A Tactical New Year’s Resolution

Your money, your choice.

Imagine the doors of the big banks rusting off their hinges and winter leaves swirling about empty cashier booths, carried on a cool breeze … picture the downtown roadways of New York, London, Tokyo, Riyadh, Sao Paulo, Johannesburg and Berlin with tourist placards commemorating where the mega-financial corporations once stood, and where the flowers now grow, clean of the towering usurers.

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Start 2012 off with a radical promise to yourself and to future generations: move your money from the big banks and put it into your local credit union. If you’re sick of corrupt financial CEO’s getting away with thievery, why not take your cash out of their neo-classical doomsday machine for good?

All global movements begin with a magical individual moment when theory and action coalesce into a conscientious singularity. In the start it’s only a trickle. But soon word spreads … first one, then two, then a dozen, and then all of a sudden, a million people by April Fools’ Day have shifted their dollars from the global casino and back into their communities.

Do this … and don’t be surprised if soon afterwards you find an extra bounce in your step, a smiling solidarity in each new hello you give, a more wild and free twinkle in your eyes.

Here’s to the gravitas Year of the Dragon!