (AllGov November 26, 2010)
Mice that drank uranium-containing water exhibited estrogenic responses including selective reduction of primary follicles, increased uterine weight, greater uterine luminal epithelial cell height, accelerated vaginal opening and persistent presence of "cornified vaginal cells". The authors conclude that their data supports the conclusion that uranium is an endocrine disrupting chemical and populations exposed to environmental uranium should be followed for increased risk of fertility problems and reproductive cancers.

Fukushima Worldwide Radiation Cover Up



Posted the above in reply to a nuclear supporter, but it ended up at the top of the page.

Anyone NOT concerned about this might check out the CNN News Report ("They LIED to us." FUKUSHIMA STILL A TICKING TIME BOMB.) on You Tube.

Reasons we we should start worrying and learn to hate nuclear-power?


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