A Tactical New Year’s Resolution

Your money, your choice.
A Tactical New Year’s Resolution

Imagine the doors of the big banks rusting off their hinges and winter leaves swirling about empty cashier booths, carried on a cool breeze … picture the downtown roadways of New York, London, Tokyo, Riyadh, Sao Paulo, Johannesburg and Berlin with tourist placards commemorating where the mega-financial corporations once stood, and where the flowers now grow, clean of the towering usurers.

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Start 2012 off with a radical promise to yourself and to future generations: move your money from the big banks and put it into your local credit union. If you’re sick of corrupt financial CEO’s getting away with thievery, why not take your cash out of their neo-classical doomsday machine for good?

All global movements begin with a magical individual moment when theory and action coalesce into a conscientious singularity. In the start it’s only a trickle. But soon word spreads … first one, then two, then a dozen, and then all of a sudden, a million people by April Fools’ Day have shifted their dollars from the global casino and back into their communities.

Do this … and don’t be surprised if soon afterwards you find an extra bounce in your step, a smiling solidarity in each new hello you give, a more wild and free twinkle in your eyes.

Here’s to the gravitas Year of the Dragon!

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"Islamic banking, which implies the avoidance of interest, has become a substantial industry during the last four decades due to increasing numbers of people in the West are dissatisfied or skeptical about the banking services they receive, and see them as exploitative or even unethical, the emergence of Islamic banking with its own distinctive morality results in Islam projecting a much more positive face. Many Western bankers view Islamic finance as a curiosity, and perhaps even a business opportunity, but seldom as a threat comparable to that of "˜Clash of Civilization'. Indeed Islamic banking and finance can be regarded as a gentler side of Islam, and one in which those from the West can engage in dialogue with Muslims about," Professor Rodney Wilson, Director of Postgraduate Studies at Durham University.

But then, last year, Isaac Stone Fish had in the NEWSWEEK that Chinese consider Jewish Talmud as a "Business Guide".


Hush. There are many enemies. Like for instance the twats who spam this site with their unconscionable capitalist death-bots shrieking consumables at us at the behest of the very paradigms of tyranny who see this magazine as instigating their own demise.
However, beyond this even there is no "enemy" as you opine but rather a sentiment rampant in the corporate globalized machinery of inequality. And that sentiment is the sentiment of greed which by its very nature is predicated upon separateness, artificial distinction, tribalism, and the all the trappings of ego.
The Buddhists have told us as much for millennia and we inch closer to collectively understanding them. There is no separation. We are but a collective consciousness. The more we strain against this the more pain we bring to ourselves. Black, white. Republican, Democrat. Muslim, Jew, etc, etc, yadda, yadda, yadda. Artificial narratives that, it must be admitted, no longer serve our survival. Have we outgrown the ego? I wager yes. Thank you, oh ego, for helping us crawl on all fours and upright but we have actually mastered that contest and no longer are in need of you as is witnessed in the obvious patterns of global degradation gathering about us as so many pollutants in the body politic.
Does that mean we passively condone these infernal bots and their infiltration our forum here at Adbusters? Hell no. But to see the "other" as anything but us is to perpetuate a much greater struggle than need be. Surely by now this is not mere flowery platitude easily dismissed with facile petulance and fashionable cynicism a decade ago but sentiment so consistently and increasingly echoed that we must give pause to its central theme.

Now then, back to the streets...


Never believe what you read in the mainstream media.


Remember the first big crash?
Commemorate it with "Give me my Money back Day" April 13, 2012.
Get as much money out of your bank as you can and don't bring it back/spend it for one week!


How do you kill the beast? You starve it. Take all your money out of banks and exchange it for something of value , that is precious metals, precious stones, etc. Retain a small amount of cash for your living expensive. Take the valuables and place them in s safety deposit box. Do not use checks, credit cards, debit cards, or any other means of payment besides cash. Try not to finance anything. Avoid paying into 401K or any other fund that claims to save money for you. Do not invest in anything other than ventures of your own making.
The Capitalist 1% system is depended on consumer spending. However the consumer is not dependent on capitalist 1% system . The consumer is like algae in a food chain in a pond. If the algae becomes unpalatable for other higher organisms, these organisms will forced to change or die. Remember economics is not a science and will never be. There is no real truth in it only regulations created by those who control money for their own interests. Regulations that say you must pay $250,000 for a home whose sale price was $50,000 for example. 1+1=2 no way, more like Sucker + Basic Need = 200,000 / 1% . Get it. So show the financial Goliath that you do hold the real power and starve them out. And when it all comes crashing down, you will still have your gold, diamonds, and platinum in the safety deposit box that you will be able to barter for anything you desire.


Cool. But what really is the best thing to invest in instead of cash? Gold? Silver? Diamonds? Aren't gold and silver inflated and hard to carry and arent diamonds controversial and hard to convert? What's a good replacement for cash that will retain its value? Guns? Expensive scotch? Rare Earth? Any advice?


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